A successful digital Transformation is essential for future business success – the corporate world largely agrees on this. On the other hand, when it comes to the question of who should drive this change process, opinions differ.

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6 Steps for the digitization of HR departments

The study “Benchmarking HR Digital” from management consultancy Promerit shows that only 52 percent of HR managers are responsible for the digitization process in their department feel. Rather, they see them IT (82 percent) and the management (74 percent) in the mandatory, appropriate Measures to take.

With this attitude, however, they take the opportunity to actively shape the change and thus not only modernize their own department, but also the transformation process of the entire department Company to advance Read the following three reasons why HR managers should actively shape the digitization of the HR department.

  1. Modern HR tools reduce costs and create capacities: Still, it is mainly manual routine tasks that slow down HR managers. One example is testimonial production. Without digital tools, HR managers often need several hours to write a meaningful and legally secure letter in consultation with the department. With a digital certificate generator, on the other hand, the document can be delivered within just 15 minutes. Thanks to regular software updates, it is always in accordance with the current legal norms.
  2. Investments create cost advantages: Of course, first of all you have to invest in the corresponding software solutions - but most of the time, they even earn a cost advantage within a very short time. Ultimately, HR managers have more time to deal with increasingly critical tasks such as employee recruitment, talent advancement or strategic management advice.
  3. Young people expect communication skills: For the Millennial generation, which is now starting to work, digital communication via smartphone, tablet and co is self-evident. They also expect the same comfort in the working environment to communicate with the personnel department via paper sheets, but they appear antiquated. Above all, in times of professional deficit, which is still a serious issue for many industries in Germany, the HR department should therefore be a pioneer and digitize its paperwork and the daily communication with applicants and employees of the company.
  4. Use mobile solutions: Electronic port solutions, which can be used to exchange documents and mobile documents with ease through the HR department and employees, have long been available. Employees can even take photos of sickness reports with the smartphone and directly and safely to the responsible personnel - so they save themselves the annoying walk to the mailbox. All in all, digital tools in the HR department also contribute to a positive employer branding and can help counteract the skills deficit.
  5. Employee data is better protected digitally and available at any time: A decisive advantage of digital documents against paper files is that they can not be damaged or even completely destroyed by environmental influences such as fires or floods. For professional providers, modern security technologies and sophisticated back-up systems ensure that personnel data is not lost even in the case of local server failures. In addition, HR service partners can ensure that only authorized persons have access to the sensitive data by means of a tailor-made access concept.
  6. HR archive in the cloud: An HR archive, in which employee files are stacked in cabinets, is often not sufficiently secured. Another advantage of storing employee data digitally in a private or public cloud is the availability. This is because, according to their authorization, they have mobile access to the documents at any time. This saves an enormous amount of time, because they do not have to be firstly elaborated in the archive and integrated into the digital workflow.

Conclusion: The personnel department must wake up

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HR departments should now wake up from their slumber and become aware of their increasingly business-critical role. Because the corporate world is becoming more and more demanding and complex due to ongoing digitization. Well educated Employees Attracting and retaining employees for one's own company is therefore fundamental to business success, especially in view of the continuing shortage of skilled workers.

The HR department can make an important contribution to this - by meeting the expectations of qualified junior staff and at the same time creating more capacities to strategically support management. However, every company has to go its own individual way - and not necessarily digitize from zero to one hundred. It is often enough to start with one part - such as the introduction of a digital personnel file - and then gradually move towards digital and paperless processes Office to grope.

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