A degree doesn't always work Fun. But does it really not suit you or do you just need a break? Before students make a final decision meet, it can help to get a taste of practical experience and find out about alternative career paths.

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You should do this before you throw the towel

For many students, the first failed exam or term paper comes with a moment of disillusionment. When it's on Motivation is lacking, there is a lack of passion for the subject or academic work is not your thing, that leads fast to the question: is it Uni the right place for me?

Before students throw in the towel and may not have an alternative plan, they should try to put the situation into perspective. Am I stuck in a temporary lack of motivation or do I have to fundamentally reorient myself? Just who this question clear can answer, knows what to do in the next step.

Every second thinks about studying

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The last survey by univativ showed that every second student now thinks about throwing in the towel during their studies. That Boy Academics struggling with their studies can have various reasons: pressure to perform, the wrong subject, financial or personal Problems. A botched exam or a bad homework grade could still be right in old study regulations such as Diplom and Magister light get over it. For bachelor's and master's students, however, such failures are a problem.

Since the introduction of bachelor's and master's degrees as part of the Bologna reform, the course has been strictly planned and timed. A botched exam can quickly mess up the entire schedule and increase the workload even more in the next semester. Since the result of every exam and homework is also relevant for the final grade, the pressure to perform is high right from the start. If everything doesn't go according to plan, it increases Stress. Many students stand in their own way and then fall short of their own expectations.

Performance pressure is the most common reason for the termination of studies

A study conducted by the German Center for Higher Education and Science Research showed that performance pressure is one of the main reasons for stopping studies. 20 percent of the study drop-outs surveyed indicated that they had not been able to cope with the pressure to achieve good examination results. In the same direction there are other results: 12 percent failed at the study conditions, 11 percent was compulsorily matriculated due to repeated non-existence of a test.

But financial reasons are also causing more and more students to throw in the towel. 19 percent of those surveyed stated that they were unable to finance their studies. The Structure of the bachelor's and master's courses also puts a spanner in the works for many young academics on account. Due to the high workload and the full schedule, many students no longer have the opportunity to work alongside the university. An unpaid mandatory internship during the semester break makes the financial misery perfect: Anyone who does not receive BAföG or no financial support from their parents is quickly confronted with involuntary exmatriculation, despite various options for financing their studies.

7 Tips for Study Abolition: Continued or Endured?

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Sometimes it is the only way to stop the study. Sometimes, however, you can help with a little reflection and reorganization. This is how XnUMX tips are explained.

1. Before the final stop: stop studying!

Students who struggle through every lecture are unlikely to graduate either. In the worst case, however, they are stuck up to the pension stuck in a job they don't enjoy. If there is a lack of funds and a loan is not an option, the Financing of the course difficult to impossible. Scientific work is not for everyone either. However, a fundamental question is:

  1. Am I just not made for a degree?
  2. Or am I in a temporary creative crisis?
  3. Are there too many examinations and unpleasant content on the agenda this semester?
  4. Or is the study subject basically not mine?

2. Is the problem really the study?

Hans-Werner Rückert, a psychologist at the Free University of Berlin, has helpful advice for anyone who is considering dropping out of college. You should be four Ask put:

  1. Is the problem actually studying?
  2. Have you tried to solve the problem?
  3. Are you studying the subject you wanted to study?
  4. Did you try out possible alternatives?

Whoever has dealt intensively with all four questions knows at the latest what decision to make.

3. For frustration over small Stolpersteine ​​does not question everything

It is important that isolated stumbling blocks do not call into question the fundamental suitability for studying. A boring seminar or a Konflikt having a lecturer can drive your motivation down.

However, such situations are part of the study and do not in themselves tell us whether one is identified with his study subject or not. Anyone who now breaks off on a whim, may find the way to a dream job. Durstrecken are completely normal and go by. It is important to identify the cause of the problem and find out if it is permanent and how it can be remedied.

4. Tasting is about studying

Whoever, after careful consideration, asks whether he has chosen the right subject and if he is happy with the work in the desired career, should try the example and practice air. A secondary job, a job as a student or an internship offer the possibility to subject the desired wishful activity and the work environment to a practice test.

Compared to a part-time student job, an internship offers the advantage of being continuously involved in the work processes of a company over a defined period of time Company to be involved. That's how you get a feel for it Everyday life at work. The disadvantage: Despite minimum wage regulations, internships are often so badly paid that they hardly contribute to financing your studies.

5. In addition to jobs, the better practice experience and pay the rent

A student job, in turn, can pay the rent. If you work part-time, you may not earn badly, but you will tend to be left with routine tasks. Important Tasks, which are often particularly exciting, cannot be left lying around until the student assistant is back in the house. If you are looking for a demanding and technical challenge, a project job is a good choice.

Students can adjust their workload to their schedule. Project work often combines the advantages of internship and part-time job: professional challenge and fair pay. If you have good experiences here and can record success experiences, you often take a motivation push back to the university and it is easier to go to the end. But even if the excursion into the vocational language provides for disillusionment, this is a helpful result. With the knowledge thus gained, it is easier to pursue a new path and to avoid further disappointments.

6. Where can students find decision-making assistance?

Support in deciding whether an internship, change of subject or exmatriculation is the right one Choice is, students can get at different places. The first point of contact is always your own university. This usually offers various advice centers, such as:

They are good contacts if doubts arise about the current situation. There, specific questions are asked and the advisors support students who are plagued by doubts decision making with regard to further training. friends and Family but can also provide advice.

7. Advice also after exmatriculation

There are also contact points after exmatriculation.

Conclusion: A Plan B is important!

Whatever decision is made at the end, whether to continue, drop out or change subjects - having thought about a plan B in good time ensures that you feel less pressure and create new ones Energy for further training.

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