"Enjoy your life now before it's too late!" – Parents advise their children, teachers tell students and friends give each other this strange advice. As soon as we have a promising job and a Family life full of freedom and travel is finally over.


We should do something!

It's one of many conventions we grow up with. We feel committed to going to work and creating in order to live up to the expectations of those around us and Society to fulfill. With every employment relationship, everyone Meeting in your appointment calendar and in every television program you follow someone else's agenda and thus set the agenda Control about your time.

Culturally, the past and Future more important than the present for most Germans. The reverse is true for Southerners and Asian cultures, where the present is paramount. Based on these temporal priorities, which most of us grew up with, we make decisions about future security and let past experiences limit us.

Time travels bring nothing

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Mental time travel into the past and the future will rarely bring you further. In the past there is anger and regret about the things you could or didn't do. In the future you will encounter doubts and fears.

Ultimately, you can only influence the present. Only in the present do you have the chance to change your life. It doesn't matter what your past looks like or what your assumptions about the future are. Living in the present also means not thinking about the result in every situation. Instead of always wondering what the outcome of an action is, enjoy the process. Here are a few examples:

5 years to pension?

Most of the lives of many People is pretty much predetermined. They go to school, do one Vocational Training or studieren, work for 40 years and then enjoy the well-deserved one pension. Isn't there something fishy?

Should you really spend the best part of your life making the best possible provision for retirement? You probably hear sayings like “only five years until retirement” from older colleagues. Isn't it absurd to long for retirement age? It is just as absurd as looking forward to the coming Friday and the upcoming weekend on Monday morning.

I am for surethat you hate it when the weeks fly by. You want to live your life now and not wait for the next weekend and certainly not until retirement. You now want to learn languages, play sports, discover new cultures and the Welt Travel as long as you have the drive and physical condition to do so. You want to get out of the vicious circle of education, work and pension, don't you?


The Idea behind mini-retirements is that "retirement time" is spread out over a lifetime. The Money is not saved for the twilight years, but regular time-outs are taken in which small savings are spent. So every few years you reward yourself for your hard work and spend your money on travel or other passions.

In practice, this can be a sabbatical or the transitional period between two jobs. During this sabbatical, you bring part of your retirement forward instead of waiting a lifetime for it. Since I know that as a reader of this book you don't want to wait for such opportunities, I have an even better one Alternatives to you. How about working hard to build your online business over the next two to three years and then allowing yourself months of mini-retirement every year?

Many have proved that this idea is anything but utopian Online– Entrepreneurs who reward themselves for their work with regular time off. Let the idea of ​​mini-pensions sink in for a moment.

Rearview Mirror Syndrome

The “Rearview Mirror Syndrome” (RückspiegelSyndrome) ensures that we constantly look back and relive our past again and again. We mistakenly believe that we are determined by our past selves and thus limit our potential.

Instead of being positive about new opportunities, we look backwardsspiegel and evaluate our chances with past doubts, fears and abilities. To an incisive change bring about in your life, you have to do it stopto always look backwards. Don't let limiting past experiences stop you from trying something new.

If you couldn't do something yesterday, you can learn it today. Your past doesn't dictate what your future looks like. Don't make the mistake of letting experiences in your past define you.

Do not lock yourself up by thinking about the future

Thinking about the future is basically not a bad idea. Those who live from one day to the next without a long-term vision cannot develop their full potential. On the other hand, it never does Sinnto worry about the future.

You can not influence these things without unnecessarily restricting yourself in the present. You should align your future to your vocation or vision.

If your daily decisions follow this overarching sense, then you gain security. But not if your future thinking is determined by news, your environment or conventional assumptions. One of these conventions is the constant worry about retirement savings, which by no means should dominate the prime of your life.

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