The big challenge of our information age? The huge amount of information - and its processing.


This turns plausible advertising into a relevant message

Markets are talks. That has always been true. However, in times of social media, increasing digitization and consumer networking, this has intensified considerably. Today, these conversations no longer take place in a small, isolated environment, but everyone can listen, worldwide.

No wonder more and more Company often desperately trying to be a part of these conversations with ever greater efforts. Be it with viral Marketing, content marketing or native advertising – to name just a few of the currently most popular buzzwords.

Markets are conversations

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Statements from the New Clues with regard to the topics Content Marketing and Native Advertising: “The web is not made of content, but of People. "

"Please stop tailoring your ad and hoping that we'll miss the little clue sticking out of your underwear that it's advertising."

"Native advertising not only means that our credibility is undermined, but also that of the whole new way of dealing with each other."

"How about calling native advertising what it really is: product placement, advertorials or fake fucking news."

Simplicity wins!

However, even in this context, advertisers all too often forget the simplest ones Regulate of Communication, while they get caught up in the increasingly dense Internet network and its digital branches.

They intoxicate themselves with new technical possibilities, create incredibly ingenious but at the same time extremely complex messages, applications or content, which then often only understand advertisers or other experts. a wide one Audience remains Sinn and purpose often hidden.

But there is a relatively simple formula that saves one from this labyrinth or protects it from getting lost in it. This is: KISS and Style. In the following article, I explain what is behind it.

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Help in Info-Overload

More and more people are getting more and more information. These must be processed in an ever-shorter time. In the end there is hardly anything left to hang. This already applies to really relevant messages! What is the situation with advertising?

On the other hand, there are companies that feel like they have more and more to tell. Your brand story, great product features, added values, social responsibility and much more. It's on the Handthat these two developments fuel each other. And unfortunately in a negative sense – for everyone involved.

KISS - Keep it short and simple

The Solution it's actually quite simple: KISS. Keep it short and simple. One should keep things short and simple. This wisdom may be ancient, but it is more relevant than ever.

Fortunately, companies today are partly forced to be shorter. This is because content is becoming more and more mobile, and there is a very limited space compared to the desktop.

A Twitter message has only 140 characters and the Google Adwords ad does not allow more than one heading with 25 characters and two lines of text with 35 characters each. Or a picture on Facebook, in which only 20 percent of the area may be provided with text. Otherwise you cannot use Facebook-To sue apply.

The all-is-important syndrome

But once the compulsion eases, the messages become sad fast again considerably longer. Everything matters syndrome is rampant. You lose yourself again in various supposedly important statements instead of really focusing on a core statement.

This creates a significant discrepancy between the amount of content companies want to mediate and the number of characters that users can easily digest. A step-by-step approach is required.

The communicative anchor

The first communicative anchor should always be a crisp core statement. The shorter the better. Ideally, a picture is sufficient - because this is known to say more than a thousand words.

But even a meaningful picture, accompanied by a brief explanation, has proven to be an efficient tool in this area. Right: Even modern digital communication is no different than classic billboard advertising or cave painting.

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