Many Company give away the potential of highly qualified specialists because they continue to provide insufficient support for young mothers when they return to work. But there is something you too can do to promote the growth of the good relationship with your employer.

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Parental leave in companies: the current situation

After parental leave is before parental leave, right? Not correct. If it was always that easy, we would have already taken a huge step towards the perfect working world. Unfortunately, the opposite is often the case:

Young mothers do not think with anticipation about their planned return after parental leave, but with concern, accompanied by such nice symptoms as stomach rumbling, insomnia and simply fear. The dual responsibility - mother and working people - is already in the lead like lead in the stomach. And she is by far not the only concern.

Typical worries of mothers after parental leave

Typical questions that mothers tend to grapple with instead of simply saying: “Yeah, finally getting started again in my business environment. I'm happy for that!" are:

Not only for the mothers themselves, this means a high stress burden, it also harms the company in a sustainable way, if their mothers are driven only by driving forces. The good news: As a company, you can actively do something to ensure that you can re-enter the business and thus have the valuable potential that many other companies give away.

Business and parents: hand in hand in the new situation

One thing is whole clear: the mother who returns to the company is no longer the one Ms.that left it a year or two earlier. As well as your company itself is probably not the same anymore. Maybe there was a change or two or three.

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The mother definitely had at least one significant one. And not only is it perfectly okay, it's even very good. Change and change are the only constants in our world. Therefore, it is not crucial that there was a change - but how the stakeholders handle it.

5 tips to prepare for getting back after parental leave

In order to make it easier to get started after parental leave, parents should also prepare the company for it: These 5 tips help:

1. Preparing for Change: Checking Goals and Values

First of all, make yourself fully aware: the employee has changed and has new ones objectives, maybe new values ​​and now sets their priorities differently. As a company, you can actively support your employees in repositioning themselves. It starts with the fact that you should contact her a few months before you plan to return to work and give her questions that she should answer for herself.

Many mothers feel left alone on the way to re-entry and are unsure of what to do for good preparation. But it is also important that the young mother reconsiders her time resources, which also protects you as an employer from short-circuit reactions and spontaneous failures of your employee.

2. Have Plan B and communicate clearly

For a child can do a lot differently. The mother should then prepare herself organisationally and emotionally, because only then can she communicate clearly and return relaxed to the workplace, since all eventualities are provided with a plan. For example, she should ask the following questions:

It's easier to live with a Plan B in your pocket!

3. Using new skills and strengths in a meaningful way

A child and a changed family conception challenge new people - and this challenge often develops strengths that are also valuable in the professional environment and need only be properly salvaged and used. Studies even prove that the skills one would want for managers are often found in mothers.

But instead of being motivated to do so, young mothers often experience something quite different back at work: they would rather not be too much at first, who knows if they can even cope with a new task ?! Mothers are at best treated with kid gloves, in the worst case they are actually downgraded and given additional side blows when they express the desire for job adjustments in the form of hours reduction or the like due to the new private situation.

4. Signal that you are up to new tasks

This can happen unconsciously and without evil intention. The colleague, who used to sit in an office with her mother, secretly worries that she's always the one closing the store in the evening. But she does not think that the work for the young mother goes on after work, while she can go to sports herself.

The Manager if you really want to do something good for the young mother and not put her under too much pressure, you are denied a promotion or a new position within the company. That is an honorable intention, but it does exactly the opposite. Instead, encourage your mothers to be mindful of priorities and be responsive to them Respectwhen they do. Give a mother more responsibility when she signals that she is ready - the managerial skills that she lives out in her everyday life can also benefit your company. Because if a person finds his or her suitable task, it is definitely a win-win situation for everyone.

5. Think about possible changes

Perhaps in the course of the first few weeks, it becomes increasingly clear that the young mother is no longer comfortable with her job. Remember, their priorities and values ​​have most likely changed.

Maybe she used to work in human resources, but now she no longer feels able to really do justice to people and could develop more potential in marketing. This is where it helps Communication. In the first few months, arrange regular meetings in which you can talk to your employee and ask specifically whether and how you can support them. The important thing here: It shouldn't come across as if you wanted to control them additionally.

Conclusion: Companies should make full use of parents' potential

Many companies give away the potential because they still leave young mothers alone in their situation. After parental leave is before parental leave, right? Not correct.

Instead, try to understand, understand, promote, and challenge the situation of the young mother. In this way, you not only create real added value for the company and employee loyalty, you also create a unique selling point on the job market, which unfortunately still lags behind in many places.

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