How focused and how well we behave in the situations of life depends on two factors: the I-2 and our current form.

win loose

We are just as good as our I-2

The first factor is that we can always be as good as we have trained our I-2. For example, if we have never learned to drive around the curve with a car on a rainy road, then we can never carry out this process in a controlled way. Conversely, if we have learned it, we can do so only within certain limits.

In a car race, for example, we can only set the times that correspond to our training level. If we went beyond that and, for example, entered the curve even faster than we learned in training, there would be a high risk of slipping out. Then our reacts Brain at the ego-2 level with a stress response due to possible loss of control.

Our current form is an important factor

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The second factor for control at the moment is our current form. We permanently fluctuate in the performance of our physical and mental system. We do not just vary within one day. We also vary within week and month rhythms.

You may also have noticed that top athletes are at the top of the table for a while and then descend again for a time slot until they may rise again. You also often hear that presenters are saying that an athlete is currently in good or bad shape.

The more we want something, the worse we become

So in the situations of life we ​​can only be as good as we have learned and what our current form allows at the moment. The more we try to correct this state upwards, the more confused we are by interfering with the routines of I-2 System. So if we really want to, we usually don't get better, but worse. That's why we're mostly then successfully, if we let ourselves do it.

We do this most easily in situations that are not so important to us. Conversely, the more important things become to us, the greater the danger of wanting to win at all costs. The more you get into Future If you can now face everyday situations with the willingness not to necessarily want to win, the better you will be.

The better you can lose, the more you win

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And the better you are, the more you control the moment and with it your future. Letting go of the absolute gewinnen-Wanting is easiest when you become comfortable with the worst-case scenarios of most standard situations.

Paradoxically, the more your I-2 becomes comfortable with losing, the more you will win in the future. I would like to describe this with the help of a small example. Imagine that every time you meet your neighbor on the street you feel a strong stress reaction. Now that you've read this book and decided to practice serenity every day, next time you meet, apply one Technology

Adapt our Stone Age brain to modern challenges

This may not give you complete peace of mind, but will noticeably reduce the stress response. If you do this regularly for a while, at some point you will hardly feel any reaction to the encounter with your neighbor.

Of course, you will still not love him for that! But that's not the point. It is basically about adapting our brain, which was trimmed to Stone Age survival, to modern challenges.

The more relaxed our reaction, the better the result

And the challenges of today's life are not solved by fist or club in most cases. The more relaxed we enter into the challenging situation of our lives, the more effective and thoughtful we will be.

In addition, we have the benefit that we can easily use less energy consume and therefore have less need for rest. We remain fresher and more focused throughout the day.

Challenges daily

That's why you write behind your ears again at this point that serenity throughout life is the daily exercise requirement. There will always be people or situations that challenge us.

And from now on, we will accept this challenge sportily and try to build up the highest degree of serenity at this moment. And no exercise is free, because our nerve cells on the level Ich-2 will definitely remember that next time. And the longer we walk this path, the more reason we develop in standard situations without having to use any technique.

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