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Office of the open door?

Auch Executives need time to their Tasks to do - contrary to popular belief Opinions they cannot give everything to their employees. To do this, they need trouble-free working hours – that is usually easier said than done.

A few years ago it was "Office the open door” a matter of course; an office to which every employee had access at all times. Basically a good thing, but it only works until we have to devote ourselves to our own important projects at some point.

But even when the doors are open, this does not mean that you should let your employees steal your time. Because especially during the day with the supposedly harmless sentence: "Do you have a minute?" initiated disturbances cost a lot of time.

Trouble-free times?

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With the disturbance-free times it is usually such a thing: There are also others: Whether in a large office or by a desired policy of the open door - all too often we let ourselves be distracted by colleagues or employees of important projects.

And at home there is the Family, which sometimes makes it difficult to work trouble-free in the home office. Either way, it takes a lot of self-discipline to stay on the ball and keep getting back to the actual game.

Silent hours

Of course we all know about the need to create freedom in the form of trouble-free times in order to be able to work on our most important goals. Nevertheless, we would be surprised to find out in terms of “increasing personal productivity” what a “silent hour” that is firmly integrated in the daily routine can actually achieve for our results.

To with Success To be able to work on our most important goals, we need times when we are not disturbed. Basically, with every disruption, the time thief signals to us that his time is more valuable than ours. We must not allow that under any circumstances.

The principle of the closed door

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The following agreement is implemented in numerous companies: when the office door is closed, disruptions – especially chatting – are simply undesirable.

It is necessary that we not only consistently implement this principle ourselves, but also respect the closed doors of others. Imagine: In your company, every employee is able to spend an hour a day undisturbed on their most important work Projects to work.

Firm productivity

What an increase in productivity that would mean—both yours and yours Company!

With the principle of the closed office door you have a simple but very effective agreement that can already suffice. But make sure that the door is not closed all day. Often two to three hours are enough.

Help, time thieves!

The species of time thieves who prefer to use this phrase can unfortunately be found in every company. Of course you can come out spontaneously Communication always fruitful ideas develop.

But if you answer the question, "Do you have a minute?" let yourself be carried away to a yes, you often find yourself exposed to the not very structured thoughts of your interlocutor, which usually take at least half an hour of your time.

Variants of time theft

Variations such as: “Only very briefly...” or “Only fast a question…".

Whatever variant your employee uses to try to steal your time, get used to responding to it Ask basically the following formulation: “At the moment I am busy. But at 16 p.m. we can meet for a quarter of an hour to work through all the items on your list.”

Force of habit

Repeat this answer regularly on any occasion. At the most, you should vary the time, which should always lie just before (or after) the end of the employee's work.

What will happen? First of all, the employee is compelled to make the desired list and thus to concretize his thoughts.

The more concrete the goal, the better the conversation

In addition, you have the timing for that Conversation predetermined and therefore self-determined about your time. This will stop the time thief immediately and will teach him the lesson that with his Strategy has no success.

Even the most persistent “have-you-have-a-minute thief” will understand it at some point and will approach you with the question from this point on: “I have four points that I have to go through with you. When can we get together? ”

Where are your time traps?

Take a moment to think about how to spend a normal eight-, ten-, or twelve-hour workday. What do you waste the most time with?

Do you also consider how much time is wasted every day? What could you do to stop this hollowing out of your time Energy and enthusiasm or at least to mitigate? It is best to answer these questions in writing.

This is how employees can help - and not so

Next to your own time, your employees are the most important thing Capital. Because they relieve you of work and give you time. If it's the right people.

Because many do their job really well - these are not yours Problem. Other employees, however, always manage to delegate work to the top. So to you! What to do about it?

Always these distractions

Too often we are distracted - more or less unnoticed - by something more or less important, because others open their minds with us, which we would not have without them.

Each of us knows from our own experience how energizing it can be when we are sitting at a high concentration on an important project and are confronted with questions like these:

Everyone does what he has been hired for!

The fact that your employees delegate work to the top means, in the worst case, that your desk is full and your employee goes home on time. Do not allow employees to submit work to you.

Everyone has to do the tasks for which he was hired. Because it is not that your employees could not do their own job. But if you allow you the possibility to make decisions on you, they will also make use of this opportunity - and ample.

Paragraph One: Everyone solves his

That is why I discovered the principle “Paragraph One: Everyone solves his” some time ago to avoid many such time thieves. This is about much more than a pure delegation.

Properly applied, this strategy will lead to a lasting change in our basic approach to our own work practices and those of our environment, and thus to increased productivity for all. But how can this be put into practice? For some time now, I recommend using a doorplate with the inscription:

What would you do if I were not there?

time is money

For very stubborn cases, the subtitles are recommended: "Then why don't you do it?" or "What are you waiting for?"

Is us only once clear become that our time much Money worth, we will deal with it differently. We will only do what is really important and eliminate everything that robs us of time. We will focus on what needs to be done to improve our Set to achieve.

Stopping time is more efficient

By the way: A long-term survey of seminar participants who now work with the “STOP!” Sign has shown that this measure alone enabled them to save an average of 52 minutes per week.

So if we actually succeed in stopping our time wasters, we can only gain - in terms of efficiency and productivity as well as personally Quality of life.

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