If you are free about the time you have available, your place of residence and your entire life path decide If you want to, then you have to separate yourself from all the things that determine you alien.

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What is firmly anchored?

The epitome of heteronomy in your life are things that we call anchors. In the English-speaking world, the Term “anchored” for, among other things People used, which stand fully in life.

They moored in the harbor and protected themselves from possible storms with several heavy anchors. However, the anchors have sunk so deep into the sea floor that the ship can no longer leave the safe harbor.

Is it normative or self-determined?

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Enough of the metaphors. You know what I'm getting at. A sense of security, trained desire to consume and certain expectations of the Society make sure that you are with increasing Age more and more tied to things and obligations that ultimately determine you externally.

Standing with both feet on the ground gets one positive Association. One Career Having, owning property, accumulating status symbols and securing yourself as best you can are considered norms, although these very anchors can prevent you from living a self-determined life.

Whenever something holds you - be it contractual obligations, emotional ties or financial restrictions - you give up a small amount of self-determination and leave the decision-making power to a third party. By catching some anchors and taking on more responsibility for your life, you're taking that freedom back.

Minimalism as a life setting

The minimalism approach is very helpful in reducing anchors. Under the motto “Declutter your life” (“simplify your life”) minimalists try to counteract the overload with things. It is much more than clearing out the apartment and swearing off consumption.

The basic idea of ​​minimalism is to focus more on the really important things in your life Significance and free you from everything superfluous. That's what your self-determined life is all about - you take over Controlinstead of letting all the influences and things in your life control you.

Which anchors really improve your life?

Look at the following list of anchors and consider exactly which of these things put more strain on you than they give you pleasure and make your life better:

Relationships are not static

Far too often we take long-term relationships for granted, even when they burden us more than we enjoy them. We hold on to old school friends, even though interests shifted completely decades ago. We make new friendships that are based only on local proximity and not on common ground.

It's time to admit that relationships aren't static. We change just like the people around us. Once our values, interests and needs If there is no longer a common denominator, such relationships can and should be questioned.

Like in the crab basket

Do you know the story about the crabs that mercilessly pull back anyone who tries to escape from their captivity in the basket? This is exactly how your environment reacts – Family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances - usually when you tell him about your plans for a self-determined life and the planned independence.

It pulls you back down, off Anxiety before something happens to you in freedom or - even worse - you are better off there than those who remain in the bucket. Instead of getting worked up about your friends' lack of understanding or arguing with them, accept the fact that you simply have different ideas about life.

Which anchors burden your life?

Of course, there are anchors that are not bad for you. Relationships, certain possessions and responsibility towards your social environment can add value.

These are the anchors that burden you, bind you to a place, make you financially dependent and take your time without enriching your life at the same time.

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