worldwide successful Corporate One suspects, above all, in large, innovative centers, more rarely in hidden mountain valleys. And: An 10-man-enterprise does not trust big successes. But which personality traits must successfully be self-sufficient?

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Addressed by BMW

Many entrepreneurs dream of landing the next big thing: so they look for investors, so they want fast grow as possible and hope that they will make their business expensive at some point sell can. And quite a few fail.

I found myGEKKO's approach all the more likeable and promising. That is the Brand Ekon GmbH, a micro-enterprise from the South Tyrolean Pustertal, developed a controller for building technology that was so successful on the market that even BMW approached the company.

The idea: customer-friendly home technology

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The company has been around for 23 years. The Idea behind the product: The Customer should be able to operate and maintain building services themselves again.

Entrepreneur Hartwig Weidacher finds that technical relationships have been artificially mystified and complicated - and that customers therefore often Anxiety and before Technology have - and that's exactly what he wants to take away from them.

Success Secret: The smaller the more efficient

Because intentionally Weidacher wants to keep his company, which consists of 10 people so far, small, grow maximally to 15 man, because he finds that small teams work more efficient and motivated.

From 15 men it gets confusing. Of course, he says, as a small company, he is often in the Industry been laughed at. The success that BMW approached the company directly in order to cooperate with it in the field of e-mobility is all the more effective.

With 10 Mann the world market leader?

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I also found it interesting to think that such structures of micro-enterprises are typical for the South Tyrolean region – perhaps also due to the geographic location. Weidacher, who was recently in Silicon Valley himself, thinks that next to the Quality of life It is precisely these efficient corporate structures that make the region innovative: "If you keep going out to get inspiration, you can do great projects here."

In fact, South Tyrol has produced some of the world's leading companies: Dr. Schär, for example, is the world leader in gluten-free nutrition. The Bressanone Thunst Phototechnology is a leader in the field of innovative system solutions for the reproduction of images and Health Robotics builds medical robots.

4 personality traits of successful self employed

But how do you actually become the world market leader with 10 people? The success is not by chance: some time ago the personality trainer and -Training Roland Kopp-Wichmann recorded various personality traits on his weblog, the successful entrepreneur need.

These include flexibility, Optimism, self-confidence, creativity, Courage for specialization, customer orientation, Endurance and resilience to defeat and a certain penchant for workaholism. I've summarized these points a bit.

1. Positioning by focusing

Many of the points I have mentioned in my guide Self-organization and time management also executed and provided with concrete instructions for action - e.g creativity techniquesto get creative.

And the constant struggle between flexibility (I can do so many other things and need that too Money) and the required specialization, if you want to survive on the market in the long term, you can think Opinions after just because of that decide, if you get clear Set puts.

2. Clear goals help with time management

Because who is clear and before Eyes leads, what goal he has, also adjusts his schedule accordingly and does not even try to be too flexible (there are a few exercises in my book for that as well).

And you can also turn defeats into successes light to practice – by writing down what you did wrong and what you can do better next time. And then you just throw away the list of mistakes and resolve to do better next time.

3. Workaholism on the way to burnout

I would like to add something else, also because I am working on it while writing a book: In my opinion, workaholism is not very helpful and can lead to Burnout .

Of course, there is a risk that self-employed work too much - eg because they do not take the job as such, because they enjoy working because nobody controls them - but also out of pressure. And then it gets dangerous, because the boundaries between fun and coercion are fluent in my experience.

4. Acting in flow: Eustress and Distress

And the reason for me is very simple: as soon as you get tired, you lose it Lust at work. Or the other way around: As soon as I don't feel like it anymore, that's the first sign of tiredness. Long before you really can't anymore.

And that's where it becomes dangerous in my opinion, because then the euphoric becomes Stress distress very quickly. And you have to recognize and perceive these limits – for example, by simply stopping to work. So take a break more often instead of plowing through workaholically - then it's fun again.

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