Especially on business trips when you are with customers speaks, it is important to respect the manners of the respective country and sovereign zu act.

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The appropriate wardrobe

Within the Choice When choosing the right wardrobe, not only the climate plays a role. The expectations of the hosts and the planned event program must also be taken into account. You should inquire beforehand what is planned.

Correct behavior on the train

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When you enter or leave the train compartment, greet the people present.

If you have to make a call, you should do so in the corridor so as not to disturb other passengers. The ringtone should be set to silent. It is still quite contemporary, and (older) people Women helping with heavy luggage.

Proper behavior in the airplane

Even in the plane we greet the people who sit with us in a row. The backrest is adjusted slowly and carefully. When getting up, do not pull on the front seatback to avoid disturbing the seated passenger.

Passengers with a window or aisle should leave the right or left armrest to the person who needs to take the middle seat so that both armrests are available. The clapping on landing is not common, but does not bother the flight crew. After the landing, say goodbye to the neighbors and the departure of the flight attendants.

Tipping on trips

The amount of the tip varies from country to country, even the way you give it. If you have pocket change, there is always a possibility to reward a pleasant service.

In the hotel you give the tip either directly to the Employees or they deposit it at the reception. Tipping shows the employee that the guest appreciates the service.

Dealing with fat

Sometimes it can not be avoided to get into an embarrassing situation. One did not know something, did wrong or misunderstood. It's not about denying that something is embarrassing. It is about mastering the situation as confidently as possible.

A tactful person prepares well, thinks and is attentive and yet he will be careful Behavior cannot prevent mistakes. But it's not exactly the mistakes that make one People manchmal sympathisch make? Make as little fuss about mistakes and blunders as possible. Most of the time, those around you don't even notice the embarrassing mishap.

3 important properties when traveling

The important thing is that you have three properties in such situations:

  1. Mut: if an explanation or apology is appropriate.
  2. Humor: Laugh! - Anyone who can laugh at himself, demonstrates strength and self-confidence and has sympathy on his side.
  3. Personality: Make a mistake openly and take responsibility for the consequences. If you have caused damage, then offer compensation.

6 tips for gifts & flowers on business trips

Gifts say a lot about the giver and his Esteem out for other people. There are numerous occasions that are suitable for delighting or surprising the hosts with a gift.

  1. For private food invitations, the bouquet for the hostess and / or bottle of wine is still appropriate for the host, as long as you know that alcohol is not a taboo subject.
  2. One should be cautious about giving generous gifts to business partners, as some companies do not allow personal gifts to be accepted. So just bring a little gift with you. For small and medium-sized companies, for example, you can bring a bouquet of flowers or a potted plant to the opening of the company or to a company anniversary. For large corporations, other gifts are required.
  3. Gifts are usually unpacked on receipt and in the presence of the donor. However, at a larger party, it's best to place your gifts on a gift table so you can unpack your presents later. That's why it's important that every gift is accompanied by a card, so that the recipient can thank the right people afterwards.
  4. Gifts and flowers are presented with the left hand. The right remains free to greet, congratulate and thank.
  5. For a bunch of flowers, the paper is removed before handing over, unless it is a transparent film.
  6. If you do not choose a mixed bunch of flowers, but decide on a flower variety, you should familiarize yourself with the "flower language" in advance. Many flowers are assigned a special meaning. Think better in advance what you want to express with the flowers. In the flower shop you can advise you.

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