The integration of refugees is still being hotly debated and that Things to Learn the German language is an important aspect. The StartUp Jiki offers learning units with which the new language can be learned as naturally and easily as possible - and which is also suitable for illiterate people. The whole thing was financed by crowdfunding. A start-up report.

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Natural learning of the German language

My name is Helge Straube and I would like to tell you the story of why we organize a German language day at 13.12.2017.

In 2016 I founded "Jicki - finally learning". The Idea behind it are language showers, with which particularly light and a new language can be learned in a relaxed atmosphere. I tried out a lot in order to come as close as possible to learning that is based on childlike learning. Learning that is combined with joy and curiosity.

Ideal learning for refugees

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When I put our learning platform online, after a short time the inquiries came to our then two-person Team whether we don't use our language showers for People can develop with refugee experience.

I did not have to think long and I complied with this request. Without further ado, we have five lessons German for Arabic speakers developed and made available free of charge. The Resonance was simply wonderful: after a short time, this course was downloaded by many refugees and was very well received.

Funding via crowdfunding

At the beginning of 2017, the Jicki team grew to 5 people and, as was to be expected, came relatively fast the question of more lessons. Here, too, we didn't have to think long and immediately set to work on the concept.

But there was one Problem: As a young Company we had to ask ourselves how we would finance the course. It was important to us that the course remained free! That's why we started a crowdfunding campaign in early summer 2017. With Success!

The topic appealed to so many private individuals that we were able to collect a total of €7.500. The joy was great and we immediately started with the Implementation began. The script theCourses are based on was expanded, then we went into the recording studio with our amazing voice actors and recorded the lessons. The whole thing was then mixed and on December 13.12.2017th, XNUMX we can finally publish the course.

How are the lessons structured?

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In terms of content, this practice-oriented beginner's course is based on common everyday situations and real-life vocabulary. It is designed to be used by Arabic speakers regardless of Age and level of education, can be used. Knowledge of written German or Arabic is not required, as the languageCourses are based on auditory learning.

The course consists of 12 lessons of about 20 minutes each and can be listened to anywhere as an app or from the website. This not only enables casual learning on the way or on the road, you can also undisturbed repeat the course until the fabric sits. Speech pauses also invite you to speak and practice pronunciation.

To convey a feeling for the situation of refugees

This way waiting times can be ideal and useful can be bridged and the valuable lessons with teachers can be used for more important things than learning vocabulary. In this Combination is it possible after a short learning period with German-speaking into Conversation and get in touch.

In order to give Germans a sense of how “foreign” the German language feels to the refugees, we also have a test shower ”Arabic for Germans”Which can also be listened to free of charge. According to our motto: “Make the foreign language into a friend's language”!

German Language Day: Let's talk to each other

"Let's start a conversation" - this is the motto of the Deutschlerntag. Objective of the day of action is to public awareness on the high Significance of language teaching for refugees and thus to eliminate the language barriers.

Everyone can and should participate in order to place integration even more in the public eye. We are glad, if you also participate in the German day and make the day even more colorful.

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