eMail- and newsletter-Marketing are right on trend. But especially legally and also in the address of customers There are some pitfalls to be aware of with this Companys do not collect a warning. 3 X 3 Tips.

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Careful, it can be expensive

That unwanted eMailMarketing, So Sending eMails, without the recipient having previously given his consent, is prohibited, should be well known. And that goes further than many people think.

Because what many do not know: even for the call, one eMail or to forward a newsletter, you can be warned.

Because as soon as you get under the eMail attaching something like "recommend to a friend", you may have to dig deep into your pocket.

3 tips for eMail-Marketing without warning

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So here's a little guide on how to encourage your customers to do so eMails - without you having to fear the high costs of a warning:

  1. Do not hope for mild judges. Some richer take the originator of a corresponding one eMail- Forwarding function in liability, others not - relying on it to get a lenient judge is an unnecessary risk.
  2. Better: Make it easier for your recipient to recommend products from your website to others or to copy and send a direct link from your website Email to send. This kind of Email-Marketing is allowed. As a result, the referrer sends their tips at their own risk - and you are off the hook.
  3. Make sure, however, that the method described below does not mislead the recommender into choosing a Email to send with promotional content - because then the recommendation loses its friendly character and is legally classified as unwanted advertising again - and you are already responsible again.

3 tips for eMail-Marketing on special occasions

There are plenty of special occasions: company anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas. All the best opportunities to be with you eMails to be remembered by customers and clients. Because this type of reminder marketing offers several advantages:

  1. The customer / client is glad that you think of him. This joy enhances mutual trust. In today's economy, where a company's primary focus is primarily the personal commitment and the relationships of its employees, it is worth the money.
  2. In the long term, this creates greater customer loyalty than if you constantly fill your customers with the latest information about your company, which the customer does not need.
  3. ChristmasEmails are not considered unsolicited advertising - at least if you do not receive any explicit advertising messages. So you don't need to be afraid of warnings.

3 Tips for Designing eMails

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But to really benefit from these advantages, you should send the eMails mindful of some principles so that they really arrive as you intended.

  1. Dispense with the eMail on oversized attachments - that annoys the recipient only instead of delighting.
  2. Even if a personal approach is always better: Don't get too personal and trusting anyway - it's still a businessEmail and the style should be chosen accordingly.
  3. Don't write bulk emails - even if you are writing to a large number of customers, you should still make the effort to send one to each Email in which he is the sole recipient. You can read the wording of the eMail while copying, but should be in every new eMail address the recipient personally again. Patience is required so that it does not come here to fools.

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