In every crisis situation, it's always them Peoplewho keep calm, who can think and act appropriately and in a solution-oriented manner. The only course of action Sinn do when things get critical. It is an essential quality of an essential leader - and it can be learned.

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Multidimensional and networked thinking

Essential Guide is more dimensional and multidimensional. A person is more than the sum of their cells. Linear leadership is a static process that has a beginning and an end in the Eye has. This makes leadership systematic. The essential leaders goes much further and leads more comprehensively.

Essential leaders think and act in a systematic way and are in every dimension: From the micro-area individual to the macrocosm of the company as a whole. In order to achieve this broad dimensionality, the Essential Leader needs

Essential Leadership as Burnout Prophylaxis

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Therefore, for the Essential Leader, much more is the use of the senses of Significance than the use of rational or academic ability. Essential leadership means wanting to see, being able to listen, daring to feel.

Meaningful and meaningful leadership is the safest Burnout-Prophylaxis the one Companys can implement. The World Health Organization (WHO) has calculated that a burnout case results in an average of 30,4 sick days per year. However, failures do not cause the highest Costs.

The biggest damage is the lack of productivity

Larger damage is created by the fact that the affected parties are no longer productive. American researchers assume that psychological complaints will not be used productively for about an hour and a half on an average of an eight-hour working day.

This hits companies all the harder because burnout usually hits performers who demand perfection from themselves. We live in an environment that is now more like a communicative hunt than a meaningful process.

Break the hunt climate

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This is mainly due to the fact that hardly anyone dares to proactively break through this “chase climate”, otherwise we would not experience ourselves as “normal”. In fact, this is a normality, which in reality is only a normalization, which has assumed its own dynamic in recent years.

Essential leadership means all dimensions of sustainable Performance to be considered and this includes an appropriate dose of calm and serenity, which can also be lived in the most hectic situation.

At rest is the solution

This calm and serenity that gives access to the dimension of meaningfulness SALE creates and leads away from reactive activism can be developed by any manager - with a few days and under the guidance of a good coach who is at home in the topic.

In every crisis situation, it is always the people who keep peace, who can think and act appropriately and solution-oriented. The only way that makes sense when it becomes critical. It is an essential property of an essential leader - and it is learnable.

Leaders develop through calm and serenity

This calmness and serenity, which creates access to the dimension of the meaningfulness of an action and leads away from reactive activism can develop any leader - with a few days time and under the guidance of a good coach who is at home in the subject.

The biggest challenge is an elementary part of trust: patience. Patience always goes, it is permanently available in our resource and is also feasible in the most critical and supposedly hecticest situation. It interrupts hustle and bustle and leads back to concentration on the essentials.

Refreshment break as royal road

Taking a break from contemplation, especially when it seems completely impossible, is neither a loss of time nor a sacrifice of efficiency. But on the contrary. In the peak of general excitement and agitation, demanding a quiet “time out” is the ideal way back to the essential.

In these times of hyperactive drive, the meaning of what is important is often completely forgotten. In team coaching, I often find myself asking the simple question "What is going on here?" This immediately stops the momentum of what we call hectic.

“The less time I have, the more time I take”

A moment later everyone comes “to their senses” and it is not uncommon for people to laugh heartily at “self-knowledge”. From this knowledge alone, everyone can regain the essentials and a whole lot of time (and costs) are saved in minutes.

If the Essential Leader manages to convey the feeling that all the time the Welt is available, according to the motto "the less time I have, the more time I allow myself", the time can be used completely differently and much more effectively. For this he needs this feeling of patience within himself in order to be able to transport it to the outside world.

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