Lots of companies have them Significance of innovations already recognized the effects of Office -design are often neglected. But inspiring spaces also promote innovation and help create a culture of innovation in the company.

Designing innovation-enhancing work environments - Photo Steelcase

Innovations (förder) country Germany?

Andrea Nahles, Federal Minister of Labor and Chair of the “Work 4.0” working group, visited German companies that are innovative this year Solutions for the Working world of Future have found. She also sought dialogue with companies and the public on the challenges listed in the "Work 4.0" green paper.

So the Federal Minister of Labor also made station at Microsoft in Unterschleißheim. The company had concluded an operating agreement with the trust center and thus met the challenges of the changing world of work.

Influence of the working environment on motivation and creativity

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Although it is necessary that Employees not only choose their home office as such a place of trust, but also to make a variety of working environments available in the office. But with the step, the employees Choice let where they work, Microsoft is one of the companies that have recognized the impact the work environment has on Motivation and creativity the employee can have.

These in turn are essential for innovations that the company successfully do in international competition. Many companies overlook the link between innovation and workplace design. Yet innovation is a thoroughly physical activity: it depends on human interactions, research and experimentation. This means that rooms in which People come together, for which innovation results play an essential role.

5 Tips for the design of innovation-promoting working environments:

  1. Innovations follow from creative and efficient teamwork: For this reason, it is necessary to create areas for collaboration in which employees can exchange, work in a concentrated manner, but can also simply entertain them without any problems. Often, the sparking spark for innovation arises from informal exchange.
  2. Innovation processes require technical support: Intuitively utilizing technological tools that enable equal access to information and simplify sharing, contribute to making the innovation process more transparent and faster.
  3. Undisturbed individual work and efficient teamwork: While co-operation is at the core of an innovation process, areas of adequate privacy are essential as they offer workers the opportunity to retreat, to reflect intensively and to mature ideas.
  4. Creative collaboration mainly takes place in small groups: This means that project studios of different sizes must be available to support teams and their needs. Here, knowledge is shared, jointly developed and used to generate innovative ideas and concepts. Since teams work differently, they should be able to choose from different furniture configurations, creative tools and technical solutions.
  5. Elimination of uneven presences: A major challenge for globally operating companies like Steelcase is to bring together cooperating teams that do not work in the same location. However, distance is not a barrier, rather the variety of ideas grows through differences within teams. The aim is to virtually network teams in such a way that “unequal presences” are eliminated as best as possible.

Increase efficiency and innovation

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Numerous studies show that an efficient working environment can support the creativity of employees and thus influence the innovative strength of the company Company takes. Intelligently designed workspaces can encourage employees to inspire each other and exchange ideas, but also help to structure thoughts and content.

In addition, good ideas and unexpected interactions can be encouraged in suitable premises, while employees develop a better understanding of their own ideas and sharpen theirs Sinn for the connections. A carefully planned workplace can help to better network global teams and thus increase the performance of the individual or a group and thus the innovative power of the entire company increase.

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