Good Developer finding is not easy. Companies are therefore well advised to comply with their wishes. But what does developer do satisfied? 56.000 developers provide an answer.

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How do you keep good employees?

We will of ours customers often asked how good they are Employees keep and how they can attract the right newcomers.

Based on our study results and experience with thousands of employers and 56.000 developers, we can pin four intentions to answer the question: what can employers do better to make their employees happy?

Most specialists are satisfied

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A global ​Stack Overflow developer study​ has shown that most IT professionals globally are “rather satisfied” or “satisfied” with their current position (around 73 percent) and mostly work at one Company with up to one hundred employees.

Despite the general satisfaction, twelve percent are active Job Search and 61 percent open to new professional challenges - a great opportunity for companies to use this openness and recruit capable employees for their projects - also from abroad.

Women strong in the bottom

Still are Women Strongly outnumbered: Almost 45 percent of those surveyed in Germany said that they were not a woman Team and only around 4 percent of those questioned in the study were women.

The average salary of a programmer in Germany with five or more years of experience is around 53.000 euros.

What good employees really want

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But how do the 4 tips look, which companies should take care of, if you want to win and keep good developers for themselves? An overview of what good employees really want!

Tip 1: let's learn something new!

Our survey has shown that every second programmer (60 percent) would actually like to write code every day. As a developer, you have to constantly learn new things and learn new programming languages ​​and codingPattern Appropriately.

This is also important for staying mentally fit and in the rapidly evolving world Industry Keep up. A whopping 68 percent of respondents said they want to learn new technology in a new position, and 59 percent want to develop something completely new.

Tip 2: Working hours - flexible and at your own pace

Since programmers basically only need an internet connection and a laptop, they can work from anywhere. A full 56% of those surveyed stated that they compatibility of work and privacy most important is.

That is why companies must increasingly offer flexible working time models and also create compensation measures for overtime and allow home offices.

Tip 3: let's find our (monetary) values!

Of course that has to be salary agree: Almost 54 percent of those surveyed named it the second most important factor in the Choice the agency.

Again, the philosophy should be that you'd rather find a really good developer for more Money hires, as a mediocre, through his work rather Problems and causing delays. Another important point is the Team spirit and company values.

Tip 4: Strengthen motivation and cohesion

Companies should take care to motivate, to strengthen cohesion and, above all, to have defined company values ​​that can support all employees as the lowest common denominator.

And regardless of whether you call yourself a unicorn, rock star or coding god: Employees should be able to help determine, represent and identify with the vision and company values. There must be motivating people in the executive suite who can do one thing above all: listening. This is the key to problem solving and employee satisfaction.

Tip 5: Abolish unrealistic expectations

Expectation management is very important - the programmers know best what is possible and what is not. Companies should be more specific in their job postings forms – there is nothing worse than another generic advertisement that seems to imply a great position.

In truth, however, it is just a matter of stupid typing around of always the same coding commands, or the expectations are completely exaggerated and present the developer with unsolvable ones Tasks. It is worth knowing and speaking the language of the developers here so that they understand what is required thanks to buzzwords.

It is up to the company

Ultimately, it is up to companies to win the war for talent, because as long as the IT skills shortage persists, developers can choose who they work for and companies have to sort of “apply".

But if these four resolutions are heeded in the new year and the product is right, your ITRecruiting well positioned for the tough battle for coding talent.

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