On the 1. January 2012 is scheduled to enter into force the new law on family care. The public interest is great, the acceptance within the Company inconsistent. This is also confirmed by a current survey among the partner companies Online-JobStairs job board.

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Financial advance as a problem

51 was surveyed by the largest and most attractive German employers. While 50 percent of respondents currently perceive increased demand for care services with their employees, only 31 percent are in favor of the new model of Federal Minister of Family Affairs, Kristina Schröder.

"In particular, the aspect of financial advance payments by the employer is currently leading to uncertainty and the resulting reluctance among companies," says Anja Seng, Professorin Human Resource Management at FOM University for Economics and Management, Düsseldorf.

This is because, according to the statutory rule, employees who are employed by a relative can reduce their working time to a maximum of 50 per cent over a maximum period of two years. In this time, however, they are 75 percent of their last gross income.

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"However, many employers were not informed that the federal government is supporting them with an interest-free loan from the state-owned KfW banking group to increase their salary," explains Seng. If this were communicated more widely, current resistors dismantle.

The universityprofessorin is therefore despite current acceptance difficulties for surethat that Concept of the Federal Government – ​​also against the background of the demographic development – ​​will prevail in the medium term: “Companies that compatibility from family, privacy and Job write on their banners will also implement a family care leave model in it.”

First company already at implementation

Roche has now started. The health care company has been the first German company to implement the federal government's family care time model since the beginning of April. "The concept fits well with our ideas of responsibility," explains Thomas Schmid, spokesman for the management, Roche Diagnostics GmbH.

Other JobStairs partner companies are also already active: According to a survey, 43 percent already offer their employees individual family care leave solutions, regardless of the new legal regulations, or to plan these shortly.

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