The biggest Capital one Company are his Employees. Therefore, every business needs for continuous Further Training care for. How does that have to work?

Video-based learning is the trend

Why are video tutorials useful?

In order to ensure effective cooperation between the individual teams and departments, the company's internal Background be kept as transparent as possible and be accessible to every single employee at all times.

Video tutorials are a good way of ensuring this permanent availability. For a number of different reasons.

What are the advantages of learners?

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The most important of all reasons is perhaps: Once created, these videos can be used multiple times and make knowledge transfer possible anytime and anywhere.

The advantage for learners is that the visual component makes content and relationships clearer and easier to memorize. Videos are therefore often more efficient and personal than written instructions, and the effort required is usually less than expected.

10 advantages of video tutorials

Particularly in the case of company training, videos are suitable in many ways, to speed up the learner's succession and to make seminars more efficient:

  1. Less seminars: Further training usually means an additional cost factor for companies - employees are absent from work for several hours, sometimes even several days, in addition to which there are sometimes accommodation and meals costs for external events. This raises the question of whether all employees really have to be brought together at great expense in order to be brought up to date. How many costs would a company save if it offered 10 percent of the seminars entirely as video courses?
  2. Videos for new learning content: New employees also benefit from videos as well as employees who have not been able to attend a seminar due to their illness, and who are able to make up for their neglected learning content in this way. In addition, employees often sacrifice their weekend for training, which limits motivation and enthusiasm. Targeted and individually used training videos provide relief here.
  3. Videos for preparation: Many trainers use the opportunity to make videos available in advance of a seminar, with which the participants can prepare themselves more thoroughly for the course contents. In the actual seminar there is already a basic knowledge of the participants, so that they can quickly enter the subject matter and learn contents can be taught very practically. An additional advantage lies in the permanent availability of the videos, whereby employees can use them according to their individual learning time.
  4. Presentation of presentations: Training sessions are often based on presentations, which are not very convincing. A video recording is a much more effective way of distributing the slides than the course itself. If a presentation is recorded live, employees can view the recording later in the office in quieter conditions. Since the recording contains both the slides and the associated soundtrack, the connections become more comprehensible and can be interpreted correctly. The possibility of pausing, rewinding and repeating the lecture comes counter to the learning behavior.
  5. FAQs: Video instead of repetition: Certain questions appear more frequently and repeat themselves, for example, how do I create an account, where can I find the presentation documents, how do I submit a billing statement? Instead of answering these questions time after time and focusing on time-consuming explanations, the trainer can store FAQ videos that can be accessed by the participants in case of need.
  6. Personalized feedback and instructions: The tight timetable for further training leaves little room for personal feedback, and training managers are rarely able to deal intensively with individual employees. A remedy is provided by feedback videos, which the head of training can then take back afterwards for certain employees. It is about short instructions, feedback and deepening explanations. Such videos are particularly easy to create, since the main focus here is the knowledge transfer and less the visual aspect.
  7. Direct feedback: Video apps provide direct feedback on presentation training or active training. With Coach's Eye, for example, lectures can be recorded with the mobile device and then analyzed directly. In this way, trainers have the opportunity to give the participants concrete indications and suggestions for improvement. This method also proves to be useful when employees prepare presentations and practice them at home.
  8. Evaluate learning outcomes: Permanent feedback on optimization is a key tool in training. A fast survey embedded in a video allows participants to quickly gather feedback on possible improvements to the course. In the same way, the knowledge of the participants can also be queried and controlled.
  9. Staff Files Videos are also a good way to promote and optimize knowledge transfer among employees. For example, employees can record their own work runs and make them available to colleagues on a central platform. Using simple video tools, employees can create tutorials on all conceivable scenarios without prior knowledge and in a short amount of time. “How do I create a new customer in the database?” and "Here are the changes we will post tomorrow on the website" are just two examples.
  10. QR codes in case of need: To ensure that employees can access information when they need it, QR codes are helpful. You can then call up the corresponding video motorials. For example, the operation of a device in a video can be explained. Employees can then retrieve the video on a mobile device using the QR code attached to the machine.

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