Trust is important, especially when selling. Then People buy from people. And without trust, other people will not buy from you.

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The personality decides!

What is the first thing you do when you make a new purchase? to plan, for example a new television? Do you then “google” the latest models first and are then literally overwhelmed by the offer? And why decide we then mostly for the one and not for the other offer?

It's the same for most of us, no matter what products and services we're looking for: we compare first. For Seller means that they have to be comparable, anytime, anywhere. Therefore, good prices and good, at first glance clear recognizable achievements important!

Trust is important!

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But then comes the second step: What should potential customers do when you have so many similar offers. Because it's so challenging to stand out with products and services these days, good salespeople also need to bring their personality to the sales process.

The Customer should know from whom he bought what, he should remember you as a person so that he comes back to you when it comes to the next purchase. When push comes to shove and the facts of an offer are comparable, it is these so-called “soft factors” that count.

The visual shopping experience

In addition, we should think about the biggest buying motive of our time: trust. The customer wants to trust, unfortunately, it is unfortunately often made very difficult because he does not feel that it is really about him, but to profit for each Company.

Who as a seller who needs really focuses on his customers, one does not exclude the other, on the contrary: the more you listen as a seller and draw the right conclusions, the fewer discussions there will be about the price.

Install the internal projector of the customer

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Whoever manages to turn on the “inner projector” of the customer and offer him a buying experience, in which he can visualize what will happen and what will happen when he uses your product, has emotional selling applied as it should be.

Being authentic is therefore important – especially in sales. Good salespeople manage the balancing act between their own authenticity and the wishes of their customers. Because especially in sales: Make dreams come true!

Get feedback

Stay yourself; the customer remembers it when you move and becomes suspicious. It is always good to know how I work on other people.

After all, those who want to convince their customers first of all have to remain true to themselves - but also listen carefully and respond to the wishes of their customers!

"What do you like about me?"

Now, of course, you can go ahead and do a personality profile analysis of yourself draw up leave or you get active Feedback a. With friends, relatives, acquaintances, whoever.

Ask Look at these people: What do you like about me? How could I yours Opinions after still work? If you then compare the answers to your own opinion of yourself, you might be surprised.

Self-perception and foreign perception

No, You will be surprised. We often perceive ourselves differently, at least in part, than our environment does. Just try it out, it also does the right thing Funto observe the reactions of the respondents.

Of course you can also ask these questions to your best customers: What makes them buy from us? What would you like to do with us? Take the suggestions and then do what suits you, with which you feel comfortable and also the customer.

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