When you are ready, your Company to take it to the next level, it's time to think about how you feel about yourself Industry can claim better. One way to achieve this is through a well-planned marketing strategy.

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Advertising is a must - Henry Ford already knew that

Marketing is the process of Advertising for your product or service at new customers. Objective of marketing is to make your product or service attractive to new customers while making existing customers aware of your existence Brand to accomplish. It is necessary to have a marketing plan outlining what you are going to do before you do it. As the American industrialist Henry Ford once said:

"If you're going to put a dollar into your business, you have to have a second ready to announce it,"

No sentence sums it up better: If you want to sell your products or services, you have to advertise. But please with a clear one Objective. It is important that the advertising measures are carried out in a targeted, planned, regular and coordinated manner. Otherwise the effect will be lost.

Marketing only makes sense with a clear strategy

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Before going with individual Measures starts, you should therefore develop an individual marketing strategy. Which products/services do I want to offer? Who would buy my products? What distinguishes me from competitors? Askthat one must ask before hiring a professional Concept draw up can.

So, a marketing plan isn’t just for big companies, small businesses can also benefit from a marketing plan for their business. Here's how to create the perfect marketing plan for your business.


The perfect marketing concept: It all depends on the design

And one of the most important aspects of any successful marketing strategy is the design and execution of the marketing concept. It brings your brand to life and helps define everything from your company values ​​and audience to your company culture and experiences Employees.

Maybe that's why the Idea by Kirsten Korhani, creative director of Korhani Home's, so awesome. She uses one design form to promote the other. In Canada and now also in her native Germany, she sends models onto the catwalk who practically market the company's home accessories – with a resounding Success.

Innovative advertising ideas: When everyone shakes their heads at the beginning

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While social media and blogging seem too time-consuming in the face of a nebulous-seeming image, Toronto-based German designer Kirsten Korhani took things a step further. To create an ad for her products, she created a whole new design - and conquered thus successfully the catwalks.

The native of Hamburg acts rather reserved, almost shy, as she comes out shortly after the successful catwalk show at the Canada event at the ITB in Berlin last week and beckons - and then disappear immediately behind the stage again.

In the beginning, she says in an interview, everyone only had that about her idea Head shaken. Just 200 people were there at their first show. In the meantime, she is doing the opening at Toronto Fashion Week with her decorative collection.


From the two-dimensional catalog three-dimensional on the catwalk

Korhani came into fashion rather by accident: During her business studies, she sniffed into the industry from time to time: “I've always been interested in it,” she says. But she really started off in Canada, where she emigrated in 2000.

After her marriage to Moji Korhani, she began to grow up her carpet company. The product range was extended to include home accessories, and Kirsten Korahni thought of unusual robes made of carpets and other decorative fabrics, using the two-dimensional catalogs three-dimensionally Catwalk brought:

Indianish ensembles of carpets

“I want to show that you can do it with comparatively little Money can bring a breath of fresh air into your home every season - just like you do in fashion," says the creative director. And of course you can see the origin of the clothes – but the fact that she used them to create Indian-style ensembles, for example, is what makes the whole thing so charming.

In general, the reference to Canada in the collection presented at the ITB was more than clear – which perhaps also seemed a bit artificial. So it goes without saying that I asked Kirsten Korhani about her experiences as a German in Canada.

occupations pictures

Marketing in an international comparison Canada – Germany

Canada, she says, is multicultural, but you are still one person among many. You have to develop your friendships first. “That I got married there has for sure made a lot of things easier,” says Korhani. Because Canada is more conservative than Germany and much more family-oriented.

“People work a lot more than in Germany, some have two or three jobs. Leisure time is therefore very important - and the scarce time is best spent with the Family spent,” the designer recounts her experience—before rushing off after the show.

Marketing strategy: why you should get started right away

Kirsten Korhani is rather reserved, almost shy. She is not a daredevil, more someone who wonders if the idea and the marketing concept are good enough. This is a point that every entrepreneur comes to at some point. And then it's time to stop worrying and get on with the Implementation to start.

In order to create the best marketing concept, we need to understand what we want to convey to our customers. So we're going to introduce some of the most popular concepts and give you the decision help you decide which concept works best for you. All it takes is a little time, a little brainstorming, and the right one Vorlage. Then voila! You have a successful marketing concept that sets your company apart from the competition.

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Checklist: How to create a perfect marketing concept

Below is one checklist with examples of important points to consider when creating your marketing concept. With that you bring a clear Structure into your concept and address your target group with inspiring ideas:

Conclusion: That is why the perfect marketing concept is crucial for your strategy

Marketing is one of the most important aspects of business life. Marketing is the process of promoting your product, service or merchandise to potential customers. It is essential for any business that wants to grow and be successful. A strong marketing concept is critical to success, but coming up with an effective idea is difficult.

Therefore, entrepreneurs should follow Kirsten Korhani's example and develop bold, new and inspiring ideas that awareness excite and appeal to new groups of buyers. Only then can a concept be successful in the long term.

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