The application by mail was yesterday, in the meantime, in most cases one eMail with the relevant documents in the appendix. But also this one Method is slowly being replaced.

bewerbung forms-the-future

Application forms of the future

So how will we meet tomorrow apply? The Study Series”Recruiting Trends” the Monsters each year along with the “Centre of Human Resources Information Systems (CHRIS)” of University Bamberg has shed light on this question.

For the current edition of the Recruiting Trends 2016 study series, the 1.000 largest Company (Response rate 11,4%) from Germany and compared the results with the results of usage behavior and the assessments of over 4.800 job seekers and those interested in a career.

Analysis of the top 300 companies

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For a comprehensive overview, analyzes of the top 300 companies from the Industries Automotive (response rate 8,0%), retail (response rate 7,7%) and IT (response rate 9,0%) as well as several case studies. On the company side, the distribution of the samples of the respective study participants is based on the current Bisnode database register with regard to the characteristics Turnover, number of employees and industry affiliation are representative in relation to the corresponding population.

Part of the study dealt with classic and new application procedures and their acceptance by companies and applicants. The paper-based application is far behind.

Paper, eMail, Online form?

Around 13 percent of applications are still received in companies on paper, but neither they nor they Candidate concede this form in Future or Significance a. Among the application forms currently used, applicants are given the eMail with 83 percent in first place and also around 1 percent of the companies see another here light increasing importance. However, many companies expect a trend towards application forms (17,3 percent more in 2020).

Here is for sure also the wish father of the thought, because this form of standardized Online75 percent of companies prefer applications. However, only just under seven percent of applicants agree. It's worth taking a look at Alternatives. Maybe they'll bring them needs of companies and applicants better on a common denominator:

1. The short profile

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The short profile is a summary of the most important data and professional background of the applicant. These include: the most important professional stations, specialist knowledge and personal characteristics as well as hard and soft skills. The focus is on the facts that play a role in the desire job. Such a profile can then be applied, for example, in the care network.

The advantage: At first glance, the companies see whether the applicant has the right prerequisites for the appropriate position. A mere 59 per cent of applicants therefore consider it to be an important application form. In fact, they do not play an important role yet, the 2016 recruiting trends show that they are important for only 15 percent of the surveyed companies. In the future, however, this will change, as 58 percent of the surveyed companies said that short profiles are becoming increasingly important.

2. The one-click application

With a one-click application, the current applicant profile from a career network or a CV database is sent directly to the desired employer with a click of the mouse. This speeds up the application process clear, since interested parties can apply at any time and even via smartphone. 61 percent of the companies therefore fear a flood of applications and more work for them Recruiter.

However, to her calming it can be said that only about 26 percent of the applicants assume that they want to apply more about this form and only barely 39 percent of them assume that the one-click application will play an important role in the future , The companies see this somewhat different, here 54 percent believe that this form of application is important in the future.

3. Infographics and application videos

Application with entertainment factor? In times of increasing visualization of all kinds of information, the idea of ​​making the application stand out from the crowd with an application video or an infographic is obvious. Just under 20 percent (infographics/19,3 and videos/18,2 percent) of the interviewed applicants see visual elements as a substitute for Write to and Curriculum vitae as important components for future applications. Around 15 percent of the companies surveyed share this Opinions regarding the importance of application videos.

But what application forms ultimately also is important, it is important to the recruiter to present the essential facts for the respective job and at a glance. Then the chances are great that he examines the application more intensively. This is currently happening in the companies, according to the study, only with four out of ten applications.

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