"What's this whole theater supposed to do?" This is the standard highly sensitive question People, when it comes to the meeting culture in the Business and Small Talk in the usual, superficial sense. Find out why highly sensitive people have what it takes to be “wise Adviser” and how small talk can be enriched with a little depth.

meeting-highly sensitive

Of the sense and nonsense of self-adulation

If you want to climb further up the career ladder, you have to secure yourself "downwards", always defend your position and make sure that you always present yourself in the best way towards the "number 1" - regardless of losses. Often enough, the wonder boy or the power woman in the group does not brag about her own ideas, but with those who previously im Meeting have already been expressed, just not addressed to the decision-maker, but communicated to the group in a way that maintains a connection.

The latter is typical for highly sensitive people - regardless of whether Ms. or man. In the typical cockfighting of the business world, highly sensitive people often only gradually find their way around. Without realizing that they have special challenges and Power have, many fine tuners take a long time to understand how the male kind of Communication works - namely hierarchy-oriented. Knowing this difference in communication behavior is worth its weight in gold and marks the first step on a wonderful journey towards a gentle, strong approach to meeting situations.

Highly sensitive targeted communication in meetings

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Highly sensitive people communicate differently and that's a good thing. Because they can use their skills to Objective to lead. And this is completely independent of the position in which they are in the hierarchy. They hear what's being said between the lines, sense the mood in the room, and it doesn't go unnoticed when someone is lying, glossing over something, or the show is more important than the result. For highly sensitive job starters or those who are unaware of their highly sensitive strengths, this differentiated perception can be disturbing act and lead to withdrawal.

Or in a not welcome offensive: straight Boy, justice-oriented people try to contribute their values ​​by openly addressing grievances. Most of the time they get it fast to feel that this is not desirable. Exposing others and putting your finger in the wound is rarely a job that involves a lot recognition brings.

Rock in the surf

But there is another way. Highly sensitive people can learn to lead important and crucial meetings and to lead them to the goal - and not through self-expression or too much openness, but through Ask.

One who does the same reports: “What is played back to me after the meetings makes me very happy satisfied. I'm referred to as "solid as a rock" and I create a lot of calm from the participants' point of view because I take the excitement out. This is how good results are achieved quickly. In meetings, with my heightened awareness, I can consciously focus on what is not being said, and so very well Solutions steer - a role that I now take purposefully and gladly."

The “wise” advisers

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Meetings say a lot about the communication culture in our Society prevails. But it also shows something else: Highly sensitive men in particular cultivate different communication patterns than those of the male mainstream. They don't take part in the daily fight for ranking among the peacocks, who all proudly show off their bikes and don't even notice that with so much pompous show, there's hardly any time and Energy remains for the really important issues. Between all the wrangling on the "hard" side and head shaking on the "tender" side, there's good news: Those who are aware of their sensitive strengths have what it takes to be partially in Guide to go and represent the goals of the company, for the good of all and without anyone having to fight against him.

As such, we could actually use the image of the “wise advisor” to describe what highly sensitive people are into Economy and be able to keep company. And no, this picture is not intended to demean other people. Rather, it's about realizing that it's good and right, that not all people are the same, and it absolutely is Sinn makes using different skills instead of countering them. Sooner or later, even highly sensitive people will have to admit that it is very practical when in some places in Company and society People can easily stretch their elbows and pragmatically take the lead. Because it takes a whole range of skills to find really good solutions.

Small talk with draft

Whether it is a canteen, a company party, a campus or a network event, anyone who is highly sensitive has started to find out why the others have been able to talk about superficial things from their point of view. While the highly sensitive group is still thinking about what it wants to contribute to the current conversation, the others have long since moved on to the next topic. For many HSPs, Small Talk is a letter with seven seals.

And yet they can reconcile themselves with the small talk. Rather than seeing it as a waste of time arguing and avoiding small talk situations, deep thinkers and deep thinkers can simply accept that their constitution allows them to be deep in conversation needs have. Anyone who braces himself against something like a stubborn ox remains passive and may block the way to getting involved with others and contributing his own way.

Because it is also possible in small talk tax in the Hand and actively address issues that are not quite so superficial. When highly sensitive people move out of the pressure position and into the active role, they can also show others that going deep is not dangerous, but can actually be very rewarding.

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