The Anxiety from internet addiction and being overwhelmed by the modern age Technology is about. Is just turn off a Solution? Barely. Clever use of technology helps.

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Digitalization and the Internet are life?

Again and again we have on Best of HR -® the topic of being overwhelmed and Stress by the Internet and new technologies discussed. The large number of comments and sometimes violent reactions to the articles shows how great the interest in this topic is.

Katharina Borchert, for example, who became known as an award-winning blogger with “Lyssa's Lounge”, is also busy. Since 2006 she was Online- Editor-in-Chief of the WAZ Group, Managing Director since 2010 Spiegel Online, since January 2016 she has served on the Board of Directors of Mozilla Corporation as Chief Innovation Officer responsible for the future direction of Mozilla products. Internet and social media are her life.

Digital Detox: Africa or Group Therapy?

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In order to calm down, she drives to the African bush again and again – without reception. She suffers for three days, then she realizes how good her self-imposed Internet abstinence is; for your inner balance and for the Head to be released, as she once told the journalist Iris Ockenfels for the medium magazin.

Now not everyone has the time and that Moneyto disappear straight to Africa. So there are people who team up with friends to protect themselves from their own online madness. However, not in the form of a discussion group in which you lament about your own addictive behavior and then continue at home: No, something is actually being done.

If people want to lose weight, that works better in the group! One can, for example, give one another the mutual promise to only log in on a single day of the month. With sanctions, if someone does it, of course. Others are even more radical and ask their friends to change their own password - but of course that's a vote of confidence.

Half a year without internet as a FAZ journalist

Journalist Alex Rühle also stayed in Germany and at work a few years ago: However, he simply switched off. Internet and smartphone. For six months. And wrote a book about it: “Without a network: My half a year offline”.

But Rühle is not someone who can easily log out of the Internet: He is a feature editor at the Süddeutschen Newspaper. And the Internet is his daily work tool. In the evening, he used to deposit his Blackberry on the shoe rack so that he would secretly sleep before going to bed eMails could check. On a quiet day, he got 68 mail and answered 45. An internet junkie, then.

It can not be done without the internet

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The abstinence was correspondingly difficult: dictionaries were used as a translation aid, the editor received water level reports by postcard, and ancient technologies such as faxes were brought back to life. The colleagues joked about the “cave dweller”, he became his favorite customer for the directory inquiry, and research that he would have done in a few minutes via Google took hours because he had to search for the appropriate contact person abroad by phone.

At the end of the six months, Rühle did not want to give up the Internet altogether. He does not use an Internet-compatible mobile phone today, but works with two computers - one to which he writes and one with which he deliberately goes online. but to stop surfing after a maximum of two hours.

Like the JoJo effect on a diet

What sounds like a nice story is actually the result of a rather irrational overreaction. Rühle, who apparently saw himself as a plaything for his Internet addiction, tried to treat it by temporarily doing the exact opposite. That's about it useful like a diet where you don't eat for a week: you lose weight, but you end up eating even more, and you end up with more fat on your ribs.

And anyone who starts using the Internet again after a while offline runs the risk of falling back into old behavior patterns. Going from one extreme to the other has never been a good solution.

Especially not with inventions that, provided that they are used correctly, make our lives more practical, easier and better. And which therefore have become an indispensable part of everyday working life. Or have you ever thought about giving up your bed, bike or coffee machine because you use these items all the time and don't want to become dependent on them? No, and that would probably be pretty absurd.

Can we or should we stop using the internet?

The IdeaOn the other hand, I often hear that it's better not to have internet or at least no internet on your cell phone. This is just as silly and ultimately only shows one thing: that the user in question is not able to use the modern technology with moderation and Objective to use. Total renunciation as a result of a lack of self-control! Apparently, it is even easier to do without the “addictive substance” altogether than to expose yourself to the risk of addiction every day.

Just so we do not get us wrong: There's nothing against abandoning certain technologies. Everyone can use those technical achievements that are useful to them. Personally, for example, I never got a driver's license and that's why I often look at it wrong.

Conclusion: Internet abstinence must not become an ideology

However, you shouldn't make an ideology out of it either: It's not the smartphone or the Internet Debt in the misery, but all by yourself. So maybe internet junkies and teetotalers should just think about how they use a computer and the net for what it is:

As an efficient information and communication medium, privately and professionally. What helps is not compulsive abstinence, but clever use of the internet and social media networks.

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