Each strategy session includes topics such as digital Transformation or modernization of Working world right at the top of the agenda. It is often forgotten how important it is Employees and Recruiting are. But HR play a key role in the digital transformation.

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What will HRM have to do in the future?

Many buzzwords but also uncertainties determine the discussions on the topic of digitization. The 'HRM 4.0 HR work of Future' the University St. Gallen on behalf of the Center for Employer Attractiveness (zeag GmbH) examines various transformation paths and types of companies.

For this study, the institute evaluated Guide and HR management of the University of St. Gallen on behalf of the Center for Employer Attractiveness the survey results of 13.658 executives and employees from 87 Company the end. As part of the TOP JOB employer benchmarking, the companies had their employer attractiveness and HR work analyzed.

HR professionals play a key role in digital transformation

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The study describes how the HRM has to be set up in each case. Here, there are significant differences. But also a common feature: Personal managers take a key role in this transformation process.

This is a great opportunity for HR. HR professionals can finally take it seriously Business-Become a partner. But that is also challenging. Because HRM has to reposition and redefine itself when the transformation successfully should be.

2 of 7 directly applicable success factors

As a result of the study, 7 crystallizes success factors for successful personnel management in the transformation process. The two most important are these:

  1. The personnel management is a full time future designer: A real HRM 4.0 is a companion and designer for the New Work future. The (digital) future vision is the driving force behind all concepts and all HR measures.
  2. At eye level with the management: The staff becomes a strategic partner. An HRM 4.0 works consistently and closely with the management and strategically aligns itself with the goals of the company. In addition, the management of HRM 4.0 is supported by the management. This new definition is therefore a challenge for all stakeholders.

Network users need digitalization companions

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One of three transformation paths is more technical and structural: Supported by an innovative Technology virtual and project-based cooperation is promoted. These so-called Network-Companies are increasingly using new forms of work such as home office and they work primarily on a project basis and in virtual teams. That needs both digital Competencies as well as virtually networked structures.

The HRM of these network operators therefore assumes the role of the digitization companion. It provides tools and develops the related competences that support the company's digitalization in the context of virtual and network-like collaboration. The training courses on digital technologies and social media are at the forefront.

Individualized companies need minister of culture

The other way is aimed primarily at the individual. These companies face the challenges with a high degree of flexibility in terms of working hours and diverse individual agreements in terms of work content and scope of work.

At the same time, the HR managers put the culture in the limelight, because value creates values Orientation! The HRM takes on the role of culture developer. That is, it aligns HR tools to support the culture. At the same time, the inclinations and needs of the individuals at the center.

Innovations - the 4.0 Champions League

Companies that combine both forms - that is, that both revive network-like structures and use individualized forms of work and digital technologies, also need a broad-based HRM. As a real HR 4.0 partner, you have both a digitization and culture focus and, above all, are extremely strategic.

A look at the economic results of the three types of transformation shows a clear picture: The path to the new world of work is worthwhile. And each direction has its own Power but also its price.

Conclusion: employee retention as a competitive advantage

The employee retention that is so important against the background of the shortage of skilled workers and in our accelerated Welt they have such decisive innovative power clear the nose forward.

The path to the new world of work - whatever - is worthwhile.

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