When designing a website, it is essential to respond to Google's requirements. What is in terms of linking, networking and Advertising to ensure that your products and services are found by exactly the people who are looking for them? 7 Basicsteps.

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Why Google is so important

Lets itself in Companys Difficult to find in Google, there is little chance of new ones customers to win. Most searches for service providers or products start with the search engine market leader. Google is rightly referred to as a data octopus or online spy:

Google collects data with every search query and constantly analyzes the available content in the Internet and tries to bring seekers together with providers. According to Google's taste, providers and searchers should always harmonize so well that the former transfer their advertising budget to Google with conviction and the latter willingly return to Google the next time they search.

Make Google the best recommendation for your business

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As a website owner or sales executive of the onlineshop one can hardly afford an antipathy against Google. Only those who understand the unquestioned market leader under the search engines can direct their own online activities to attract many suitable visitors from Google to their own website and webshop.

In this regard it should be your most important Objective be sure that Google gives convincing recommendations on your core topics. Because anyone who helps the search engine to recommend the best website (and the best sub- or microsite) to searchers begins a special friendship with Google. Webmasters who make Google a friend make the search engine the company's best recommender and sales representative.

This Method supports those responsible for commercial websites in small and medium-sized companies to optimize their site for Google and to gain additional visitors with Google advertising tools. Anyone who implements this method becomes a permanent growth measured by qualified visitors. It is important that your website has modern content management System (CMS) is managed. They should be proficient in this system and have access to the divisions of the company that will develop future website content.

7 steps for better search engine optimization

Firstly, you should find out what your potential customers google and how you can implement these new insights in your website. Then you will learn why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is so crucial to publish good and unique content.

After that you will learn with which flanking Measures You help Google identify your company as an expert on your topics. In addition, you record how you use advertising so that only visitors who are looking for exactly what you offer see your ad. Finally, this method addresses a frequently occurring implementation difficulty and names possible solutions.

  1. Do not rely on your own search engine results: Perhaps you are like many web leaders: They google themselves their homepage and believe that the search engine reveals to you the relevance or visibility of your page on this way. You are looking for your company name or your products and look forward to seeing your own website on the first page. If you visit a page more frequently, Google makes search results as the search engine detects already existing relationships and adapts recommendations individually. Such a search has little to do with what a potential customer is looking for and Google recommends.
  2. Know what your customers are looking for: Agencies that optimize search engine websites are easy to find in Google under the search term SEO Agency. However, many website owners in companies who are looking for a Google Search Optimization solution do not call their problem a SEO issue. The normal web-person responsible has the problem that the homepage in Google does not look good. If the SEO agency has forgotten on its own website, for such problem formulations (eg My website is not well found in Google) to prepare a response, Google will not rank this agency very high in the search query.
  3. The language of your customers speak: Transfer this example to your own situation: Ask yourself whether you and your prospective customers speak the same language or - in other words - use the same (search) terms. Your colleagues with customer contact from the call center, the customer support or the sales department can give an indication of this.
  4. Use tracking tools: If you are already monitoring your website with an analysis or tracking tool, such as Piwik or Google Analytics, you will find additional valuable information. The tool will show you what people were looking for before they were taken to your page by Google. Be careful! These terms are only those where your page is already successful.
  5. Do a workshop: Use colleagues to collect all terms that customers use to describe their problems and search queries. Form cluster and try to find priorities. You should take into account that a search term - or keyword or keyword - can consist of one or more words. Top priorities include your key services and their translation into terms that your prospective customers use when searching. It is best to have a workshop with all the customer contacts, or ask your new customers by telephone: What did you look for to find us?
  6. Use targeted SEO Tools: Now you have to find out which concepts you have not yet thought of. You can expand your list of relevant search terms by finding out what terms the other competitors are successful with. Use professional SEO tools like Searchmetrix or SISTRIX. They show which search terms or conceptual combinations Google is particularly prominent in listing your competitors' pages. If you believe that the search terms should lead to your solutions, then add them to your keyword list.
  7. What is the competition doing? The SEO tools all work similarly: You start by entering the domains of the competitors and you can display the terms with which the competitor is displayed in Google 1, 2, etc. Some tools (such as SISTRIX) even show how often the term is searched for, and how much other websites are already trying to get a good ranking. It is not advisable to analyze your competitors' Google placements without special tools, since Google does not only customize your searches, but you also have to search for terms that have not yet occurred to you.

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