Creating experiences and memories for wealthy target groups: Our print and online magazines go hand in hand with international sales, over 20 years of experience and a large network.

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Create experiences & memories

People want to have fun, enjoy and relax. – even if they travel for business, like numerous studies show: You get to know a hotel or a destination in a positive way and then return with the whole family or extend it with a wellness stay.

Bleisure Travel is the name of this trend, through which tourism providers are opening up a new, affluent target group. And more: This is also interesting for companies that want to pay their employees for holidays to relax and motivate them.

Personal contacts & experiences count

For this target group in particular, however, time is a precious commodity and they don't have enough of it to spend time and effort clicking through websites or social media. Therefore, it is above all specialist media and personal recommendations that decide on the selection of the travel destination. This is exactly where our print and online media come in:

It is above all the many years of experience, the personal contacts and the great cohesion in the team of publisher Simone Janson that ensure the success.

AI & media international – The publisher

Print, online, social media, interactive AI – this is what the publisher offers:

Print magazines at a glance

These are our 5 print magazines at a glance to leaf through.

  • 4 X Travel & Lifestyle – Best of Edition, 29402646: The best of all magazines →Browse
  • Pleasure@Work, ISSN 27516652: Good food, wellness, deceleration. health →Browse
  • CreARTiv, ISSN 27516695: Creativity, Art, Style, Green Lifestyle, Sustainable Travel →Browse
  • WorkACTIVE, ISSN 27516679: Workation, sport, bleisure travel, teams, experiencing nature →Browse
  • SuccessTTT – Travel / Taste / Trends, ISSN 27516687: Lifestyle, fashion, design, cuisine, business trips →Browse
Good life: travel, lifestyle, health

What is Bleisure Travel & how can we help you?

Studies show that (B)leisure trips are attractive for many people because of their high leisure value at low costs as a way to relax and recharge with exciting activities, while companies specifically set incentives here as a brand. Under the motto “Experience success” our media & travel concepts present suitable offers. Go at it print magazines, Online Publications, Social Media and Books Hand in hand, in sales international channels, Tourism associations and thousands of subscribers.

That's exactly why we design reader trips that are exactly right for you and support you in planning with the latest technology.

Experience success with reader trips & interactive travel planner

Our interactive AI travel planner is your personal travel companion that will help you plan your dream trip down to the smallest detail. Regardless of whether you want to expand your business trip with bleisure travel, go on an adventurous team trekking tour or combine a conference with a city trip - our AI is programmed to understand your individual preferences and needs and to present you with tailor-made travel suggestions. With just a few clicks you can access a wealth of information about destinations, attractions, accommodations, activities and much more. Our AI analyzes your preferences and creates a customized travel plan that suits your interests and budget. You can adjust your travel plans at any time and compare the best options for flights, hotels and activities.

But that is not all! Our interactive AI travel planner goes beyond just planning. It is equipped with a variety of smart features that will make your travel experience more enjoyable. From real-time weather and traffic updates to restaurant recommendations and insider tips from locals, our AI is your personal travel expert to help you get the most out of your trip. Discover the future of travel and let our interactive AI inspire you. Plan your next trip with ease, accuracy and a touch of innovation. Say goodbye to tedious research and uncertain decisions - let our AI be your travel planner and experience unforgettable adventures around the world.