For companies that want to remain competitive in the future, employer branding also means meeting the increasing expectations of employees and management. That requires rethinking in management. How can that look like?

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Change in the world of work is progressing

Our working world today has changed enormously: New technologies and advancing digitization require a high degree of mobility, flexibility and efficiency. Accordingly, the demands that employees and applicants place on companies have increased. As in the private sector, they expect one Communication almost in real time - mobile via WhatsApp or other digital channels.

At the same time, with regard to the ongoing shortage of skilled workers in many areas, the management is increasingly dependent on strategic assistance in personnel issues. Many HRdepartments still meet these expectations Technology and compared to the structures of the 90s. The technical basis, the processes based on it, but above all the role model of the HR manager must be modernized.

HR is braked by obsolete technologies

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The HR department today has to manage the balancing act between the growing demands of its stakeholders. Because on the one hand expect Employees and Candidate fast and flexible processing and answering of inquiries. On the other hand, employer branding and a sustainable win Expertise– and talent management more and more Significance for corporate success. The expertise from the HR departments is essential for this. But for strategic Consulting often there is not enough time.

Because many HR departments are still being slowed down by outdated technologies: documents are created in Word, applications reach the specialist departments by internal mail and simple personnel indicators such as the sickness rate are laboriously compiled manually. This not only takes time and Money, it also prevents HR leaders from playing their role as more strategic Business partner of Company to perceive The following three recommendations are intended to help the HR department to establish processes useful to optimize and to modernize the role model of the HR manager.

HR processes with the help of intelligent HR software

An important step is to outsource operative HR processes as far as possible - namely to those directly involved in the process such as employees, applicants or department heads. Intelligent HR softwareSolutions offer the appropriate tools for this: They transparently map processes that previously required the expertise of HR managers, making them easy to understand and intuitive to use even for "laypersons".

In addition, the selected HR software must meet the ongoing trend towards location-independent communication on account wear and be compatible as a secure SaaS solution for mobile devices. In this way, those involved in the process can be mobile and from anywhere Tasks complete. This increases flexibility and process speed. Another important aspect is the case-related compilation of data.

In view of the ever-growing mountains of data, an intelligent SaaS solution must be able to provide data and information suitable for the task at hand. If, for example, there is an employee interview, the supervisor automatically receives the Vorlage for the discussion sheet and the target agreement from the last one Conversation offered. He can then share this with the employee with just a few clicks.

Have the “right” information ready

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Currently, the search for the “right” information still costs companies a lot of time. Simple HR key figures, such as the number of employees, sickness rate or average age, which are important for strategic decision making are often not available on demand, but have to be compiled in a time-consuming process. The reason for this is not a lack of data; these are in abundance.

In fact, no suitable analysis tools are available. Only when data from different sources flow together in a meaningful way does it become valuable information from which strategic recommendations can ultimately be derived. For the HR manager Future are therefore analysis tools for collecting key performance indicators - also known as key performance indicators - mandatory. Because these serve as an important orientation aid for personnel decisions.

No fear of change

The HR department as we know it today will no longer exist in the future. With modern technologies such as cloud services, she becomes a process designer herself and controls HR processes independently. But that can only succeed if HR managers Courage for change bring.

They have to play an active role in shaping their future role in the company, cutting off old habits and getting into modern technologies invest. This is the only way they can ensure a high level of service quality for employees on the one hand and support the management in strategic HR issues on the other.

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