The structured and informative Curriculum vitae is an essential Success factor when applying. What is important?

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The perfect CV - what is the application?

A broken JuraStudy? Six months of backpacking turned into three years on Australian beaches? Anyone who writes a CV is also confronted with the less success-oriented stages of his life.

The formalities are already changing Application constantly: Is a photo still a requirement? Which font should you choose? What language? Here are ten current monster tips from Dr. Job that will put an end to the headache and help you clear your mind sortieren. Because the perfect CV is characterized above all by a clear structure Structure and through carefully selected facts.

Why is the perfect application so important?

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Applying is the first step on the way to a new job. It is an applicant's business card and plays a decisive role in determining whether you will be chosen job interview is invited or not. An attractive design of the application documents is important Significanceto make a positive first impression.

The perfect application is one Combination from an attractive design of the application documents and convincing content. Make sure that your application is tailored to your needs Company is tailored and yours Motivation as well as yours Power clear expresses. Avoid spelling mistakes and ensure that the wording is clear and precise.

A good resume is crucial for success on the job market

The CV is crucial. A good CV provides an overview of your previous professional positions, your qualifications and your personal information. Make sure that the CV is clear and well structured. Use clear headings and structure the text to convey the information light to make it comprehensible. Also provide relevant information about your knowledge, skills and experience relevant to the position you are applying for.

Therefore, a clearly structured CV is of great importance in order to leave a positive impression awareness of the employer and to clarify your suitability for the position. Ideally, the Vita offers a comprehensive overview of your professional career, your qualifications and your personal data and shows every employer at a glance what they can expect from you.

5 reasons why a good resume is important

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Therefore, invest time and effort in creating a strong resume to increase your chances of getting your dream job. Here are some reasons why a good resume is of great importance:

  1. First impression: Your resume is often the first document a potential employer sees from you. A well-structured and clear CV gives a positive first impression and arouses the employer's interest.
  2. Selection criterion: Employers often receive a large number of applications for a position. A good resume helps you stand out from other applicants and attract the employer's attention. It serves as a selection criterion to decide which applicants will be invited for an interview.
  3. Relevant information: A good CV contains all relevant information about your professional experience, qualifications and skills. Employers look for applicants who have the necessary knowledge and experience to successfully fill the position. A good resume allows the employer to quickly see whether you are suitable for the job.
  4. Traceability: A good resume allows the employer to understand your professional development. It shows what positions you have held in the past, what tasks you have taken on and what successes you have achieved. This gives the employer an insight into your skills and how you work.
  5. Professionalism: A good resume shows professionalism and care. It shows that you have taken the time to carefully design your application documents and present your information clearly and precisely. Employers value applicants who value a professional application.

Tips for applicants: 10 steps to the shiny CV

But what is really important when it comes to the perfect CV? With these tips and Tricks increase your chances of being invited to an interview and ultimately getting your dream job. Much Success when you apply!

  1. complete: Gaps are not appreciated. Try to put these time sections into a positive light. For example, a stay abroad can be a valuable experience for a new orientation or cultural exchange. In any case, avoid lying lies to fill small gaps.
  2. Layout: For cover letter and CV you should choose a uniform design, also regarding font and font size. Points can be used with sans serif fonts such as Arial or Calibri. Times New Roman, on the other hand, has gotten older and no longer up-to-date. It is also important that you do not jump back and forth between different layouts. Less is usually more: Imagine, the person is not even taking five minutes to read a CV. Since a proper structure in the direct comparison often makes the difference. Some companies are no longer demanding a photo by the way; then you are left to decide whether to submit one. Please inform yourself about a possible hint in the company webpage. Also, do not forget: a signature with a suitable pen, as well as the place and date to scan and paste into the CV.
  3. Relevance: Your professional career is the most important and therefore comes first. Start with the most recent station and continue chronologically backwards. You should refrain from giving birth and name changes, as well as the names of your parents, your partner's profession, and your religious affiliation, which is no longer relevant. Oh so, the information about family status or whether you have children, you do not need to specify. These topics can still be explained in a personal interview. Also, whether or not to specify your abitute is nowadays dependent on the position and status of your career. It can not be missed when you start your career, but after ten years of professional experience, you can safely skip the entry. Internships from the school days are then also unnecessary filling material, with which you convince no person.
  4. Compact: For beginners, the rule of thumb is: 20 percent Personal, 80 percent education. For applicants with professional experience: 10 Percentage Personal, 30 Percentage Training and 60 Percentage of Career. Have you just finished your studies? Then the school runway and topics of the thesis still play a role. After a few years of working life, however, you should focus on your current positions by briefly explaining them. Always keep in mind that the curriculum vitae should not be longer than two pages in the A4 format. Reduce content that does not add value to the company.
  5. Soft Skills: Soft skills are important features and should not be missing in a full CV. It is important, however, that they are in a meaningful context to the respective place. As an association's board, you may be able to prove a great organization, which is indispensable for a project manager. That you are also a great tenor is perhaps less relevant to the person who is looking for a statistician. An elegant way is the integration of soft skills in the cover letter by assigning the hard facts from the CV to the appropriate soft skills.
  6. Sports and hobbies: Two to three entries are completely sufficient. Take into account the effect they create. A preference for “lonely hikes”, for example, does not suggest team spirit. But here the world of consultants is divided - some recommend these private additions, others advise against it. Try to stay authentic. By the way, you can always record particular strengths under one extra point.
  7. Additional qualifications: As in the case of the soft skills, the following applies: Select a specific selection of the relevant training measures to match the job you are applying for. As a translator you probably do not have to master five programming languages.
  8. Short stays: If you were only briefly employed by a company due to external circumstances, such as a merger, it is perfectly okay to state this factually. A separation for reasons that are in your person, you can set out as "temporary employment" or "desire for reorientation".
  9. In English: Only write your CV in English if this is expressly required by you. Please note that English CVs follow different rules. For example, personal information such as gender, height, weight, family status, or ethnic origin is not desirable in the US.
  10. The Red Thread: In general, it is good if you have a specific professional goal in mind and steer your career path in a straight line. But you can also create a positive effect with one or the other industry change. It is important that you justify this conclusively and underline that you have shown great flexibility and now have a wide range of knowledge and extensive experience.

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