It is said that data is the sword of the 21st century. In any case, the handling of data and its evaluation will change significantly in the coming years - also in the Working world. The development is already in full swing.

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Who trends for the Future wants to predict, usually has a difficult time, moves fast in the realms of speculation and analysis. However, there are some analysis tools that allow predicting some digital trends. A final overview.

Xing, LinkedIn and Kununu have become important pillars in the HR area, but also vile forums are important strolling spots for the target groups. Employer affiliates are no longer only published annually in selected trade journals, which is primarily beneficial to the agencies.

The actual rankings result in real time in the digital space. It is important to work together here in order to achieve a good positioning. However, what has been missing so far is, on the one hand, the measurability of the Effect of social media activities and on the other hand the benefit for the Corporate.

Mobile will continue to grow

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From the desktop computer, via laptop to tablet and smartphone: The terminals have become faster, smaller and more mobile in recent years. 2014 already use 50 percent of Germans a smartphone. This is a plus of 25 percent versus 2013.

81 percent also use their smartphone to Internet to go and find out. Companies should not lag behind this trend, but use it. Mobile sites and responsive design are just a few requirements to not connecting to verlieren and the potential customers or to show employees that they are understood and that they are prepared for.

With the increasing private use of smartphones and tablets, mobile tracking is becoming increasingly important for companies. This is the only way to ensure maximum transparency and bring the majority of traffic to company websites to light. Who wants to voluntarily Eyes close and give away potential?

Social Business Controlling

The use and display of social media for HR purposes Costs. employee costs, IT-Costs and advertising costs to name a few. It is important for the management that the costs cover the benefits as far as possible. The call for ROI from social media is already on everyone's lips today.

Social Business Controlling sits down Objectiveto show the real value of social media activities - translated into the language of management. Well-known key figures and KPIs are woven in and enable transparency that has not existed before.

How Big Data Works

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There are more than 4,2 billion websites on the World Wide Web. Each individual accumulates sometimes more, sometimes less information – and thus data. Big Data is therefore on everyone's lips. The Rede is from enormous amounts of data that are produced on the Internet or in other networks, accumulate in databases and are available there.

Above all, social media platforms, forums and blogs invite the user to exchange ideas, express opinions, rate products or companies, share photos or videos and thus generate data and let the social web grow further.

The Pandora's box is open

Social media are virtual. However, the influence and power that they can sometimes exert are very real. Shitstorms can seriously put established companies in economic danger. Bad product reviews can shatter the sales figures.

Unsatisfactory working conditions get around in no time and can fuel the “war for talent” clear make more difficult. Transparency is a double-edged sword, but Pandora's box is now open. It is important to arm yourself and not to underestimate the power and influence of social media, but to use it for yourself.

The era of social exchange ... online

Alone the possibility of the social Online-Exchange seems to inspire users to interact, share and exponentially increase the resulting data. Especially everyday topics such as shopping, travel, Education and Health feed the social web.

On average, every Internet user spends 2,5 hours a day on social media platforms. The data that he produces does not only make ever-larger data processing and storage servers necessary, but also reveals information about him.

This includes his preferences, fears, experiences and wishes. In this way, the platforms are better acquainted with it, as well as influencing the decisions of other users.

Let the data speak

uniebook, as the world's largest online community, collects more data through its API than any other social one Network. The “Like” button is pressed 2,7 billion times a day on the platform. 2,5 million pieces of content are created every minute.

With each click, post and comment, the information about the users increases, condense and reveal more.

What data are collected by HR platforms?

But also HR platforms such as LinkedIn collect large amounts of data about their users. For example, 22 percent of LinkedIn users between 500-999 have connections to others on the network.

A connection to 301-499 people shows 19 percent. This “professional data” helps LinkedIn, for example, with its “Economic Graph”. draw up.

Predicting the future with Big Data?

To Definition from LinkedIn, this is “Transformation mapping of the global economy to connect talent with opportunity at massive scale”. Here, too, the realization only succeeds thanks to the enormous amount of data - "massive scale".

Google can predict the development of unemployment based on the search queries. But Facebook knows beforehand who will fall in love.

But what language do they speak?

“The expansion of the Communication in digital space [...], calls for new analysis methods and tools, ”says Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas Schildhauer from the Institute for Internet and Society the Humboldt University in Berlin.

Because, of course, there is an outstanding data density in the social web, but it is usually unstructured information. In order to actually generate the optimum from Social Big Data, the goal is to monitor and analyze.

Professional social media monitoring

Professional social media consultancies and monitoring providers have been around since the beginning of the millennium, with the tools and time to carry out a well-founded analysis invest.

It is encouraging that over time, companies have become more aware of the importance and potential of social data from the Internet.

The complexity of the analyzes has increased

However, the complexity of the analysis and monitoring has also increased enormously. The amount of data produced on forums, blogs and platforms is growing steadily. So also the specialization of the individual channels.

I would recommend any company to use a professional and coordinated social media listening system that combines automatic identification with an analytical interpretation. Google Alerts are no longer sufficient for the professional area.

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