Where can I find a job that fits my needs? How do I get the best for a new job apply? Ask like these employ young professionals as well as seasoned specialists. We have 6 answers.

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6 Job Search Tips

Questions about career planning are asked by both young professionals and IT-ler and
Engineers who already have professional experience:

Should I have a permanent position or rather work as a freelancer? What can I do, what am I looking for? And of course: How do I actually find the right job for me? 6 tips on how the optimal Job Search Function.

1. Counseling can help

To find out which job is right for you and to find helpful answers when
The application process can get the support of a professional useful be. A
personal Conversation with a specialized Recruiter helps to improve the existing knowledge, personal Set and explore future interests.

What degree do you consider Candidate has in your pocket is not always decisive. The foundation and the skills must be right, then find it Adviser and Candidate together where to go.

2. Self-presentation is the alpha and omega

In addition to technical Background but it takes more to focus on yourself I aufmerksam close. Also
When we speak of an applicant market nowadays, i.e. there are more vacancies than applicants, it is still the case that many candidates, especially with attractive offers or Companyto compete for a job.

Recruiters these days go a lot on social networks and screen the market very carefully when it does
It's about filling attractive positions. A good self-presentation is therefore also important on the web, starting with the photo through the Curriculum vitae and the specific knowledge up to the indication of the foreign language level.

Meaningful and understandable formulations in the description of the qualifications are just as important as soft skills in order to be able to cope with your job as an applicant Personality to convince.

3. To value yourself and your strengths

Young professionals in particular tend to put their light under a bushel, because successful ones
Very few projects have to be presented shortly after completion.

Here it helps to make a list of all the positive qualities and qualifications that you can show. These are usually not that few. Also Family and friends can help Power to see and thus to support the self-assessment.

4. Networking as a career booster

It is also important to maintain and present your network of contacts. Former ones can do that
Colleagues in companies or from internships, partners with whom you have implemented projects or the Uni-Professor. You can also get involved in discussion groups on the web
Show expertise.

In addition, job portals such as XING and LinkedIn or specialized platforms from
Personnel service providers such as GULP have good opportunities to showcase their own skills or even offer further support in the application process.

The specialists are on hand to make the necessary Orientation to give and to make the right contacts. Depending on whether you want more security or need more freedom, you decide on a permanent job or freelancing.

5. Combine practical experience with social security

Anyone who would like to work as a permanent employee faces the challenge of finding a job that Fun power and variety.

Young professionals in IT, engineering and finance, for example, can gain practical experience in GULP companies without having to go through a poorly paid internship after another. With the changing projects in various sectors, professional professionals expand their professional know-how and establish important contacts.

6. Freelancing as an opportunity: The new freedom

Who prefers his own Executive can get started as a freelancer. With flexible project work and free time management, freelancing offers lots of advantages for both young professionals and professionals.

When looking for highly specialized, external experts for their projects, many go
Companies no longer actively search themselves because that would be far too time-consuming. Instead, they outsource the search for freelancers to service providers or post open projects on their platforms.

Conclusion: What is the job search?

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In summary, the following important points are important for the job search:

  1. Defining interests and goals
  2. Looking for support, z. B by subject-specific professionals of a personnel service provider
  3. Skills and soft skills
  4. Optimize your presentation in social networks and build a contact network
  5. Decision for work model

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