resilience and antiStress-Programs and healthy sleep are on everyone's lips, but the role of nutrition is often neglected. The right diet can help a lot.

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Basic diet - sense and nonsense

Some time ago I started to deal with alkaline nutrition for health reasons and was able to do one or two health things Problem solve. Since me the positive Effect so clear became aware of, I am very interested in the topic.

The right diet is always the subject of heated debates. There will be too for sure a lot of false promises, e.g. food that makes you particularly intelligent, which you can't say in such a general and populist way. However, two things can be said: Our diet determines to a large extent how fit and how productive we work. And: Everyone is different and reacts differently to certain foods. So it always depends on them circumstances

Healthy eating in office work

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Traditionally, the following applies to an office job: regular and daily, but not overeating. Too much and too hearty food makes you sleepy. Doctors recommend a maximum of two to three meals a day - a full main meal and two smaller meals. Fruits and vegetables with a lot of vitamin B are suitable as a healthy snack in between.

So far, so good, but unfortunately the topic of nutrition is often reduced to weight loss and calorie consumption. Of course, if you don't want to gain weight, you have to pay attention to the energy balance: And about this Objective However, to achieve this, you have to know your personal, daily energy requirements. And the difference between your own energy intake and energy expenditure. A balanced energy balance is crucial for a good, healthy diet Significance. But the topic of nutrition is unfortunately more complex.

The problem with the health myths

Example of olive oil: it is traditionally considered to be a satiating and beautifying agent. As a rule, vegetable fats are increasingly recommended instead of animal fats. The oleic acid in olive oil is processed by cells in the small intestine into oleyl ethanolamide (OEA), a hormone that makes you feel full. In this way, the appetite is curbed and possible food cravings successfully averted.

Therefore, there are recommendations how to take a spoonful of olive oil every day. The big but follows immediately: In such recommendations we usually speak of extra virgin olive oil because it contains the most vital substances. This does not mean cheap olive oils from the supermarket, as tests by the Stiftung Warentest show.

Healthy nutrition: quality always matters

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As with olive oil, it is also with other foods: It always depends on the quality and processing. The dose makes the poison, so to speak. It has helped me, for example, to take more account of the acid-base balance in my diet. Because there are basic foods and acidifiers. Acid formers are all those foods that are converted into acids by the metabolism during the digestive process.

These acids are normally excreted again. If the daily acid intake is permanently too high, then an acid load develops - acids are stored in the body, mostly in the connective tissue and can lead to health problems: From digestive problems to allergies and susceptibility to infections to hormonal disorders and even joint problems - mine also show this personal experiences. No wonder, then, that the reduction of acids not only reduces physical problems, but also for a clear one Head and makes it more balanced, less stressful and therefore more resilient.

Good and healthy food on the go

However, there is a problem: Things that go well at home can be very problematic when traveling: There are hardly any restaurants where you can just order cooked vegetables without meat, from unusual creations such as buckwheat or cooked spelled whole not to mention.

I was all the more surprised that the Hotel Sommer in Füssen not only offers alkaline fasting, but has integrated it as part of its menu. Hotel manager Wolfgang Sommer started with the Method originally employed because he was an avid athlete gaining weight verlieren wanted. And was more than enthusiastic about the long-term health consequences:

“Although I ate more than recommended, I lost 3 kg of body weight through alkaline fasting and then maintained this weight. My nutritional awareness has changed sustained changes."

Base fasting using a special method

Sommer follows the method of base fasting with fruit and vegetables developed by Sabine Wacker in his hotel. You can eat until you get full, but only fruits and vegetables. During the fasting cure, only base-forming foods are served - essentially fresh fruit, salads, fresh herbs, seedlings and vegetable dishes. The acid builders such as meat, sausages, dairy products, bread, pasta, rice, sweets, sodas and alcohol, which burden the metabolism - and also the hips - are taboo during base fasting. We're back to losing weight, which should happen automatically during base fasting.

Alkaline fasting is also for vegetarians or vegans useful, because these can also be acidic, after all, not only animal products are acidifiers. It is important, however, that alkaline fasting is only carried out for a limited time - a few days, one or more weeks. Colon cleansing also helps to deacidify the body and thus reduces the acid load of the kidneys.

Eat healthy with pleasure

But: Base fasting means not giving up. One should and may enjoy! However, the amount of conventional foods that need to be left out takes quite a bit creativity and changeover to enjoy cooking again. After the alkaline fasting cure, the diet should be changed to "alkaline-rich": daily fruit AND salad AND vegetables, while acidifiers are used sparingly. Coffee should only be used sparingly.

Instead, it is recommended to drink plenty of water, drinking about two to three liters of water daily. Water is not only healthy, it also promotes concentration. Experts recommend drinking a glass of water every hour. This keeps body and mind fresh and also reduces feelings of hunger. Just 2-3 liters of water, drunk throughout the day, regulates the metabolism and ensures optimal fat burning. The water also flushes metabolic toxins out of the body that hinder weight loss.

12 tips: how does base fasting work?

The principle of base fasting is very simple, but requires a creative approach rethink while cooking. Getting the right groceries can also be a challenge. What should you pay attention to?

  1. You eat 3 to 5 meals a day, 3 main meals and, if absolutely necessary, 2 snacks.
  2. For breakfast there are one or two types of fruit or a freshly squeezed fruit or vegetable juice or a basic muesli after Wacker with sprouted oatmeal.
  3. Lunch offers raw vegetable carpaccio or salad or vegetable dishes.
  4. Vegetable soups or light vegetable dishes are served for dinner.
  5. Basically, you should only eat as much as you are really hungry to avoid feeling full.
  6. It is therefore advisable to eat slowly, chew well and pay close attention to your own feeling of hunger.
  7. When eating, you should regularly feel in your body which foods are good for you and which are not.
  8. It is important to stop eating raw food after 14 p.m. and to stop eating after 19 p.m.
  9. The proportion of fruit during base fasting should not exceed 20%, as otherwise it can easily lead to discomfort due to increased flatulence.
  10. If possible, carbohydrates should be avoided during base fasting.
  11. You should either drink pure spring water, diluted herbal tea or, for example, ginger water with lemon, naturally without sugar.
  12. To support you can make basic foot baths, which also make it easier to fall asleep in the evening.

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