Most Company seek Innovation, but do not break organizational patterns. The results of Frédéric Laloux, who examined how self-organization and Success influence.

Teal - The organizational model of the future: Innovation & evolutionary thinking for companies

Ego or consciousness: the choice is ours

The private environment shows us that we Choice have: to act either from our ego or from the consciousness of the ecosystem. How could our World look like when we practice this mindfulness in the Business practice? Wouldn't the world be a nicer place for all of us?

In fact, we have known for a long time that new forms of organization with a holistic view growth lead at all levels. As a result, agility and teal are no longer foreign words for many, but simply common sense and an urgently needed one change the way of thinking and working.

3 steps to self-leadership, wholeness and evolutionary sense

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The ex-McKinsey searched for years Adviser Frédéric Laloux for answers as to why some organizations are more successful than others. He published the results in his book Reinventing Organizations in 2014. Irrespective of Industries and locations, three of the same fundamental factors were responsible for the economic breakthrough of the pioneering companies:

  1. Self-government, ie there were no formal hierarchical levels, authority and leadership were distributed.
  1. Wholeness, ie everyone involved did not shy away from showing their personality, including their emotional and spiritual side. It quickly became clear that the more life everyone brings to the company, the more life the company has. A tremendous amount of energy and creativity is released when we can just be ourselves.
  1. Evolutionary sense, ie it was allowed and desired to empathize and react instead of wanting to predict and control the future as precisely as possible. The world is just too big and too complex for the latter. A key finding: The company is a living organism, so listen where it wants to go and then follow.

That may sound idealistic and anarchistic, maybe even esoteric. But it's none of that! It is a very concrete and economical answer to acute problems Problems in many companies such as lack of employee enthusiasm, bad and slow decision making and lack of innovation.

A new level of consciousness

The three characteristics self-leadership, holistic and evolutionary Sinn are indicators that a Organization has reached a paradigm that describes a new level of consciousness. A key thought here is acknowledging that things are intricately interwoven.

So instead of focusing only on the image, financial successes and Control To focus, we listen to the collective and the system around us. Company, customers, competitors, colleagues or the Societyin which we live - everyone involved grows into this awareness and with it the entire organization. So let's go to the next one together steps in Richtung Solution specific business problems.

Why transformation often fails

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Despite this, this way of developing is not considered by many organizations looking to transform. Also wear People often wear a mask to hide their emotional side while at work. Very little attention is paid to feelings. And in a board meeting someone says "I can't explain it, but my gut feeling tells me that..." doesn't happen very often.

For example, if we look at self-governance, the most common misconception is that everyone is equal at all times and all decisions are always subject to consensus. Hierarchies can and may exist, but instead of being fixed for all time, they are fluid and, above all, problem- and situation-related.

Self-management versus decision-making rights

The general principle of self-governance is that decision-making rights and powers belong to the person or role that has the expertise, interest, or resource needed in the given situation. A strong internal Network allows people to connect with each other when they need specific information or tips.

Admittedly, many do Employees difficult with the space that is available to them as a result. On the one hand, it requires a willingness to take responsibility, to make decisions, and to have inner strength to admit later that a path wasn't the right one.

The human desire for wholeness

In Teal organizations, every employee is invited to be himself - fully, with all his thoughts and feelings, including those caused by other areas of his life (stress-causing things like relationship difficulties or sick children, etc.). It's all about being able to share everything without being judged - but not having to share anything.

Objective is not about to turn the organization into a playground for adults. Rather, teal means changing the conditions and thereby creating a framework in which human needs and wishes are respected instead of treating employees like machines.

Teal sees the company as a living entity in its own right Energy, has its own sense of direction and a desire to sense what makes it more innovative. However, creating value for others and striving for mastery is still the reason for coming together. And ultimately both are essential, i.e. correct and important for the company healthy and keep it profitable.

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