quiz show! What do you estimate: What percentage of all presentations and lectures are really convincing? Or to put it another way: How many presentations do you have in the Audience experienced (or suffered) sitting that were boring and soporific? Good presentations can change the course of history!

columbus praesentation

The everyday powerpoint massacre

Everyone knows them, everyone makes them, everyone hates them: Ob Meeting, lecture or wedding party - Powerpoint presentations seem compulsively indispensable. But what would our story look like without presentations? A mind game.

No doubt, the everyday powerpoint massacre in offices and meeting rooms is already bizarre. Around 30 Millions of times worldwide, the Beamerlichtlein goes on a day - and not infrequently, the Lichtlein goes out the same at the audience.

What happened if?

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This provides an opportunity for a mind game: what if?

Columbus - the inventor of the pitch presentation

Columbus discovered America. you say so. In reality, however, he invented the pitch presentation - or on German: The competition presentation.
Because be Projects “Shorter sea route to India and China” he presented to three possible clients one after the other: first Portugal, then Spain and almost France as well.

Only after five years of tough and repeated presentation did he finally persuade the Spanish royal couple Isabella and Ferdinand II to finance the project. Mind you: He did it without slides.

What would have happened if he had been able to throw the beamer? Would Isabella have first fallen into the audience growth or her husband? Had the project failed because of the personal presence of the protagonist? Had America never been discovered, would Columbus have worked with charts? And if Powerpoint had never been invented - in the absence of America?

In the semblance of the saint - the pope presents

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Somebody said again that the Catholic Church is not progressive. Like his predecessor, Pope Francis resigned a few days after his Choice logged in to Twitter to get in touch with the People from today to Conversation get. The shepherd gathered around 166.000 sheep – known as “followers” ​​in professional circles – in just two days.

Also on the Videoportal Youtube, the Vatican is present with 80.000 subscribers. One can see: apart from the pallium stole and the Fischerring, one of the insignia of the pope today is probably the ENTER key of the computer.

Urbi et Orbi with Powerpoint?

One asks oneself: what kind of blessing Technology will the pope help himself next? Idea: To support the “Urbi et orbi” blessing, which is donated at Easter and Christmas and after each papal election, with appropriate charts.

After all, more than 100 TV stations broadcast the event in 70 countries of the earth. This is exciting because the bullet point of the original blessing for bullet points seems made! Or should we pray the head of the Catholic Church not to do it?

84 percent of all lectures are aimed at the public

The resolution of the little guessing game in the introduction above comes from the Wall Street Journal. The US-Wirtschaftsblatt conducted a survey among American managers years ago. Result: Around 84 percent of all lectures are aimed at the public.

Maybe it's because around 30 million slide presentations are held around the world every day. You remember? These are the lectures where you sit in the dark, the speaker stands somewhere to the side - in the shadow of his own Presentation. There he often reads what is already written on the wall.

From Trapattoni to the Stone Age

You don't even notice the people in front and prefer to dream back to the memory of the last beach vacation. There is hardly a better anesthetic for an audience. Football dervish Giovanni Trapattoni also beamed around Head and collar like a highly innovative Stone Age man.

Hardly one Rede impressed German football fans as much as he could
Three-minute lecture by the Italian coach Giovanni Trapattoni in 1998. Mediterranean temperament and pent-up anger after internal team work Criticism were released at Trapattoni's press conference as a plea for more professionalism on the part of the players.

Bottle empty - soberly applied

The football teacher was celebrated euphorically in the press for his sometimes difficult to understand words. His comparison of some soccer players with empty bottles is legendary. The final word "I have finished" even made it into the final round for the word of the year 1998 and was used by political opponents of the then Chancellor Gerhard Schröder to stick it over his election posters.

Would his speech have triggered the same media "La Ola" wave if sober slides had been presented? If from the proud "I've finished" to a matte "Thank you for your awareness " would have become?

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