Executives Training and coaching poses particular challenges for trainers: Because the participants sitting in front of you already have a lot of experience and are used to setting the tone at the same time. How can you convey content to such people?

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Further Education - Knowledge Transfer or KnowHow Update?

Seminars with experienced executives are always an interesting and exciting event.

In contrast to young executives, experienced executives already come to a seminar with a certain knowledge of power: “Let's see what else is new, for the sake of interest”.

Chefs learn differently

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Solange Further Training is still seen as remedying knowledge deficits and not as the regularly required updating of know-how, as long as many executives shy away from speaking openly about their participation in a seminar.

Executives place different demands on a seminar than other participants.

Competence test for everyday leadership

While “non-leadership” participants usually focus on imparting knowledge, executives want to check more frequently whether their accumulated knowledge Background still sufficient for the daily demands of a managerial job.

The Objective is therefore less to learn new things, but to receive confirmation from a yardstick, so to speak, that you are actually doing everything right.

On the test bench

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These different objectives result in interesting aspects for the trainer. The trainer is under much more critical observation than in other seminars. He must give the participants eye level can face right from the start experience and Expertise convey.

He must also take into account the provocative and challenging comments here and there, Ask or "tests" of the participants to be able to react confidently and adequately.

The seminar leader as an equal partner of the executives

The “sniffing” of the seminar leader is more intensive at the beginning of the seminar than at other events.

If he doesn't succeed fast to be accepted as an equal partner for executives, he will struggle to assert himself and be in the course of the seminar Objective reachable.

Arrogance instead of respect?

Managers are used to giving instructions, too check and as a Executive-Figure to be respected. In a seminar atmosphere, they lack the familiar recipient environment.

With some, therefore, a feeling of insecurity, which is attempted by research and arrogance, depending on the type and mentality, comes very quickly.

Stress from uncertainty?

Lots of leaders, especially those on their own Companys experience little or no contradiction, quickly tend to react to their own insecurity that arises in a seminar situation with dashing Appear wanting to overplay.

Then there is the often missing one Sinn for Humour aggravating comes into play, then tense situations can arise very quickly.

Train a heterogeneous group

Training executives can be very challenging, because usually you are not dealing with heterogeneous groups that require such training clear make it more comfortable.

On the contrary, previous knowledge and training level of the participants are very different. The reason is inherent in the system: in Germany, there is simply no uniform training as a manager.

Worker beside engineer

You have to imagine it like this: Managers are selected and promoted almost exclusively from the pool of “skilled workers”. That is why you often find groups with different training in management training.

There sits the assistant worker promoted to the boss through “learning by doing” next to the analytically trained worker Dr. Engineer. It may then happen that the experienced practitioner moves on a different level than the doctorate in management, which tends to get bored in the face of the inadequate level of other participants.

Involve the boredom

The trainer must recognize such a situation very quickly and actively involve the “bored” in a role as an analyzing observer or as a driving force for the development of new ones ideas.

The demands on a trainer in a management training are high:

What does training bring to the participants?

When at the end of a seminar the participants list the most important points of knowledge:

And when the trainer receives a phone call or an email after a while: "I wanted to tell you what has changed in my department", then he knows that he is again with a company on the way to the Future could help further.

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