Choice is spoiled for choice - this saying applies in particular to the choice of career and study. Because the offer is sometimes so confusing that it is difficult to set the course for your own Future to correct. 9 tips how to make it anyway.

Rethinking study and career choices - 9 tips: Setting the right course

Looking at the career choice?

Many school leavers are with the selection almost overwhelmed by training and study courses. Hundreds of state and private universities, thousands of vocational training courses and courses of study - those who have just left school can hardly keep track of which ones Vocational Training which career opportunities open up or where the advantages and disadvantages lie.

This is a real one Problem in a country where traditionally it is still the case that the initial training decides the entire future career path - a development that hardly anyone can oversee when they leave school. One should actually plead for a more relaxed approach to the subject, a training path in which one can always readjust the points later.

Why can not you always adjust the points again?

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Unfortunately, this is far too seldom the case, so all the talk of a lifetime helps Things to Learn nothing. The points are often already at the career entry posed, only gradually think employers and Company here around, often enough due to demographic change rather than inner conviction.

This is exactly why the topic of career and study choice is pursued so meticulously by many parents - according to the motto: Eyes on at the Career choice. But which training, which Study offers long-term secure prospects on the job market? And which way is guaranteed to get you out of the way? A Forsa study commissioned by the learning platform Udemy shows: Currently, around 60% of employees are dissatisfied with their career choice. Do we have to rethink vocational training?

Do we need to rethink career choices?

Now the Forsa study sounds frightening at first. Around a third of those in work today would, if they had the choice again, do something different in terms of content. And not only are 60% of those in employment dissatisfied with their career choice, more than 25% would look back in favor of a different form of training, i.e. studying instead of training or vice versa, decide. However, Forsa only asked 1.000 full-time employees, for example no self-employed people who tend to be more self-reliant anyway.

And of course Udemy as a learning platform and client has a certain interest in shaking the foundations of vocational training. Because in the digital education scene, it is currently in question, the traditional educational institutions and thus disrupt the education market. That does not have to mean anything, but you should keep it in mind.

Career choice has barely changed in 25 years

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What is shocking is that not so much has changed in this kind of career choice, what I get so: you do what you know through parents, teachers, friends, media. The wide range of training courses and counseling services overwhelms many more than they perceive - if they even know it.

With some dreams you have to see whether they are your own or whether they are grafted on by your parents or the environment. Whether they can be realized at all, whether they result in a viable model for the future. And someCourses also do clever things Marketing – such as those that include law and business studies in addition to languages, culture, appeal to many because it is suggested that they can do anything with them, but are not even in demand with employers.

9 Tips for the right professional choice

If you do not want to be maddened by the topic of career and study, you should take the following 9 tips:

  1. Explore your own interests: Professional advisors advise pupils first of all to explore their own interests and desires, rather than wander around the Internet in the search for information and to get confused by the many possibilities. In the first place, the question arises about the topics that make one particularly busy and fun.
  2. See career choice as a process: A tip to this is to regularly keep a diary into which you regularly register your own observations. Experts are also warning about hasty decisions: career selection is a process that takes time and can not be decided from today to tomorrow. If you are looking for a crisis-proof job, you can regularly read the vacancies to the relevant professions in supranational newspapers and thus find out which courses employers pay particular attention to.
  3. Research in a targeted manner: Then you can use dan targeted information on the Internet. A first point of contact is the BERUFENET of the Federal Agency for Labor. This is where you will find descriptions of the activities and tasks of 3000 professions, as well as information on future perspectives and earning opportunities.
  4. Find the right way to your dream job: But it is not only: the OCCUPATIONAL also shows what training you have to do in order to reach your desired career, calls for alternatives and offers references to further information sources such as universities, professional associations or job advertisements. If you would like to find out which courses are available at which universities, you can get an overview in the database of
  5. Reality Check: However, one should also compare whether the desired study actually corresponds to one's own ideas. One way is to look for professional examples, parents, relatives, friends or people who are addressed in business networks like Xing, and to ask them about their career. An internship and their own experiences can also help to find out more about the desired career.
  6. Clarify requirements: But it is also important to find out about the requirements of a degree program and how to cope with it - for example in the examination regulations of the university pages. Because many new students have false expectations of their subject and then drop out of college faster.
  7. Use taster courses: Some universities also offer pupils the opportunity to take part in the regular university courses as an introductory student, taking up contact with future fellow students and exploring the premises. Nearly all universities also hold university information events, lectures or entire summer universities, which show pupils what happens at the university.
  8. What to look for in the consultation: More and more universities provide study applicants with virtual study advice, web-based aptitude tests or self-assessments, which can help solve the wrong ideas of a study subject. However, the results of an online test should always be discussed with a consultant. Everyone should turn to the one who does not keep up with the self-examination.
  9. Private advice and coaching offers use: There is free advice at the employment agency or the universities, but also numerous private study advisors offer their services up to a multi-month coaching process. The quality of the counseling can be very different: interested persons should discuss the contents of the consultation with the consultant at the earliest.

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