Expensive training and elaborate training is often not much more than a cheap training show, if you look closely at it. Because often enough, it's more about showmanship and lecturer evaluations than actual learning success.

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Certificates do not lie?

Yesterday I used the example Time management outlined why expensive further training courses are often ineffective. Then I was asked in a comment what I mean exactly. Here's a little more detail as to why it's often more about effects than content and why lecturers become clowns.

Let's stay with the topic of time management and imagine a two-day seminar: The participants get to know different time management techniques by working through a textbook and doing written exercises. In the end, there is an exam that leads to a good-sounding certificate that was invented by the training provider himself.

Learning instead of creative

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In order to pass, one must have some Ask to the various Methods answer, for which the majority of the seminar participants probably simply memorized the textbook. By the way, this is not an invented example, but one that I experienced myself!

On the other hand, what is completely missing is a constructive discussion or a critical examination of the methods - not to mention that you have thoroughly thought through the learned techniques, modified them for your own purposes and adapted them to your way of life and work. Because that's the only way to be genuine and creative Things to Learn been possible.

It hapers in the practical implementation

For this, however, the willingness of the participants to learn is a basic requirement. If all of this is missing, it is no wonder that this is in the Further Training what has been painstakingly learned is not used at all afterwards.

In fact, according to experts, 77 percent of participants in such training courses have not learned to translate the theory from the seminar into professional practice.

The lecturer as a clown

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But it gets even more paradoxical. Because the participants actually don't Lust the trainers just have to come up with a few ideas to keep them happy. The investigative author Richard Gris himself comes from this guild (hidden behind this pseudonym Dr. Axel Koch) and chats in his book “The further education lie” from the sewing box:

If the participants enjoy the course and are enthusiastic about the trainer, this is almost the whole rent. That it's fun, but does not necessarily mean that you really learn something. Some trainers simply resort to tricks - for example, by giving stock picks that have nothing to do with the seminar topic.

Good mood on the feedback sheet

Show and showmanship instead of content. That is not the learning success Objectivebut the good mood of the participants. That is why it is absolutely taboo to confront one or more participants by saying uncomfortable things - even if that would actually be beneficial to the learning goal.

The reason for this is simple: at the end, all participants give a feedback form about how they liked the seminar. Good ratings mean that the Further Training successfully was - even if it actually brought nothing.

Bureaucratic waterhead to certifications

So good lecturer ratings on feedback sheets come about. Because they mean good references for a lecturer - and as such are an integral part of the further education show. Often they are even faked.

A complex and bureaucratic process has long since developed in Germany System formed from certifications, accreditations, seals of quality and evaluation statistics.

The mass of quality criteria is too much

While it might be a good idea in theory, potential ones customers in the confusing continuing education market, which is mainly in the Hand private provider and is therefore subject to comparatively few government regulations, one Orientation to offer:

The mass of quality criteria and measurements is simply too much of the good.

Each his own seal of quality

There are alliances that raise their own quality seals - according to the motto: Let's see how the acceptance is on the market. There are colleges of the population, who want to defend themselves of their complicated reputation as municipal competence centers with an ISO certification for which complicated administrative procedures are to be observed.

There are employment agencies that allow private certification agencies, which in turn should certify the training institutions. And there are Company, the adventurous and complex number games as objective evaluation or educational controlling sell. It couldn't be more bureaucratic.

Fantasy certificates as graduations

Just as confusing is the number of degrees that further education participants can receive after passing the exam: there are innumerable well-sounding fantasy certificates created by the institutions themselves.

In addition, there are academic masters and MBAs, which must have gone through at least one accreditation process, as well as the well-known IHK degrees, their recognition on the labor market is only guaranteed by one thing: Because every company is legally obliged to be a member of an IHK, everyone knows about it. And what you know, you recognize more easily!

What is my degree worth?

State-recognized, like school or university degrees, further education degrees are rarely. Participants can hardly see what their potentially laboriously acquired certificate will be worth later on the job market. The same applies here: those who advertise more convincingly do better Shop.

As a rule, this is based on the degree of recognition of the institution or course - and more rarely on the actual value of the further education.

Better the paper in hand than spongy abilities in the brain!

But often enough it does not really matter what you really can and has learned during the training: Many potential employers, the piece of paper that certifies anything, rather than the vague idea of ​​what the human should.

Or to put it another way: a scrap of paper gives them more security when hiring than their own knowledge of human nature. Only: That way you don't necessarily give the most innovative one ideas and the employees who were actually willing to learn - but those who put their trust in good-sounding papers. And autodidacts have thus at the Job Search fewer chances.

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