Don't get sick too feel, does not mean healthy to be. Far too often we no longer follow the rhythm of life. We treat symptoms instead of looking for real causes. Two laws of nature show us the right way.

The rhythm of life: 2 basic laws for holistic health

Self Love: How Much Do We Love Our Body?

"In good and bad times, in health and illness ..." - who does not know the classic marriage vows? At the beginning the words: "I want to love, respect and honor you all the days of my life."

If we apply this statement to ourselves, our body, our mind and our soul, one sometimes asks what is left of it: How much do we love our body? How much do we watch our minds? How much do we honor our soul?

Our modern way of life blocks us more and more

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We live in a time of diverse stress factors. Growing exogenous environmental influences are troubling us. We have strayed so far from the natural that we have forgotten to understand our human nature and to grasp it in its reality. The consequence of this is increasing chronic diseases with complex clinical pictures that make diagnosis and therapy difficult.

Especially since the cause of chronic illnesses usually does not lie where the symptom occurs! This rule of naturopathy contradicts the linear, symptom-oriented thinking of conventional medicine, it even stands for the exact opposite: for networked thinking, questioning and acting on all levels of life - psychological, energetic, chemical and mechanical.

2 basic laws for our life

But how can we succeed in getting back into harmony with ourselves in order to become so healthy in body, mind and soul? By learning to give up precisely this western-style, linear thinking in favor of holistic, complex thinking. Because: The essence of life is change, movement, vibration, rhythm.

1. Basic Law: Everything is vibration, everything works in everything and works on everything.

Everything comes from one source - religion and science agree on this. In religion it started with the word, in natural science it was the big bang. Everything comes from one source and develops through evolution up to the complexity of humans, a community of 15 - 50 billion cells.

The law "everything works in everything and affects everything" appears at first to be completely chaotic System. And yet this chaos is subject to a profound and superordinate logic and rhythm, which the ancient Egyptians recognized and used and which, above all, flowed into Far Eastern ideas.

The biorhythm corresponds to the ordering principle of the universe and thus also to that of our life: There is no standstill and no rigidity in living things! Even modern genetic research is amazed to see that genes also change in the course of life due to external influences - psychological as well as physical.

2. Basic Law: the law of polarity

Life always happens in polarity. The Chinese express this polarity as yin and yang forces. As Mother-Earth Yin to Heavenly Father Yang. We find this polarity again in the macrocosm in many ways, e.g. B. South Pole - North Pole, day - night, winter - summer. And also in the microcosm of man between life – death, man – Ms., Father, mother.

The two energetically radiant forces (yin and yang) flow through everything and have in themselves, in their polarity, all the necessary formative powers to turn consciousness back into an individual one Personality and Structure of being able to transform back into the living.

So unreachable they Objective The naturopathic mindset of body, mind and soul may seem so playful, provided that a truly holistic, networked approach is used, the principles of order can be recognized and used.

Everything is matter

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Everything around us and everything in our human body is Energy. Because if we split matter down to the smallest particle and look at what it actually consists of, we always come across an energetic "core". Energy controls matter (and not vice versa) and thus our mind can also control matter through its "thought energy".

As a symbol of this, we all know the old popular saying “Faith moves mountains”. It is crucial that this causal level of matter - namely energy - is not perceived and recognized by orthodox medicine, although quantum physics has long since scientifically proven it.

So it is not surprising that conventional medicine in its materialistic and linearly delimited way of thinking does not help people holistically, neither in diagnosis nor in therapy (i.e. psychological, bio-physical, bio-energetic, bio-chemical and bio-mechanical in their interactions ) perceives.

Man as a whole

A holistic view according to the naturopathic way of thinking means: The person is viewed as a whole and treated equally physically, mentally and spiritually. When making a diagnosis, the "WHY" is primarily asked. The therapy is based on networked thinking.

The main aim is to make the patient aware of the rhythm of life and to show what the basic requirements are for becoming healthy and staying healthy. Everyone can find their way back to a natural rhythm of life and in a more harmonious way Order optimally shape your own existence with the laws of nature. To a healthy life!

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