Whether standing desks, Fengshui, gymnastic balls or green plants: the topic of health is booming in office design. We give 5 tips for optimal Workplace-Layout.


1. Healthy indoor climate: plants and feng shui

A healthy indoor climate is a crucial aspect of office design. Even if too much personal stuff is not always welcomed at the workplace, there are still so many other possibilities for redesign and you don't have to go to the sauna or the cocktail bar for that Office come. Why not just persuade those colleagues who have the famous green fingers to bring plants into the office. Or just knock on the boss's door and try to order an easy-care plant package.

Because especially during the cold season, when you don't like to feel the cool draft when airing, it is important to maintain the humidity in the room. The humidity should be around 50 percent for "feel good work", but in winter it is often only 30 percent. Plants humidify the air, preventing runny noses and increase as well as their own productivity. So a green miracle if that's nothing! Plants that are suitable for the office are lime tree, Cyprus grass or ivy.

And if you think the green isn't enough for me, you can use Feng ShuiMeasures deal with, because these enable a individual, productivity-enhancing healthy working concept for the desktop environment.

2. More sport: stretching, stretching and moving

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In any case, we should move away from the rigid position once or twice a day in front of the screen - if the work is not already done. We spend about a third of our lives in the office, often in a fixed position for eight hours. But: joints must be moved to stay supple!

But how can you get exercise? Jogging along the long office hall in a running dress or in between running on the trampoline Jumping Fitness, that comes with Executive for sure not good at. But every boss is obliged to design the workplace ergonomically so that, for example, there is no back pain when looking at the monitor every day. Ergonomic workplace design that ensures well-being behind the desk can include the following points:

Is all this given? Best times just the Check the workability of the workplace, Generally, the day in the office should be about 50 percent of seats and about 25 percent of standing and moving outside the office. So how about a short walk in the break?

feng shui office

3. More communication: health factor colleagues

Communication is the key to Success – and also for your own health. But of course – as everyone knows – it always depends on how something is communicated and who you are dealing with.

It should be said that the obligatory smallTalk time and again it helps to break down barriers, even making it easier to get started with the unloved feedback discussion. Small talk in the office helps Trust and to create a healthy working atmosphere in which things are relaxed but not too relaxed - after all, the work has to get done.

And as much as we sometimes like to chat about the latest gossip from the celebrity or office world - please postpone this to the conversation over a coffee around the corner during the break, because gossip, i.e. really negative gossip, can do fast destroy the good mood - and the career.

4. Healthy teamwork through open office design

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Sitting alone at your desk with the door closed all day is of course not for everyone. 'Cause when it comes down to it Tasks im Team To solve or just take a breath, a nice desk neighbor is not unwelcome. Thus, the workplace should be designed to provide opportunities for retreat but also room for community. Because good cooperation also promotes good health.

And community is not only found in Meetingroom, but also in the cafeteria or the kitchen with sufficient seating. An open office design concept that offers flexible areas for different employee needs is a vision of the future that can respond even more individually to your own ideas of a pleasant workplace that brings out the best in you with the help of various design options.

5. Creative office design: We create it!

Just be creative! In most offices, the well-known “genteel restraint” still applies. Mainly in the Creative– or start-upIndustry However, the offices often look different: not only does a colorful painting hang on the wall, but the wall is immediately completely covered with moss and discarded cinema seats in the waiting area as well as a striking chandelier in the entrance area get the guests in the mood for the hip corporate culture .

Especially in modern, young start-ups, craziness ensures recognition. In addition, creative and motivating stimuli can be provided different design ideas for the work environment  as well as team pictures, because these are mostly positive and create a sense of community, which is important for the design of the "We create this" mentality and thus for a healthy, optimistic working atmosphere.

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