The overload of People by the Working world is a hotly debated topic. And it doesn't just cause Stressbut also anxiety and depression. A psychiatrist gives 10 common sense tips to get back out of it Crisis to come out

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Overwhelmed, stress, fears and depression to burnout

Stress and Burnout are on everyone's lips and from the current discussion about mindfulness, Time management and Work-Life-Balance indispensable. There are countless books and experts who can provide information on this. As a prominent example, Miriam Meckel wrote a book on this subject.

And, as an antithesis, so to speak, there is even the “boreout”, ie stress from being under-challenged. Today everyone would probably say: Sure, burnout is a serious illness. Burnout is even recognized as the cause of disability. Now a psychiatrist says: "All rubbish" and simply says: "Talk to your grandma".

Recognized occupational disease or life crises?

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So is burnout really a disease? Let's take a closer look at this: The Munich Regional Court, at least, held this view that burnout is an illness. In 2006, it declared burnout a case for occupational disability insurance in a landmark judgment.

A manager whose Insurance initially did not want to pay and after a three-year legal dispute finally won. And anyway. Mental illnesses and nervous stress are considered to be one of the main causes of occupational disability. And such Problems should just be life crises that can perhaps be solved with common sense?

Depression, Stress and Anxiety: Isn't Burnout at All?

Because the chief physician of a large psychiatric hospital in Cologne explains in the Frankfurter Rundschau that burnout does not exist as an illness. He even warned against dramatizing the issue. Rather, people should leave their isolation and seek community. In an interview about his current book “The Falsification of Welt" says Dr. Manfred Luetz:

“Burnout doesn't exist as a disease. It does not appear at all in the international classification of mental disorders by the World Health Organization. It is a Z category. These are not real diseases, but general life problems. ”

Solve life crises, break the vicious circle: seek community

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And to solve such problems, says Lütz, you don't have to go to a psychiatrist, but talk to good friends and family members. This is probably the best and easiest way to find isolation and find your way back into the community of like-minded people.

Those affected often have to break out of a vicious circle because they have neglected to maintain personal contacts due to the stress at work. who then lonely and possibly depressed, works even harder to escape those negative feelings. An end is soon no longer in sight.

There has always been constant availability

Lütz theses were of course also in social networks discussed. The psychiatrist received broad approval from Facebook. His answer to the question about the overwhelming demands of people through constant availability is particularly striking - it shows a bit exaggerated how much one can dramatize the topic.

“In the Thirty Years' War, people were available to the Swedes around the clock. It was a lot more uncomfortable. ”

10 theses about excessive demands in job and life

But what can you do specifically? The discussions on the subject show that many people find it difficult to take the last step out of isolation and the stress vicious cycle. The psychiatrist also gives tips that I have listed here clearly:

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