Peter Fischer is an exception in every respect: as a German winegrower in the wine region of Provence, as an entrepreneur who goes his own way consistently away from the masses of taste - and as a person who simply has the peace gone.

Job profile! German winemaker in Provence: the main thing is to realize your own ideas!

The winemaker learned abroad

Innovative entrepreneurial thinking is practically in the blood of the winemaker from Bühl near Baden Baden. His ancestor is the UHU-all-adhesive inventor August Fischer, his uncle was a wine merchant.

The 1959-born Peter Fischer, on the other hand, moved abroad. After completing his high school diploma in Switzerland, he made a Farmer traineeship in the USA and studied agricultural sciences with a focus on viticulture at the University of California in Davis.

After finishing his studies, he worked at the prestigious Buena Vista Estate in Sonoma, California, and in Italy. 1984 came fishermen to Provence and took over from the 17. Century Château Revelette in Jouques, 30 km north of Aix-en-Provence.

“You have to decide: mass taste or your own thing!”

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“Our job as winegrowers is to implement what the area offers us,” Fischer explains his philosophy. Therefore, he practices organic and quality-oriented cultivation and has even been certified by Ecocert as an organic winery. But that doesn't interest him, the whole organic and ecological movement is rather suspect and he doesn't sell to organic shops anyway.

In any case, he rejects fads: “You have to be Company Deciding whether you want to cater to mass taste and do what the consumers want – or your own Character of a product and a region. Anything else is unbelievable!"

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Keep the company deliberately small

Fischer chose the second way: “Today, consumers have so much anyway selection and her taste changes so fastthat you can hardly use it. It therefore makes Sinnto consistently go your own way! ”

What helped him is that he has made a name for himself in the region with high quality wines over the past 26 years. And that he deliberately kept the business small: twelve parcels with a total of 25 hectares - it shouldn't get bigger, because that's the only way the winery can do it on a small scale Team are managed with only three employees who work all year round.

Realize your own ideas

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And just like that, Fischer has the opportunity of his own ideas realise: “In such a small company you can of course live it out much better and also experiment. Bigger companies also have more Costs and therefore also greater sales pressure,” explains Peter Fischer.

Doesn't it make him nervous to simply let the wine mature, that is, to have a product that goes with it Success he can actually contribute little himself? "But that's not true at all, that I just let the wine do it," Fischer replies ironically, "I'm standing there and petting and encouraging him!"

The winters are damn cold

There are a good 1000 winegrowers in Provence, only seven of them are German. “But we don't have much Contact ,” reports Weinmacher, who is at Château Revelette with his French Ms. Sandra and two children live modestly.

“Our luxury is the surroundings and the beautiful landscape. We have very simple conditions here - and the winters are damn cold! ”

Wine is not everything in life!

Has he ever thought of quitting, maybe with that Family to return home? “One time, two years ago, I tried to sell the property for a few months sell. ”, Reports Fischer. After all, wine is an important part of his life - but not everything!

But then be him clear become what high standards many people are using Money have - and he left it. His children, who don't speak any German at all, should later find out for themselves what they want.


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