Best of HR -® author Tjalf Nienaber recommends that job seekers reveal as much as possible about themselves in public. At the same time, more and more are advertising Company with a homely atmosphere Office . How much private life at work, technical term Work-Life-Blending, is healthy? 10 tips.

friends-buero-work-life blending

Has personal self-expression been normal for a long time?

In his article, Tjal Nienaber writes something that is still causing heated discussions in Germany:

The presentation of oneself on the net with videos, pictures and texts should be for most of today's graduates and Young Professionals also not a problem is dealing with Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Co. for Generation Y and Z are customary. self-marketing in Internet is something they are completely familiar with.

Game, sports, tension in the workplace

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And also in Recruiting private life has long since found its way into the workplace: More and more companies are recognizing that a homely atmosphere at the Workplace, Game, Fun, sports and healthy food young, well-qualified Employees can lure. Because the corporate culture has changed.

Kicked off by US companies like Google and Facebook A trend of its own under the catchphrase Feelgood has long since developed in Germany. But it's more than just feeling good, like Feelgood expert Monika Kraus-Wildegger in an interview:

At first glance, the Termthat it's mostly about fun or Health goes. Companies that only emphasize these aspects often do not want any further structural changes. Because that's what really matters: Feelgood is lived corporate culture, driving topics and projects that are important to the colleagues.

Does work-life-blending more productively?

One should also take into account the mixing of professional and private matters, in technical jargon work-life blending Criticism to encounter. For example, because often it is not just about common activities, but also private relationships, friendships and more are created in this way. What are the facts about it?

On the other hand, studies show that working with friends is good for the workplace and makes it more productive. The Gallup Institute, for example, has found in its survey of approximately five million employees that 30 percent of employees have a so-called best friend in the office.

Teams that understand each other work better

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More than half of them, namely 56 percent, are fully engaged at work. Of the remaining 70 percent, only eight percent were enthusiastic about their job, 63 percent did the job to rule and 29 percent even failed negative statements about their job. And an investigation at Columbia, America University showed that colleagues who liked each other and helped each other were significantly more productive than those who stubbornly went about their business.

The connection between friendly feelings, working atmosphere and increased performance is evident: those who understand themselves well with their colleagues have more fun and are more productive. Nevertheless, caution is sometimes required - because friends can be chosen, colleagues can not. As conflicts of intercourse and intercourse are mixed, conflicts can arise.

Conflicts pre-programmed

The mixing of professional and private interests becomes problematic, for example, when one person wants more than a collegial relationship, but the other does not. Or when Tischnachber likes to share spicy details from his private life that you would rather not hear. Since most People If you want your working day to be as harmonious as possible, you are unsure whether you can put such colleagues in their place.

Another problem is envy, which is the result of a sudden career of fellow colleagues - and the other does not. Or when private information is misused to gain a professional advantage.

Also appeal to negative feelings

Depending on the intensity of the relationship, such negative feelings should also be addressed, because to a certain extent you are one of those Behavior normal. In a normal working relationship, on the other hand, a factual one is enough Conversation about the new situation.
But it is not the other way around useful, private life and everyday working life strictly separate.

Apart from the fact that this is now becoming increasingly rare, conflicts can hardly be avoided in the long run. On the contrary, whoever avoids the need for private contacts is soon regarded as unsympathetic and is mutually exclusive, which in the long run also hurts the career.

Relationship management in the job is easier

And there is one more aspect to consider: Today, thanks to the flexible forms of work, you have frequent location and Job change fewer and fewer opportunities to establish and maintain intensive private relationships outside of work.

Also, you inevitably talk more about what you spend your day doing, work. If you don't create a balance, you will get big ones if you lose your job Problems.

10 Work Life Blending Tips

Work-life blending, the mixing of personal and professional interests, can make working more pleasant, but also lead to conflicts. 10 Tips for the right handling.

  1. No avoidance attitude: People are social beings - even and especially at work. It therefore does not mean to exclude private things in the job
  2. Draw boundaries: Not everyone is sympathetic and you do not have to exchange with each person private details. Make it clear where your limits lie.
  3. Open talk about problems: There is potential for conflict in every human relationship. Talk openly about your problems and try to solve them that way.
  4. Do not blaspheme: Even if it seems tempting: blasphemed with fellow colleagues over the boss, might be in the eye.
  5. Social contacts outside: Even if it is difficult: Take care of social contacts outside their jobs. Otherwise, your friendships will be lost when you lose your job.
  6. Do not get distracted: Here's another chat, as a coffee: Even if you work with friends, the job should not be a chat hour - otherwise there is trouble with the boss.
  7. Factual distance: Distinguish between real friends and nice colleagues. Private contacts are ok, but some things you should also keep to yourself with good friends.
  8. What the boss says Employers can neither require nor prohibit private contacts at the workplace.
  9. Beware of flirtation: When the line of privacy is crossed, love is not far. Many employers do not like to see this because of the potential for conflict.
  10. Social networks: Also, pay attention to what you reveal about your work on social networks like Twitter or Xing - especially if the boss is also one of your friends. But: especially Facebook can be set so that not everyone notices everything.

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