How do you become more productive and achieve your goals? Some good intentions can simply be wrong if they do not fit. 7 typical intentions that you should at least reconsider.

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Goals or self-love?

Books and texts on the topic "Don't give a fuck" seem to be very trendy, Self love is "in". This also includes simply letting 5 be and not chasing after every goal that seems worth striving for.

For it is important to separate whether one really wants to pursue these goals and those of oneself, whether the chosen goals really correspond to one's own values ​​or have only been triggered by others.

7 resolutions that you should reconsider

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This thought has inspired me to this unusual list of intent, which is intended to rethink their own goals again.

1. A morning person will be:

Some time ago I interviewed entrepreneur Eric Pateman in Vancouver. He says he's most productive when he gets up at 3 a.m. I keep reading from Peoplewho work best in the early hours of the morning, around 5 to 6 a.m. All of this could tempt you to decide to get up earlier.

Tip: Do not do that if you're not a morning person and your biorhythm does not get you out of bed by 6 in the morning anyway. Why torture yourself when you become productive later in the day? Incidentally, I'm the other way round: I'm often already active on 6 clock, but it would be better to have a slightly different rhythm again.

2. Defeat your weaknesses:

Everybody has weaknesses. Some like chocolate, others are late. People aren't perfect and that's what makes them lovable. Of course it's positive to work on your weaknesses. But the question is: How effective is it, really, to spend time doing something you're not good at to get a little bit better at it?

Tip: Work on your strengths, the things that you like and that you are already good at. Because in these areas, you have the opportunity to really bring top performance.

3. To become neat:

Marie Kendo is trend, organizing, clearing out and tidying up are important topics in the current discussion. All necessary topics, without question. And yet, these tips also suggest one thing: one is unhappy when one is messy. I do not plead for sinking into chaos. But it does not do anything to make you, always tidy up the apartment, if you rather tend to disorder and then do not do it.

Tip: Hire a cleaning lady to do it for you and you'll have time for things you can do better.

4. Many new projects start:

ideas having, being productive and creative is undoubtedly great and important. But what happens when we take on too much? Quite simply: we overstrain ourselves! Because there is no such thing as multitasking. Overwhelmed by the many options that we have in the Everyday life for selection have, too fast happens not just because we are between Career— and rub off family planning. The excessive demands often begin on a small scale, for example because bosses and colleagues place demands on us and we do Anxiety have to say no.

Tip: Think carefully about your goals in life. Don't let that fool you. And then stop getting bogged down between external requirements and your ideas focus focus on your goals.

5. Keep the control:

We live in an uncertain Welt, are afraid of job loss, globalization, terrorism or other unpredictable things. Understandable. Unfortunately, many people respond to this personal insecurity by trying to live their lives as accurately as possible to plan and to check. But that doesn't work in many cases, because as the saying goes: forecasts go haywire.

Tip: Letting go, living in the here and now and not trying to foresee and control all imponderables from the outset.

6. Laugh at problems:

Positive thinking is also a commonly heard tip. Of course, that still applies. However, this does not mean that you “posit your critical mind away” and say yes and amen to everything. Even if positive thinking and Lachen tend to make us more productive, it's no use Problems and laughing away at conflicts instead of dealing with them.

Tip: Actively addressing conflicts and problems when improvement is possible. himself with a situation satisfied give if that doesn't work. And learn to tell the difference.

7. Always be in a good mood:

This too falls under false positive thinking, but goes a little further. Our Society gives us the impression that we should always be happy and full of energy Energy go through life and start the many new projects mentioned under point 4 - and if we don't succeed, then we are failures and ourselves to blame for the misery.

I don't know about you, but I am stressed out by the well-meaning statement “enjoy it” because I feel the constant compulsion to be in a good mood. It can also be incredibly productive to just hang around, even in a bad mood. Apart from the fact that everyone needs breaks, lows help them to enjoy the beautiful things in life more.

Tip: Everything is possible, nothing is neccesary.

Conclusion: motivate goals, but do not exaggerate

What we can find out: Goal can motivate and drive us immensely. But you can also scare off us if you do not suit us and our values.

Therefore, we should think about it carefully. In this sense: do not let stress. Certainly not by good intentions.

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