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{Appointment} ARD report The fairy tale of the shortage of skilled workers: With Best of HR –®

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In March, I was asked to discuss the Topic Skilled labor shortage Best of HR –® interviewed by the ARD. The result is now broadcast on the ARD. The title of the show: “The Story in the First: The Labor Market Report - The Fairy Tale of Skills shortage".

Video Note: If you don't see a video here, you have to activate the option “Watch videos” at the end of the page under “Privacy and Cookies”!

How everything began

The discussion about this had to be on Best of HR -® Started quite harmlessly in 2009 with a few reader comments, but then expanded into a veritable discussion and finally culminated in the establishment of a counter-association to the Association of German Engineers. Because, so it says in the description of the program:

Hardly any lobbying association has worked so hard to get foreign skilled workers into the country, like the Verein Deutscher Ingenieure (VDI). It is engineers themselves who accuse the club of letting themselves go About instrumentalize and express the minimum salary. Because the engineering association regularly comes up with horror figures, the engineering profession has been declared a first class shortage and now allows companies to hiring highly skilled foreign skilled workers at a minimum wage of 32.500 Euros a year. Previously, this limit was 66.000 Euro. Skilled workers from Spain, Greece, Romania and Bulgaria are to pour onto the German labor market with Blue Card and European free movement. Germany is proud to support crisis states by taking the unemployed.

Reader on the palm

It is precisely this behavior that has pissed off our readers for years. In 2014, a much-noticed book by Martin Gaedt was published on the subject. Under the title “Myth of Skilled Workers Shortage” he accuses companies of lack of activity in terms of training and Further Training from junior staff.

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O-tone of the book: Fachkräfftemangel is often made home and it must be differentiated much more. In issue 12 / 2014 I wrote on the topic also the article From because of lack.

To the broadcast

I am now curious what will happen during and after the show. I haven't seen the finished result myself either. In any case, everyone interested is cordially invited to take part in the discussion. Broadcast dates are:

  • Mo, 21.07.14 | 22: 45 Clock | The first
  • Di, 22.07.14 | 04: 45 Clock | The first



It was a good 10 days ago that on July 21 the ARD broadcast “The fairy tale of a shortage of skilled workers” was broadcast on the Best of HR –®.de was instrumental in helping with research, networking with potential interviewees and, ultimately, contributing to their own words.

Since then, there have been a number of exciting resonances.

At last people with the same opinion!

What really touched me personally: Immediately after the broadcast, numerous engineers spoke up, thanking us for our work, because they realized through the show that they are not alone with their problem of not finding a job. Regina wrote to me:

Hello Mrs. Janson, my husband and I have you in on Monday Labor Reportation - The fairy tale of skilled laborers - seen and heard. We are so good at hearing people who share the same opinion as us.

Facts that make you angry

Here you realize how frustrating and also mentally it is stressful for many people to hear employers' complaints over and over again about the alleged shortage of skilled workers, to belong to the relevant target group - and still not be able to find a job.

Other listeners were also affected. So Martin Salwiczek writes: "The film was apt, makes angry."

Discussion is launching a new blog project

What made me happy was that there were also constructive tips for solving the problem. Clara reported on her experiences with hundreds of applications as an engineer and her consequence: emigrate!

In the end, we have simply left the country and have been living abroad for more than 5 years, some of us outside Europe, are all in wages and bread and no longer worry about the German system. We do not care anymore. Our children are multi-lingual and are currently studying for their master's degrees (also engineering sciences :-) ).

Since the topic is met with great interest by other readers, Clara has now decided to implement something that she has obviously been carrying around for some time: in her own blog project, she will now report on emigrating as an engineer. We can be curious.

Critical voices

There was also Criticism on the design of the shipment - in the form of a well-founded review by Gerhard Kenk, author of the Crosswater Job Guide, which compared the structure of the reportage with a Telenovela. For his taste, the show was a bit too much feuilleton and little analysis.

He was not quite wrong; for me, too, it would have been a little less. Here, of course, the fact that facts should be presented to the viewer as a light diet and in memorable pictures is of course the most important factor.

The most important facts at a glance

But I was enthusiastic about the fact that the show succeeded in presenting all important and highly different aspects of the subject in such a short time.

I'm just not convinced that even people who have no idea about the topic have understood everything. Since Gerhard Kenk is due to the fact that he has summarized the most important facts in his contribution. For example:

  • Karl Brenke (DIW) defines the skilled labor force as follows: On 1 place 3 applicants come - this is not a clear deficiency situation.
  • Martin Gaedt (author of “Mythos Skills Shortage”): Headlines are easily picked up by the media.
  • IW multiplies the vacancies times 7 - that is lying with numbers.
  • The labor gap is 6.5 million, which alone is not yet a basis for a professional deficit.
  • Cheap wages for skilled workers: The annual salary was reduced from 66.000 via 47.000 to 32.000 Euro.
  • And much more - to do so simply read the post.

Does drawer deficiency work like fruit yoghurt?

Respect specialist Bettina Schöblitz gives a slightly different overview: she questions the various facts of lying and in a witty way by counteracting them with everyday examples.

Take the example of the disappointed employer who only receives six applications, of which he could hire four immediately, but is still disappointed.

Is it a real deficiency if I can “only” choose between six types of strawberry yogurt in the supermarket and none of them meet my requirements for 183 ml content and 47% fruit content?

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159 responses to "{Termin} ARD report The fairy tale of the shortage of skilled workers: With Best of HR –®"

  1. Really great, thank you for your contribution to this contribution!

  2. Hi Guys !

    It is finished.

    1. Congratulation!

  3. I, Dipl.-Ing. (FH) for scientific equipment construction Spec. Constructor with experience in foreign and leadership and mastering 10 programming languages, work as a fork-lift driver and MfA (girl for everything) on ​​a half-day basis and refer to H4. Denied by all leading companies (already minimized salary requirement). Thanks VDI, AA and government.

    1. - Degree (M. Sc.) 02/2014 with international experience + grade 1,7
      - 60 applications from medium-sized to AG
      - 9 interviews in medium-sized companies and AG
      - no specific job offer

      NEXT STEP: 1 Year of unemployment + absolute despair

      What should we do?

      1. Hallo,
        maybe both of you can also join an application coaching program
        Svenja Hofert?

        1. Good evening everyone!

          Mrs. Janson, I have to contradict you. During my application phase, I also spoke to numerous people who told me which errors my application contained. I always changed them. Did it do anything? No. It is not because of the relevant application documents or the applicant, which is always easiest for the company and the employment agency. First and foremost, companies should question themselves. In my experience, as a career starter I certainly don't get a chance. In addition, the requirements that companies place on applicants are so high that they cannot be met. But as I read, even graduates who meet a lot more requirements than I do not get a job. I really wonder what the companies want for applicants? Someone who has 5 years of professional experience, has completed umpteen internships, has umpteen additional skills / additional qualifications and speaks 10 languages ​​or what? So I've been looking for over 2 years now and I'm a natural scientist (physicist). I've made the effort to write to some politicians, but they don't care about me. Instead of worrying, you immediately offend me with your negative answers. I also read a comment below from a girl who “feels left alone”. So what good is it to bring in foreign skilled workers who get a lot less salary than the graduates in Germany would get? This does not solve the problem of the large number of academic unemployed, but rather exacerbates it. I also recently saw a report on television that spoke of academics who left Germany because they didn't have a chance here. I cannot imagine that the federal government would want to lose the well-trained academics. But if something doesn't slowly change in Germany. then it will come down to it. Then there is not only a lack of specialists in the non-academic area, but also those in the academic area. It is also not a solution if you become self-employed, as you have advised other people here. Perhaps all academics who complain here about the companies and employment agencies, including me, should get together and do something about this situation?

          1. Hello Svenja, asked provocatively: Perhaps you simply let too many people talk you into your application instead of following a clear concept? Have you read the linked post? It is not about questioning yourself, but rather that, despite setbacks, you gain a clear stance where you want to go. It may well be that companies and politicians are wrong, but you can only do something about that if, as you have correctly recognized, you join forces with others to lobby or go into politics yourself - there were approaches here in the blog with We VDI are already, they then fizzled out again. Otherwise I don't think emigrating is a bad idea if self-employment is not the solution. I wish you success!

          2. Hello, Mrs. Janson, can you really imagine what it's like to be looking for a job for so long? Just time to emigrate is certainly not so easy and also no guarantee of improvement. And then? If it does not work, the financial resources may be used up and you are sitting in a foreign country and just as unemployed.
            I think it's normal that you ask yourself over time. So it is better to keep a clear attitude but to make the same mistakes again and again?
            I also think that provocative questions on your part are out of place here. They speak well and give “advice”. You don't know how those affected are doing.

            1. Hello Heiko, I had at the beginning of my self-employment immediately after the study for a three-year without any orders and was very desperate. At that time, it was better than I could manage to do the thing less hard. They say it takes as a self-employed 3 years until it runs a lot and 5 until one established itself, which was with me so. As I have noticed over and over again in this time, wail and frustration, and the attitude that followed, did not go any further. On the contrary, it made it unattractive for potential clients. In this respect, I find your idea with the clear head good.
              What I regret a little bit in retrospect is too long to be dependent on others, instead of realizing my own ideas. For example, I thought for too long, when I make my own website, no one will read, but it was for me the most successful method I have tried.

              I am not saying, start blogging, it is not that simple either, but find out what you can change yourself - even if you are politically active.

        2. Good evening Mrs. Janson!

          In 2 1 / 2 years, my good friend Svenja B. has now written and wrote 286 applications on posts qualified for her specialist position and 123 applications on dissertations. The 12 presentations were held at qualified positions and 9 discussions for a dissertation.
          Svenja has about 114 letters /Emails written to associations or politicians, but nobody could or would help her. I can well understand that the comments here are not isolated cases. What else can you ask of an applicant besides a good degree ??? Professional experience, of course, but you don't get it for free and how do you want to develop it if you just don't get a chance? Because it is too time-consuming / laborious for many companies to deal with young professionals, perhaps because they need a longer, more intensive training period than the cheaper skilled worker from abroad ...
          I do not have a conclusive explanation for this, but why do you study at all?

          1. There is no help for coaching or self-employment, which in many cases (disciplines) is not that easy at all.

          2. Hello Heiko, in front of all medium-sized companies are afraid to introduce young people complex and expensive, or train employees and then lose them to the competition. In addition, it is understandable to look for companies for the best solution.
            If independence is not a solution, how is it with emigration? There were some positive reports in the blog.

          3. Hello Simone

            The argument to lose expensive trained employees. is absolutely incomprehensible. "If I stop training, I mustn't assume that the other will train for me and send the best over and keep the worst!" Quote from Wolfgang Grupp. I think that can easily be transferred to the training of academics. If all entrepreneurs are always waiting to get engineers who can be deployed immediately, then this is the downfall of Germany. We need real entrepreneurs in our country again, and not exploiters.

            1. Hi Mark,
              What you say is, of course, completely logical and correct in the long term - however, many companies do not act so far-sightedly, but only look at the current balance sheets. And often there is simply fear.

          4. Unfortunately, for financial reasons, I no longer have the opportunity to wait until the entrepreneurs offer newcomers a chance again, but have looked for alternatives through which I might be able to enter the professional world. I have often asked myself why I went to college at all. On television there is constant talk of the alleged shortage of skilled workers, although I have other information from my university. You come out of the university with such motivation and euphoria after completing your studies, only to discover that companies would prefer to hire the specialists with the longest professional experience. But it cannot be that only these have a chance. In my opinion (unfortunately I cannot prove that - but there is enough evidence) it is easier for men to start their careers than women! I once had a very negative interview in which I was scrutinized from top to bottom and I noticed from the looks of the men that they would rather see me in other areas than in optics (physics). At that moment I felt a little discriminated against….

            1. Hello Svenja,
              Since I have written a lot on the subject in the course of time, I have made of my answer a two-part blog post with links further (part 2 tomorrow).
              I would be interested in what the alternatives they were looking for. An acquaintance of mine, for example, studied archeology together with me before 20 years, then worked as an SAP consultant for 10 years and has now opened a candy store. I would have found that before 10 years still gruesome, because it has nothing to do with the study, today I find the super because it is something own on the legs. However, the unconditional sticking to the academic training seems to me such a problem, which is drilled at the university. That's why I'm in my blog post.

  4. Hi Guys !
    Come again with new surprises. The book I mentioned is almost finished and I am now busy with the figures of the corporations in the fast run.

    So, we currently have 11.900 registered stock exchanges oriented in Germany.
    If we assume here that every stock corporation “only” hires 100 trainees per year, then we would be 1.190.000 trainees annually. But that would mean that the same number passed the final exam each year. So also every year 1.190.000 new skilled workers who are available on the job market. Why does it have to be that way?
    Some are completing the final exam and are out of the training relationship. The 3. Training year slide into the 4. The 2. in the 3. The 1. in the 2. Yes and then the new ones that are in the 1. come. Otherwise there would be no place any longer. And you need yes, if new apprentices should be adjusted.
    As I said, in the event that every stock corporation “only” hires 100 trainees, that would be the number to be expected.

    I have looked at the new training conditions of various corporations (approx. 25 pcs). What do you expect to hear now? In the case of the AG with the fewest new trainees, we still speak of 250 newly concluded trainee apprenticeships. In the case of the AG with the highest contracts, we conclude new contracts concluded by 950. And so it goes on and on.
    This is obviously a point in this the media does not research, otherwise they would not always publish such a moron, as regards the alleged professional defenses.
    Greeting to you all!

    1. Hello Mr. Dinsing,
      Thanks for the update. However, it is unquestionable for me that the corporations, which are appropriately known, can cover their specialist requirements. Many want to work at Mercedes. But what about the small, unknown middle class in the province? Are there any numbers? I would like to make a contact.
      I South Tyrol, for example, even receive grants from companies if they hire qualified employees.

  5. Hello Mrs. Janson!
    So, here I am again. Did you get the sample and what do you say?
    Well, after the company Siemens 11600 has made jobs flat (ran big through the media) and the energy company RWE 5000 has broken down, we will now probably have a professional strength again.
    I wonder seriously, who cares here actually whom?
    In this sense,
    with frndl. greeting

    U. Dinsing

    PS. After the appearance of the book, they receive a free copy of mine. PROMISED !

  6. I just saw the report on Phoenix and am glad my suspicions have been confirmed.

    I myself am an industrial engineer in the field of production & logistics, have some expensive additional training and several years of professional experience and haven't found a job for about 11 months. So far, my statistics have been around 80 applications, 12 job interviews and 1 acceptance, which, however, is pending as the works council refuses to hire due to layoffs in another division.

    Well, head up and through!

    1. I am 48 years, married, 2 children, studying with good degree, 21 years of professional experience and will soon have to apply for H4. My skills are being sought in the market, but not my age! I worked in a responsible position as lead engineer embedded software engineering and earned 92.000 gross. Unfortunately, our company has been relocated thanks to the promotion of construction east to save the east taxes and to be able to settle funds for unemployed in production. Here, one has gradually closed down departments, which resulted in a massive staff reduction. A new job was not even offered to you, on the grounds, you find something, in the qualification as an engineer.

      I know my way around the most modern microprocessors, MATLAB, Simulink, automation and process engineering, have knowledge of Compier configurations, TCL and master C ++ and APIs, Keil, Vector, vxWorks from FF. Real-time programming, creation of specifications, supplier management, I master all of this perfectly and well. And all of this is desperately searched for, but I don't get a JOB !!!! The reason is that I don't fit into the team. Most of the departments today are filled with young people around the age of 30, and they are looking for someone up to a maximum of 35. My knowledge is also much too broad, they are looking for the blinker programmer for the back room. And then of course my salary is way too high. But neither do they trust me to be able or willing to work for less, but assume that I will be employed, but then immediately look for something else - so unfortunately I cannot be employed. Even the providers of temporary workers argue that way.

      I applied to Continentale, Bosch, Posche Engineering, Daimler Benz, MB-Tech, Siemens Transportation, Siemens Automation, Linde, Philips, Agilent, Hameg, Rohde & Schwarz, BMW-Group and a few smaller companies. In the end I searched nationwide - without success. All of them had several such positions open for software developers, team leaders in software development, software QMs and planners and they confirmed to me that I have the required knowledge twice and three times, but it is already too much! The small companies in particular always had the problem that they believed that I only see them as a stopgap when it comes to my qualifications and immediately turn away when I find something better.

      Germany has a luxury problem! Too many, too well-trained engineers. The shortage is that the criteria are so narrow that only very few fit and even with those you can still find a hair. This is how many people are left behind! Instead, foreigners are picked up, provided with expensive languageCourses by the employment office, they are reimbursed for travel expenses and apartments, so that they can get cheap working placements to fill the many vacancies among the temporary employers who are growing and becoming fashionable. Our government creates a climate of under-migration of labor power and counteracts the mechanism of supply and demand at the expense of workers who are then allowed to stamp. The alternative is then only abroad, that of this dirt, which runs here, still knows nothing and where German engineers are still appreciated.

      Germany is creating its engineers! At the same time, the timed workers complain about what is going on and determine the general opinion. 90% of jobs are fakes and by service providers.

      1. Thanks for the description. How would you step into the independence of your abilities?

        1. In response to Ms Janson's proposal to contribute the skills in the form of self-employment:

          It's not that easy. The way I have worked requires close integration with similarly talented and experienced developers on the team. You get used to each other and take on the resulting tasks, which for example are not always the same. This gives rise to the problem that I have to fit into the on-site team. Unfortunately, people> 35 are no longer trusted to be adaptable. In general, AGs also tend to fill a team homogeneously in old age. And if so, something like that does not work in self-employment, but in pseudo-independence as a “freelancer” who works here and there and fills the gaps in the company. The problem that then arises is that you always have to interpose a company that acts as an umbrella to ward off the pension insurance. Practically, such positions are disguised fixed-term employees who just don't call themselves temporary work, but are practical. One is far from permanent employment.

          The other branch, to work as a self-employed, is also denied, because I can only contribute part of the ability to work. MAn competes qusi with expertise against the established competition and can work the first years on dumping prices. Independence from the state is not practicable even for engineers.

          The idea is probably to sell the know-how profitably to the competition and then move abroad, where German engineers are still appreciated. There are a number of companies that produce the same and need know-how carriers.

          The whole story shows, however, one thing: I recognize in the meantime features that I have criticized earlier in others: selfishness, egocentrism, angerism of community thinking. I have, in order to have enough time, have thrown together all the honorable offices, put on social and social activities, and invested only in my own good. And patriotism has long since died with me.

          1. Hello dismissed,
            that sounds a little frustrated, if understandable. Incidentally, I also see charitable activities as selfish - to quote Reinhold Messner, whom I interviewed in the summer: Who is not selfish? In any case, such activities help to make good contacts that will help you professionally.
            Apart from that, you describe the crux in the changing world of work very closely: past tight networks are loosening, maximum flexibility is expected by employees. And the lifelong employment has been spent. On the other hand, companies are not at all clear that the flexible worker will then sell his knowledge to the next, if the company is not doing something good.
            Why do not you build up your own team with (former or new) colleagues?

    2. Hello Mr. Schmitz,
      Thanks for the comment, I find a great attitude, speaks for a lot of healthy optimism after 11 months search. Perhaps also to you once again the reference to the application coaching with Mrs. Hofert, maybe that helps.

  7. Hi all,

    I stumbled over this page because of a very big problem.

    I offer:
    Graduated in engineering at a prestigious university, earned a professional experience in two semi-annual internships in the industry, completed various international semesters to deepen the language skills (5 languages) and acquire soft skills, and have been committed to volunteering for many years. Extremely flexible.

    I'm looking for:
    A job. - And don't find any.

    With 50 applications I was invited to 3 interviews, “Unfortunately, travel expenses are not covered”.
    In the meantime, my salary requests are almost based on the Hartz IV standard rate. I had really not imagined my prospects as a graduate like this, especially since in my career development phase in upper school it was always said that “engineers are desperately wanted” or “women in STEM subjects are in short supply”.

    What attracted me to the job search, and what is in turn related to the numbers of the places advertised in the statistics by the factor 7 is that there are many job advertisements even though the actual jobs do not exist at all. Keyword engineering service provider. A company that assigns a part of your positions to external service providers has only to award this one job. For this activity, five engineering service providers have, in each case, announced the position (to name a number that I have encountered in my job search). Accordingly, there are five calls for tenders. There is no need to wonder about the numerous cancellations, if nowadays only fictional places are written out! If I am still thinking that the five job advertisements are still given the factor, there are suddenly in the statistics 35 vacancies !?

    The background is clear: wage dumping, longer working hours (45h-week), and legally prescribed minimum leave. 32.000 € Yearly salary, whether for domestic or foreigners, what more can you say?
    I see the big problem in the fact that in politics only the successes during the term is concentrated. The problem of the next legislative period is the result of catastrophic conditions. They can then consider how the entire 32.000 € engineers should pay the social assistance of their unemployed guild brothers.

    1. Love young engineer,
      thank you for your contribution, which fits well with many other comments. Perhaps that is something to be not the only one.
      Please do not get so frustrated that you are satisfied with lower value and salary expectations at Hartz IV level - experience has shown that this does not help at all.
      Honestly, you should work out what sets you apart from other applicants, what you could do better - e.g. with coaching. Even if I don't think that this is a panacea (it's not always your own fault, as some would like to persuade you), I found the coaching described here interesting, with which Svenja Hofert helped one of your colleagues to get a job. Maybe that will help you a little.

      1. Hello young female,

        I am in the same situation, maybe not so well educated, but my profile is also impressive.

        My question: There must be an action through us professional career for public interest !?

        Young Ing

        1. Hello YoungIng,
          Creating a public is all well and good - but what exactly do you want to achieve with it? Public pressure doesn't create more jobs.

          1. Hello Mrs. Janson,

            you're right, it doesn't help! To be honest, it's just about getting the VDI to think about it and change course (I don't even blame our companies in Germany)! In addition, not everyone would then say "Engineer unemployed - is not possible!"

            1. I did not want to demotivate you, I just wanted to know what the action was about. Public production is not so easy and takes time or costs accordingly, so the action should be targeted.
              If someone says “As an engineer, unemployed, how does it work” feel free to refer to this blog.
              In addition, the VDI and its engineering news have been following me since yesterday on my Facebook-Page. So I assume that the VDI has already noticed.
              But I am definitely open to suggestions, the group “We are VDI” has definitely made a difference.

  8. Counter-attack of the VDI's!

    The VDI presents as a sad policy against the ARD reportage a survey, which should clarify all the engineering deficiency! If the most important arguments of the credibility are credible and the media simply print it out!

    1. It is not said in which job's the engineers, whether fachfremd or engineer service provider, usually to worse conditions than employed persons! JOB IS JOB

    2. Interviewing the leasing members: Many engineers who are unemployed, work-seeking or in an industry are or may not be a member of staff, especially since the contributions are not exactly favorable. In addition, if you have not consulted the student leases because you are still students, but are actually just out of the study, job-seeking or unemployed and just do not tell the VDI to be modest! UPPPPS, what is it!

    3. The engineers who can not find a job, but should just change the location, then we get the 16 percent without a job safely under! Sure it's just because! These 16% are probably the representative mass!

    It's milking to the mouse! The fact that a larger group on the other hand is very unlikely, because who uses lateral thinkers even in times without engineer shortage?

    Sad but true, turn back abroad and Germany, although it is a great country, but no more for engineers! The question for career starters: How does it look in ten years? Service providers based abroad take over the work ?! Engineering service providers are also reinventing outsourcing? The pressure and struggle on the labor market is increasing even more ?! Alternative: Leaving the industry before the actual entry?



    1. Thanks for the hint. Already crass. Going abroad seems to be a better choice for engineers.

    2. At the moment, I am working on a publication that contains exactly this topic. The respective contracts between the publishing house and me have been signed so far by both parties.
      Now to the point. If you only keep in mind the following facts, it becomes obvious that we can not have a shortage of skilled workers in Germany at all!

      We currently have around 3 million people who receive “ALG I”. In addition, there are another 4 million employable people who live with “ALG II”. So all together there are currently 7 million people out of work.
      If I now assume that only 20% have first-class training and professional experience, then we are already 1,4 million people. And what if it's not 20 but 40%? Shortage of skilled workers? Can't be quite right. I tend to agree with the statement of a business administration professor. who once said, "No skilled labor shortage, but specialist wages, yes!" And that's exactly where the problem lies. And if the incompetent politicians believe they have achieved something with their law on minimum wages in the range of 8,50 euros, then one can only laugh at so much nonsense. But for decades the sparrows have been whistling from the rooftops that politicians do not have a rational mindset and have no relation to reality. Then there are the “nice” would-be entrepreneurs who feel a lot like the politicians. We have had enough of these incompetent managers and executives too!

      Well, however. I have made a reading sample of the mentioned publication available on my website. See there under "Books"

      1. Well, if I already tell the users my side, then the URL should also be specified.
        So, here it is:
        Greeting, U. Dinsing

      2. Hello Mr. Dinsing,
        thanks for the hint. You are the second person to approach me about a book publication on the subject. You are welcome to send an excerpt for publication, provided it is not already online elsewhere. Sorry for the website thing - it's for spam protection. But you added that.

        1. Hello Mrs. Janson!
          Just check back again if there is something new.
          No, I already signed the authorship contract because of the book. Probably you had misunderstood something.

          But again on the subject. I have now worked through pretty much all the chambers of crafts and deal with the industrial branch in "fast forward". All I can say is that the number of training graduates has reached a dizzying height. In addition, there are the numbers of master's exams, trainer exams and other advanced training exams passed. If someone reads this, he claps his hands over his head. And only in the craft. What do you think is going on in the industry? On request, Daimler-Benz alone informed me that more than 6000 apprentices are currently being trained nationwide in the Daimler group. Well then let's wait and see how it looks at Thyssen-Krupp for other large corporations.
          And then such spinners come and tell the people something about a skilled labor force. I believe that there is a lack of awareness of reality.

          In the other case, however, you will be glad to send an extract. Do not laugh at my expression, but certain people do not understand any other language.

          With frndl. Greeting, U. Dinsing

          1. Hello Mr. Dinsing,
            You can also subscribe to the discussion.
            I'm happy, I'm curious about the book and you are welcome to send me an excerpt - also as a pre-publication. As far as your numbers are concerned, I am not surprised by the high number of apprentices at corporations, but complaints about this come mainly from medium-sized companies, preferably from unknown companies in the provinces. I just found out last week in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, but also in Saxony or South Tyrol. And young people have also heard: I don't know the Hwilbronn economic region ... Certainly also a question of payment, the service car and the status that you prefer to join the big companies.
            Do you have any insights?

  9. Hello Mrs. Janson and everybody,
    would like to share my experience on the subject of professional deficit:

    I spent several years studying the time and cost of the course of studies in Engineering Engineering (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Diplom FH). Although I am female (women should supposedly be promoted in the engineering professions) and the diploma with 1,7 had completed and at the time of the final 28 years was young, I was also very long afterwards job-seeking and have studied almost in vain.
    When I realized how hopeless the situation is, I was then also willing to offer my labor free of charge. So I hoped that I could at least through an 3 to 6 month internship to enter a company. This was after the study but also virtually impossible, since all companies with whom I had asked their internship places exclusively to students, which are still in the study.

    In the meantime (five years after the graduation) I do not apply at all to registered hosting positions, not least because I have never been able to work properly in this profession since the 5 years (except internships during my studies) new graduates. By good luck I had at least the opportunity to be able to work as an office assistant through a temporary work company. This is unfortunately not a matter of course for the qualification, because almost always when I applied to office jobs, then I was just this high qualification very much in the way which I do not find OK. Currently I have found a place of assistance and am glad to have got work at all.

    Best regards, Sawensa.

    1. Love Sawensa,
      thanks for the report, which makes me a little sad. It is a shame when someone describes their studies as free. I am sure that during this time and in the five years after that you have gained experience that you can use - maybe in a completely different professional field. Read this and the linked posts about a new start in detail. Which I don't mean to say that an assistant position has to be bad, it can also be very fulfilling. However, if you write that you are glad you found a job at all, it indicates a greater dissatisfaction. Coaching may also help.

  10. [...] I was pleased that there were also constructive tips for solving the problem. Clara told of her experiences with hundreds of applications as an engineer and her consequences: [...]

  11. Great article! In order to counteract the demographic decline in the working population, several approaches to solutions are conceivable: the earlier entry into the labor market, the later exit from the working phase, an increase in women's employment and the influx of foreign workers.

    1. Hi Robert,
      thanks for the contribution. This is exactly the point in the reportage.

  12. So now I have also looked at the specialist report. The labor market has something to do with the market and the market economy. From an employer's point of view, a large number of applicants is to be welcomed (higher quality of applications with lower wage expectations). The fact that this is promoted through a (possibly targeted) recruitment of foreign workers is a very logical approach. Alternatively - as at the end of the report - production could also be relocated to a location in southern or eastern Europe that is cheaper in terms of wages. As a job seeker, you can complain about that, but you can't really change it.

    From my experience (which can also be seen in the article) there is actually a shortage of skilled workers, especially in regions away from major cities and university locations. BMW in Munich will probably continue to find sufficient and good applicants. Those who are willing to move to the provinces will also find a job. If he is qualified - which cannot be said about every applicant (quality has been declining for years, both with students and trainees).

    1. Hello, thanks for the comment from the other point of view - unfortunately it has been highlighted far too little here in the blog because employers and HR managers did not want to speak. It is precisely the dialogue that is missing. So interests stand against each other and the fronts harden. And in the end everyone is mad.

      1. In the province I could have started, but what if the small company is sometimes bad, or is bought and closed by a big company? With family, it is then difficult to move again. Actually, the small ones in the province would have to pay more than the big ones to take the risk. This is the big problem that firms who have skilled searchers do not have money that has the money trying to do everything in their power to get rid of the expensive professionals to increase their profits.

        1. Hello Realist,
          Of course, it is a problem that small businesses in the province often offer even lower rates in addition to unattractive locations. But in some Süddeutschen Regions also have more than one company, so maybe several opportunities.

  13. Thank you for this report, which I think is clear, which describe the problem correctly. In addition, there was once in Germany a professional deficit in the IT area and that was the time of the changeover to the year 2000. They have also shown how the industry deals with real skills deficit. For me, the definition of a professional deficit follows:

    A shortage of skilled workers is exactly when the newcomer has a job opportunity.

    1. Hello Mr. Clock,
      thanks for the feedback, you're probably right. By the way, our author Dirk Ohlmeier attacks the problem of definition today as well.

  14. [...] if the subject of the shortage of skilled workers is now viewed in a differentiated manner, there are still sought-after specialists: Graduates with a [...]

  15. Does the “Wir-sind-VDI noch” initiative exist and how can you get involved?

    I'm currently still at the VDI, but after the report I'm really full and find that you should change something urgently.

    1. The initiative would also interest me!

      Therefore, I deliberately terminated and explicitly stated as a reason the labor market policy of the VDI!

    2. Hello Marko, unfortunately, the initiator has Burnout and can therefore no longer care. But I would like to make a contact, if desired.
      Thank you

  16. Hallo,

    Since I am STILL a VDI member, I will receive the VDI messages until the end of my membership! There an article appeared on August 01st. “Poetry or Truth: Missing Germany Engineers?”, Unfortunately the article is not readable online, but the VDI makes it clear that the latest media reports of any basics are missing. All listed facts from the labor market report are taken up and simply denied in a very disappointing, weak way.

    The VDI does not realize that you will shake the trust of the young engineers, especially those who work for the job, and thus harm themselves as a team with a good reputation.

    Greeting still unemployed Young Ing

    1. Thanks for the hint, do you have a link to the report? Then I could go into it times.

      1. Hello Mrs. Janson,

        unfortunately the article is not publicly visible, but free test subscription goes also

        Young Ing

    2. With regard to this article, I have written a factual letter to the editor, in which I mention my personal perception of the job market and subsequently raise the question as to why the VDI, in view of the obviously contradictory scientific statements, chooses the most employer-friendly position and appropriate lobbyism operates. This was not discussed internally at any time. And yet this attitude should be in the interest of the majority of members?

      To my submission, I received the short answer that the publication of vacancies has nothing to do with which or how many positions the companies reported to the employment agency - and that the iw or VDI refers to the reported vacancies.
      (In other words, personal / subjective perception does not matter.)

      Also a way to deal with non-line-loyal member opinions.
      (Presumably considered professional under the appropriate PR and corporate communications standards ...)

      The VDI obviously avoids consciously the substantive argument.
      In view of this, in order to prevent the ongoing abuse of my membership by the VDI (... "we represent so-and-so-many-thousand engineers" ...) I terminated my membership (so-and-so-many-thousand-minus-1 ).

      1. Hello Christian,
        thank you for the hint. What would help would be that these thousands of members were leaving. I think the VDI weighs in safety or at least does so.
        After all, they have not become sluggish as it has been documented elsewhere, perhaps the TV show has certainly made a little thoughtful. But maybe only my hope dies last ...

        1. Hello Simone Janson,
          the landlord's way, as the VDI leadership here exercises autonomously on federal political influence, should in the long run have led to a larger (web 2.0-supported) membership uprising.
          The fact that this has not yet taken place certainly has to do with the still existing association reputations, which mainly stem from the standardization and policy work or the commitment of the many honorary regional and specialist group leaders. In addition, it must be assumed that, despite the media education so far, much ignorance or labor market policy disinterest prevails on the part of those with little current experience with regard to attitude research.

          Personally, the cautious reaction on the part of Ms. Nahles on the subject of the 'shortage of skilled workers' documented in the said ARD report makes me cautiously optimistic that the political weather situation on this topic could slowly turn.

          Regardless of this, I think that this your open, informative blog, dear Ms. Janson, helps to meet the needs of those interested for background information and to bundle the attitudes of the many who are rightly indignant - and thus represents an important, lasting driving force for future corrections.
          Thanks for that!

          1. Hello Christian,
            Manor style is nicely expressed. We, I and the authors, are delighted that our work will please you. I also have the impression that the topic is slowly being discussed differently. When the discussion started 2009, the response of the staff was still consistently negative. Not least because of such ARD broadcasts and the book of Mr. Gaedt, the topic is now somewhat more differentiated in the scene.

  17. RT @matsblog: The audience votes show: The fairy tale of the # professional jury was and is an important program!
    @ Sim ...

  18. RT @Berufebilder: watch out, new account name! RT @DerLarsHahn fairy tale skills shortage - what happened to it. Resonances collected http: //…

  19. RT @Berufebilder: ARD show fairy tales of the shortage of skilled workers: The response of the audience -

  20. RT @matsblog: The audience votes show: The fairy tale of the # professional jury was and is an important program!
    @ Sim ...

  21. Link straight down? Too many requests? :-) @younect

  22. RT @Berufebilder: ARD show fairy tales of the shortage of skilled workers: The response of the audience

  23. RT @Berufebilder: Thank you! RT @matsblog show audience votes: Märchen v. # Skilled labor shortage was & is an important program!

  24. RT @Berufebilder: watch out, new account name! RT @DerLarsHahn fairy tale skills shortage - what happened to it. Resonances collected http: //…

  25. RT @matsblog: The audience votes show: The fairy tale of the # professional jury was and is an important program!
    @ Sim ...

  26. RT @matsblog: The audience votes show: The fairy tale of the # professional jury was and is an important program!
    @ Sim ...

  27. I can not agree with the analysis of Mr. Gerhard Kenk, since this program was not designed for analysis at all. If you want analysis, you will make a program about it, fill it with statistics and numbers, and let the experts of all kinds coalesce. The affected people will be heard in a maximum 5-minute single player. Certainly as icebreaker and warm-up.

    This show should in my opinion show the human aspect and that is very well done. If you had interviewed more people, then you would probably have had real tears, just like in real life, when you lose your existence and you do not get new ones. Because that is behind it, even if HartzIV prevents you from landing under the bridge. About 40 percent of current employment contracts in Germany are temporary. This increases the pressure even more. One should also not be about 45, because then one is too old, too expensive and supposedly too inflexible. The lobby of the big companies has managed to make the politicians work for themselves. And in a country that is actually a classic country of small and medium-sized businesses.

    How much of the current crisis people are facing is shown by Ireland, for example. Currently, all 6 minutes travel an Irish, 10 in an hour, 240 a day. In the last 3 years, 300.000 Irishmen have left the country. There go the boys, the well-educated. The Celtic tiger is in demand. With a nation of only 4,5 Mio you can ask yourself when, when the country is consuming it from within, because those who go overseas, ie Canada, Australia, New Zealand, will not return.



    1. Hello Clara,
      I understand, of course, that the viewer can identify with the Spanish Päächen and his story much better than with bare numbers. Still, I personally don't like this kind of dismay journalism infotainment either. The emotions then quickly obscure the view of a factual discussion of the topic. In the whole discussion, I have been polemicized too much, as I have noticed for years on this blog - that may be understandable on the part of those affected, but in the end it doesn't help.

      I think you offer the best example: Of course, you were personally affected and then upset. But then you have also actively searched for a solution to the problem instead of just hoping for help from the outside. I have the impression that this step many sufferers do not go. And in the broadcast was actually again only the problem listed, but no solution.

  28. RT @SimoneJanson: ARD show fairy tales of the shortage of skilled workers: The response of the audience -

  29. I write a comment at Berufebilder and the page is down. ;) / Cc. @Berufebilder

  30. RT @Berufebilder: watch out, new account name! RT @DerLarsHahn fairy tale skills shortage - what happened to it. Resonances collected http: //…

  31. RT @matsblog: The audience votes show: The fairy tale of the # professional jury was and is an important program!
    @ Sim ...

  32. RT @matsblog: The audience votes show: The fairy tale of the # professional jury was and is an important program!
    @ Sim ...

  33. Hallo,

    that was a very interesting report indeed. With good arguments it emerged that the entrepreneurs and lobby associations seemingly deliberately provoke an oversupply of skilled workers in order to lower wages. Health care is particularly interesting for me. I have summarized my thoughts on the “landlord manner” of the head physician interviewed and the clear statements about the probably actual lack of medicine and care on my blog.



    1. Hi Dirk,
      thank you for the reference, which is sure to interest many interested.
      I would also like to take the topic separately.

  34. Good summary of @berufebilder on the reactions to the ARD documentary “Fairy tale skills shortage”

  35. @SimoneJanson about the reactions to the ARD documentary “Fairy tale shortage of skilled workers”

  36. RT @Berufebilder: watch out, new account name! RT @DerLarsHahn fairy tale skills shortage - what happened to it. Resonances collected http: //…

  37. watch out, new account name! RT @DerLarsHahn fairy tale skills shortage - what happened to it. Collected feedback ...

  38. RT @SimoneJanson: ARD show fairy tales of the shortage of skilled workers: The response of the audience -

  39. RT @SimoneJanson: ARD show fairy tales of the shortage of skilled workers: The response of the audience -

  40. Fairy tale defenses and what became of them. Resonances collected at @simonejanson

  41. The audience votes show: The fairy tale of the #membership force was and is an important program!

  42. RT @Berufebilder: ARD show fairy tales of the shortage of skilled workers: The response of the audience

  43. Thank you! RT @matsblog show audience votes: Märchen v. # Shortage of skilled workers was & is an important program! @SimoneJanson

  44. RT @Berufebilder: ARD show fairy tales of the shortage of skilled workers: The response of the audience -

  45. RT @Berufebilder: ARD show fairy tales of the shortage of skilled workers: The response of the audience

  46. ARD broadcast fairy tale of the shortage of skilled workers: The response of the audience: It was a good 10 days ago ... #Business #education

  47. ARD broadcast fairy tale of the # shortage of skilled workers: The response from viewers @Berufebilder

  48. ARD show fairy tales of the shortage of skilled workers: The response of the audience -

  49. […] Ms. Janson, on Monday my husband and I saw and heard you in the work report - The fairy tale of the shortage of skilled workers. It is so good for us to finally hear people who share the same [...]

  50. Dear Mrs. Jansen,
    from me also many thanks for the reportage! I was amazed that I am not alone in this devil's circle.
    Clara has to lock me in - it just makes you sick to be constantly rejected. I am a mechanical engineer who originally chose the subject out of passion; I was simply fascinated by the technology and the knowledge. I've been done for 5 years now and it started back then. 1 year unemployed, after that I took the first thing I could find - a job in a desert (comparable to the Spanish gentleman from the report). But I haven't stopped looking. I've been here for 4 years now and it makes me more than sick. I am originally from abroad, but I completed my entire degree in Germany in the standard period of study and have a good diploma. I know 4 languages ​​fluently, I'm just having fun with two more. Still, I only get rejections roughly every month. The most unbelievable one (we could start a topic here for fun, which is the experience with the others) came from BMW and read “... we have no suitable place for you either now or in the foreseeable future”.
    Like Clara, I have decided to emigrate from Germany for myself. The powerful corporations and their politics have already robbed me of my belief in myself and in my calling as an engineer. Thousands of times I lost myself for the decision to come here: “... you wouldn't have emigrated”. The dream of a successful career was stronger then and Germany (supposedly) has a lot of opportunities, especially in the engineering sector.
    As I said - just get out of here. My friend is also an engineer and comes with me abroad. As you have already mentioned in a comment, it would be helpful to have tips about the countries where to search, or even first - where to start.
    Thank you again! I feel somewhat relieved by the truth expressed in the reportage. I am also glad to hear that some have managed to get out of this madness. I also hope for myself and wish all the others success, whatever they are up to!

    1. Hi Anna,
      I am pleased to hear that the contribution helps.
      We have been collecting similar posts here in the blog for years - including the example of Karen who went to Sweden and another colleague who went to Switzerland:
      Last fall, I met someone in Canada who worked there as an engineer. In Norway I could also imagine that it is an alternative.
      But I would also be curious about foreign experience reports. To you continued success.

  51. Hello Mrs. Janson,

    We saw this broadcast in the ARD media library and can only confirm the key message. The so-called shortage of skilled workers or engineers is a hoax. Useful for large companies, harmful for workers. We had very similar experiences to Regina after falling victim to outsourcing measures. We too have sent hundreds of applications and heard many adventurous reasons. For example, “No, if you've been a department manager before, you can't possibly work as a project manager. On the one hand they are too expensive and on the other hand they are overqualified and, no, they cannot work for us for a lower salary ”.

    This was crowned by job advertisements, which explicitly excluded any applicant who applied outside of a circle of 30 km to the location of the company. So the nasty rumor of employers and politicians faded, that one had to be mobile only in order to get an adequate job. The qualification did not matter. In the east of Germany, you were looking for engineers, older and with a lot of professional experience and, of course, willing to work for 1700 Euro gross.

    After all, we have simply left the country and have now been living abroad for more than 5 years, sometimes outside Europe, and are all in bread and butter and are no longer worried about the German system. We are not interested anymore. Our children are multilingual and are currently heading towards their Master's degrees (also Engineering :-)). You will be in the comfort of being able to choose the country of your dreams more or less. Germany? No thanks, no topic. Happy to visit but with return ticket in your pocket.

    This jump has put a huge pressure on us. We are looking forward to our future in a very relaxed way. The times of the goose egg are over.

    I wish everyone good luck and success in this vicious circle. The treadmill job search gnaws at self-confidence. In addition, there is the success mantra from the media: We are the best, the greatest, the greatest ... etc. You feel like you're the only idiot under the sun who just can't get it baked. But it is not true. It is a perfidious game of profit maximization and politicians of all stripes play along with the eternally valid “divide and rule”. The lobby whisperers have secured them the rights to their ears and their actions. No, this is not a conspiracy theory, one hand washes the other here.

    I wish you continued success with your blog. A great thing!



    1. Hello Clara,
      Thank you for this encouraging report. The whole discussion was initiated by a young lady who ended up emigrating to Sweden. Perhaps you have a few tips for those wishing to emigrate - for example one or more countries that you can recommend? Thank you!

      1. Hello Mrs. Janson,

        This is not so easy with a few sentences.
        Actually, I had been planning to write a blog about emigration in general. So far I had always pushed it, also because I am quite busy. But I thought I could at least start with it and I've already written the first article. In the first place, there are general clues about emigration and about preparatory thoughts, which should be done by everyone. It is not done with suitcases alone, especially when one has a family.

        At, I will write a little bit about this and will be happy to answer questions that I can answer. To emigrate one can not guess, everyone must find his way. In addition, emigration is not comparable with the emigration of 1872 today. At that time they were sailing over the sea for weeks, breaking all the bridges behind them. This is not the case today. But now there are other stumbling blocks and I can point this out.

        1. Thanks for the hint. I will refer again separately to the project.

  52. [...] manages to meet the need with skilled workers from abroad, spokesmen like Simone Janson explain that the shortage of skilled workers turns out to be a myth and an attitude that [...]

  53. Today I saw the documentation. I also graduated from my studies and had problems finding a job. Now I have a job and am very dissatisfied with regard to training and safety. I wonder what happens to the many graduates who are now working? Not all can have top grades. What happens to the mediocre and rather poor graduates?
    How to get a job experience when internships are not viewed as such and if you do not get the chance to build them up? Why does politics not take responsibility for the next generation? Even friends and acquaintances of mine have this problem. We all feel helpless, fooled and left alone. We would like to do something against this situation, but we do not know what.
    I just terminated my membership at the VDI and referred to the documentation. This is only a drop on the hot stone, but still a small step.

    1. Hello Johanna,
      thanks for the contribution. There was, as you might have read here in the blog, the idea with the concentrated mass exits from the VDI, which could already be effective, unfortunately the action then went sicken.

  54. An engineering service provider with headquarters in Hamburg who works on many projects for Airbus. The applicant has two years of professional experience in aviation (construction), but not in the Airbus environment. The desired salary is 40000 euros per year; the HR manager thinks it's exaggerated, the boss has to decide. A lot of training might be necessary (software, otherwise you are not allowed to work with it); half of the training time is credited to the minus hours account. Since four weeks of training in the CAD area could be quite realistic, the employee would quickly have built up 60-80 minus hours. “We do this so that the employees go to the training course more motivated. Because in the past the CAD trainer had already played cards with the course participants ”(!!!!!!), says the HR manager. Last but not least, he also wanted funding from the employment agency, because the applicant was temporarily without a job. All of this went under the tenor: “We have to train you too”. Such is the situation on the labor market. Engineers are treated like dirt. Temporary work and contracts of this kind are prohibited. They are only used for wage dumping or to get rid of employees quickly. And you do that with professional groups that you desperately need.

    1. Thank you for your contribution.

  55. I also saw the documentary, and I must say that I was very irritated. This actually means that a conspiracy theory in this case would not be so wrong. And actually some more extensive searches would be very useful.

    1. Well, I think the conspiracy theory is a bit too broad, it is rather a great ignorance among all those involved who exploit individual interest groups for themselves - as Mr. Gaedt also says in the show.

  56. RT @younect: Today ARD + book by Martin Gaedt "Mythos Fachkräfttemangel". O-Ton of the book: Fachkräftstemangel is often made home. http: //t....

  57. We also think that it can not be a solution to attract people from outside. It has to move, change a bit. So, no longer accept that it takes so long to fill a job and in the meantime projects and thus can not realize sales - but simply use the hybrid model: Fixed employees as core + Freelancer for temporary use at a top level. For more information, please take a look at our whitepaper:
    Yours sincerely, from Hamburg!

    1. That would then be the model that IBM, for example, has been trying to implement unsuccessfully since the 80s ... because then, for example, the good specialists look for other options and only the less good ones remain in the freelance pool.

  58. I also have to thank you for this report. For a few years now I have been trying to change my career, but despite a professionally prepared application, lots of training, certificates, many years of professional experience also in the project business and the diverse know-how, it is now ALSO AND ABOVE ALL for real "IT specialists" (Dipl. Computer scientist) almost impossible to find another job.
    This may also be due to the fact that as an employer one actually only “wants to get rid of” employees from the age of 50 in German industry, but also because there are simply no more jobs for adequately paid skilled workers. I see it in my own company - if at all, only specialists are sought who have the lowest possible salary requirements.
    Therefore, for me, the “myth of the shortage of skilled workers” is only an effective means of wage and salary dumping.
    In the case of a (real) shortage, for example, salaries would also rise.
    In IT, however, the salary has been falling in real terms for years, only executives get an increase of> 1% per year, the rest can be happy if they can still work.

    But then I do know a place where the shortage of skilled workers must be considerable: In Berlin in the Bundestag ...

    1. ;-) funny, the comparison with the Bundestag. Just take a look at the tips on applying for people aged 45 and over - you might still find a solution.

  59. […] On Monday my husband and I saw and heard you in the work report - The fairy tale of the shortage of skilled workers. It is so good for us to finally hear people who share the same [...]

  60. Dear Regina,
    thanks for the contribution. I am glad that I could contribute something and I am sorry that I could not help anymore. Perhaps a hint: you could think about possible alternatives to Hartz IV.
    Here are some tips for job search from 45
    And here you will find numerous tips on career change
    Good luck

  61. Hello Mrs. Janson,

    On Monday, my husband and I saw and heard you in the work report - The fairy tale of the shortage of skilled workers. It's so good for us to finally hear people who have the same opinion as we do.

    My husband (Dipl.Ing. (FH)) became unemployed for the first time in his life due to a factory closure (NSN Bruchsal) after 20 years. As naive as we were then, we thought that he would get a new job quickly, since there was an acute professional deficit in Germany. But after 100 applications and not a single interview, we already had the guess that this is all a fairy tale. However, we found no one to support our thesis. And finally the report in the ARD, which was very well done and also shocked us. That is the VDI of the instigators, and the policy and the employment agency has pulled into the boat, has made us speechless. Too bad the report was sent so late and probably only a fraction of the nation has seen it. I wish even more people like you, who are strong against this giant lie, which is still widely spread in the media. After this TV broadcast we unfortunately see very black, which concerns the job search of my husband. If one imagines, my husband has studied and worked for many years to be placed with 55 years on the sidelines and probably Harz4 must refer. But politics wants people to work until 67 years. What a scorn !!
    I wish you all the best for your future and thank you very much for your words.

    With kind regards,


  62. The link for all who missed itärchen-vom/Das-Erste/Video?documentId=22510396&bcastId=799280

    1. Thank you!

      1. Class report. Is precisely the core: wage-salary dumping to the detriment of the people at home and abroad.
        Gloriously or naively dumb our mutti, our Ursula our lord, the wise.
        For me, the facts have been crystal clear for a few years, because even experienced. The article shows: This is the way to the slavery, if the lies are not unmasked. Please show the show again on Sundays around 20.15 in the first.

        Dipl.-Ing. E. Engineering
        mfg Harry Peters,
        Reichenwalde, Brandenburg,

        1. Hello Mr. Peters,
          I also found it a bit unfortunate that it came so late. Perhaps you can tell at least more people about this Blóg who offers a forum for exchange.

  63. What I really can't understand is that Mr. Gotzeina can't find anyone in Eisfeld who can operate a CNC machine ... Maybe put a job advertisement on the A4 on a Friday evening when (tens) thousands of weekend commuters from Bavaria and BaWü to Thuringia and drive home Saxony. You can certainly lure them with a shorter commute (even if you cut your salary) ... or is that too naive?

    1. Hello Gerhard,
      perhaps the smear in the salary actually is the crack point?

      1. The salary I think rather not.

        You don't earn twice as much in Bavaria or BaWü, and if you include higher rents and the costs of “weekend commuting” it shouldn't be the reason.

        I wonder where Mr. Gotzeina is posting the positions? With the “experts” from the job center, with temporary workers' booths? Maybe it would be a possibility to give one of the “unskilled workers” who all want to work for him a chance. If you can train people from Spain, why not also a Thuringian? Sometimes you can no longer see the forest for the trees ... Well, he now wants to open a branch in Murcia, as an honorable businessman he will already know what he is doing and will surely find a solution to the problem.

        1. That's what Mr. Gaedt describes in his book, even more differentiated than it came out in such a short review: The matching between companies and professionals just is not right. And sometimes some companies are just themselves to blame. Here is the contribution of Mr Ohlmeier

        2. Yes, you do not earn double in BaWu / Bavaria, but often up to 75% more, especially if you calculate your effective hourly wage. Most commuters should / had had to orientate themselves long ago in the south, since now bringsts nix, the enterprise acquisitions in its company to give up and at zero close to the home. Many are eh already older and think mainly of the pension and since every cent counts extra for a one-sided claim.
          The East is itself to blame for the “skills shortage”. There are actually almost only companies that pay very low wages. You can save on rent there, no on the rest of the living costs, and things look very bad for old-age provision. You have to keep in mind that for the pension in 2030 you have to have earned at least 35 euros gross per month for 2500 years without interruption, so that you are just above the basic security of today 7XY euros, affectionately also known as old age Hartz IV. Almost everyone in the east would then fall under it.

          1. Thanks for the explanation!

  64. I had to experience firsthand what it means not to find a suitable job, despite having successfully completed my studies. Up until now I always thought where the companies are when the supposed shortage of skilled workers is so great. My “problem” here is that I have no professional experience and the companies only give a chance to experienced professionals with A's certificate. The politicians pretend that the skills shortage really exists. Do they actually still get what is happening at the base. Ms. Merkel, for example, is only concerned with foreign policy, domestic policy does not take place at all.

    1. Hello Svenja,
      thanks for the experience report. That is exactly what is addressed in the film: that the companies are used to being able to fall back on a large pool of applicants - and therefore do not see absolutely suitable applications as a lack.

  65. There has been very much shown in the show.
    I myself am an engineer in the field of media technology and have not found a job for a long time. Despite very good education studies, scholarship and qualified internships.
    At the time, as for specialists from abroad another annual salary of 66.000 Euro was given by the government, I was offered for under 32.000 Euro and that was the rule.

    There was nothing left for me but to make myself independent, though that was never my plan.

    The state deliberately drives down the prices of its own offspring - an abuse of responsibility.
    Thus the state loses more knowledge and qualification abroad than through industrial pioneering.

    1. Thanks for your story. The step into self-employment doesn't have to be the worst. I find your comparison with industrial espionage very nice - in the age of Snowden ...

  66. RT @HAMBURGonline: The Labor Market Report - The Fairytale of the Experts' Challenge.

  67. The Labor Market Report - The Fairy Tale of the Experts ".

  68. O-tone of the book: # Skilled labor shortage is often homemade #First

  69. RT @Verena_Breuer: "@DerLarsHahn: Myth of skilled labor shortages in ARD tonight with @SimoneJanson and @younect"

  70. RT @Verena_Breuer: "@DerLarsHahn: Myth of skilled labor shortages in ARD tonight with @SimoneJanson and @younect"

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  73. RT @ SocialLook100: Tonight #ARD: The fairy tale of the shortage of skilled workers -… via @SimoneJanson

  74. RT @ SocialLook100: Tonight #ARD: The fairy tale of the shortage of skilled workers -… via @SimoneJanson

  75. RT @ SocialLook100: Tonight #ARD: The fairy tale of the shortage of skilled workers -… via @SimoneJanson

  76. RT @younect: Today ARD + book by Martin Gaedt "Mythos Fachkräfttemangel". O-Ton of the book: Fachkräftstemangel is often made home. http: //t....

  77. RT @matsblog: Also as program tip: @SimoneJanson tonight around 22: 45 clock in the #ARD: The fairy tale of the # Trademark defiance
    - Exciting contribution...

  78. Today ARD + book by Martin Gaedt "Myth Skilled Shortage". Actuality of the book: Skills shortage is often homemade.

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  82. RT @matsblog: Program Tip: @SimoneJanson tonight around 22: 45 clock in the #ARD: The fairy tale of the # Tradesman defiance

  83. In addition as program tip: @SimoneJanson tonight around 22: 45 clock in the #ARD: The fairy tale of the # Trademark defiance

  84. Tonight #ARD: The fairy tale of the shortage of skilled workers -… via @SimoneJanson

  85. Tonight #ARD: The fairy tale of the shortage of skilled workers -… via @SimoneJanson

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  89. RT @jobcollege: Tonight Simone Janson on ARD: The fairy tale of the shortage of skilled workers: In March I became ... # B ...

  90. RT @SimoneJanson: Tonight Simone Janson on ARD: The fairy tale of the shortage of skilled workers -

  91. Tonight Simone Janson on ARD: The fairy tale of the shortage of skilled workers: In March I became ... #Business #Education

  92. great - I'm curious!

  93. RT @SimoneJanson: Tonight Simone Janson on ARD: The fairy tale of the shortage of skilled workers -

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