In March, I was asked to discuss the Topic Skilled labor shortage Best of HR –® interviewed by the ARD. The result is now broadcast on the ARD. The title of the show: “The Story in the First: The Labor Market Report - The Fairy Tale of Skills shortage".

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How everything began

The discussion about this had to be on Best of HR -® Started quite harmlessly in 2009 with a few reader comments, but then expanded into a veritable discussion and finally culminated in the establishment of a counter-association to the Association of German Engineers. Because, so it says in the description of the program:

Hardly any lobbying association has worked so hard to get foreign skilled workers into the country, like the Verein Deutscher Ingenieure (VDI). It is engineers themselves who accuse the club of letting themselves go Companies instrumentalize and express the minimum salary. Because the engineering association regularly comes up with horror figures, the engineering profession has been declared a first class shortage and now allows companies to hiring highly skilled foreign skilled workers at a minimum wage of 32.500 Euros a year. Previously, this limit was 66.000 Euro. Skilled workers from Spain, Greece, Romania and Bulgaria are to pour onto the German labor market with Blue Card and European free movement. Germany is proud to support crisis states by taking the unemployed.

Reader on the palm

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It is precisely this behavior that has pissed off our readers for years. In 2014, a much-noticed book by Martin Gaedt was published on the subject. Under the title “Myth of Skilled Workers Shortage” he accuses companies of lack of activity in terms of training and Further Training from junior staff.

O-tone of the book: Fachkräfftemangel is often made home and it must be differentiated much more. In issue 12 / 2014 I wrote on the topic also the article From because of lack.

To the broadcast

I am now curious what will happen during and after the show. I haven't seen the finished result myself either. In any case, everyone interested is cordially invited to take part in the discussion. Broadcast dates are:



It was a good 10 days ago that on July 21 the ARD broadcast “The fairy tale of a shortage of skilled workers” was broadcast on the Best of HR –®.de was instrumental in helping with research, networking with potential interviewees and, ultimately, contributing to their own words.

Since then, there have been a number of exciting resonances.

At last people with the same opinion!

What really touched me personally: Immediately after the broadcast, numerous engineers spoke up, thanking us for our work, because they realized through the show that they are not alone with their problem of not finding a job. Regina wrote to me:

Hello Ms. Janson, my husband and I have you in on Monday Labor Reportation - The fairy tale of skilled laborers - seen and heard. We are so good at hearing people who share the same opinion as us.

Facts that make you angry

Here you realize how frustrating and also mentally it is stressful for many people to hear employers' complaints over and over again about the alleged shortage of skilled workers, to belong to the relevant target group - and still not be able to find a job.

Other listeners were also affected. So Martin Salwiczek writes: "The film was apt, makes angry."

Discussion is launching a new blog project

What made me happy was that there were also constructive tips for solving the problem. Clara reported on her experiences with hundreds of applications as an engineer and her consequence: emigrate!

In the end, we have simply left the country and have been living abroad for more than 5 years, some of us outside Europe, are all in wages and bread and no longer worry about the German system. We do not care anymore. Our children are multi-lingual and are currently studying for their master's degrees (also engineering sciences :-) ).

Since the topic is met with great interest by other readers, Clara has now decided to implement something that she has obviously been carrying around for some time: in her own blog project, she will now report on emigrating as an engineer. We can be curious.

Critical voices

There was also Criticism on the design of the shipment - in the form of a well-founded review by Gerhard Kenk, author of the Crosswater Job Guide, which compared the structure of the reportage with a Telenovela. For his taste, the show was a bit too much feuilleton and little analysis.

He was not quite wrong; for me, too, it would have been a little less. Here, of course, the fact that facts should be presented to the viewer as a light diet and in memorable pictures is of course the most important factor.

The most important facts at a glance

But I was enthusiastic about the fact that the show succeeded in presenting all important and highly different aspects of the subject in such a short time.

I'm just not convinced that even people who have no idea about the topic have understood everything. Since Gerhard Kenk is due to the fact that he has summarized the most important facts in his contribution. For example:

Does drawer deficiency work like fruit yoghurt?

Respect specialist Bettina Schöblitz gives a slightly different overview: she questions the various facts of lying and in a witty way by counteracting them with everyday examples.

Take the example of the disappointed employer who only receives six applications, of which he could hire four immediately, but is still disappointed.

Is it a real deficiency if I can “only” choose between six types of strawberry yogurt in the supermarket and none of them meet my requirements for 183 ml content and 47% fruit content?

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