Which one Job suits me is a frequently searched for Term in google. Many People are looking for a job that fulfills them. Because in reality it is more difficult to implement this, we will show you here why new beginnings often fail and what you can do specifically to ensure that it still works - even for a new start after the age of 50.

Professional reorientation & new beginning: Get off the dead horse!

Learning from the Fairy Tale

Our expert for professional Reorientation is called Tom Diesbrock. In his post about self-efficacy he says: “Princes in Story tend to be directors who actively shape their lives themselves Hand take. Many others are more like extras, passively waiting for things to change.”

With that he does clearwhat a new professional start is all about: taking your life into your own hands and being active Set pursued instead of simply hoping for impulses from outside.

Do you believe in fairy tales?

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But why don't more people do it? Diesbrock has the reasons for this in a series of articles on Best of HR - Berufebilder.de® with the title "10 Reasons to ride a dead horse”Listed. One can see how absurd and pretended some reasons are.

Many people prefer to remain like Sleeping Beauty in the fairytale castle and harp on the saving prince, who cuts through the thorn hedge, than to become active themselves. But times Honestly, do you believe in fairy tales? Even!

Social factors

But it's not just your own inner self Schweinehund Debt in the misery, but also the social environment and the mentality can successfully dissuade a willing career changer from his plan.

Incidentally, a thesis that Robindro Ullah vigorously contradicted in his blog post in response to my publication of a text on the subject at RP-ONLINE:

Pig dog or environment?

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However, I completely disagree with the contribution. I have never had the experiences Simone Janson describes in our group ... Maybe it is in others Company looks different, but actually I thought I was working in a conservative shop ...

So I'm just wondering: what does it look like in reality? For example, if I apply to Deutsche Bahn as a humanities graduate? Because that's usually not easy. But it's fair to say that some people just don't have much Lust have something new!

Dear dissatisfied advancing than translating!

This is what the majority of Germans also look like: In a survey among employees, the consulting company Gallup 2010 found out: Good 66 percent of Germans do duty according to regulations and count the hours to holidays and holidays.

And even 23 percent has quit internally. Fully motivated, whole 11 percent are still working. But why do these workers have no consequences? Why do not you just dare to switch jobs?

Professional new start from 50

Even in the supposedly difficult Age From the age of 50 a new start is still possible and sometimes even easier than at 30 or 40 - because family obligations are no longer there.

However, job seekers have to grow with other pounds here than Boy Employ transferees and their professional experience on the job market. Then they after unanimous Opinions various experts good chances of finding a new job.

Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®-Author Katharina Daniels shows in her two-part series very beautiful, such as one Restart in the food center succeed.

There are successful cross-borderers

In fact, there are many examples of successful career changers. The former ÖTV chairman and later chancellor adviser Monika Wulf-Mathies, for example, began her career as a historian and came into politics and politics as a lateral entrant Economy. From 2009 she was a manager at Deutsche Post DHL and has been an advisor to the board since 2009. Today she says about her career: “You need Commitment and diligence, willingness to perform, enjoyment of work, determination and perseverance, willingness to take risks, a healthy self-confidence, assertiveness and decisiveness, and last but not least: luck!”

Many of the others have managed to go into unusual ways: the political scientist Johannes Lenz, for example, came to the communications department of an advertising agency, the historian Stephan Zeilinger became a lawyer in a law firm and the mathematician Robindro Ullah put it into the personnel department of the Germans Train.

Newcomers are laughed at

This shows that career changers are anything but rare. Still apply people who after her Vocational Training do something completely different, still exotic and have a correspondingly difficult time.

They are ridiculed by straightforward careerists, their former colleagues are suspicious of them and many others HR not fully taken. Already with the Application they have to be better than the others, and they will have to prove themselves again in the professional life.

The ideal is straight!

Reason for suspicion: A dead straight line still applies in Germany Curriculum vitae than the ideal. You do vocational training or complete a university degree for a specific job – and then you practice it your whole life. Anyone who deviates from this ideal must be bad at their job – or they are simply unreliable Employees.

The reason: HR professionals like to stay on the safe side – because if the decision turns out to be wrong afterwards, they could light need explanations. Nevertheless, companies have to rethink: Due to technological changes, new areas of responsibility and job profiles are sometimes emerging faster than universities can train. That also requires from Candidates greater flexibility and a willingness to live a lifetime Things to Learn.

Courage to reorientate

If you want to reorient yourself, Tom Diesbrock will help you with his opinion and advice: The human Brain is designed in such a way that we like to stick to what is familiar and tried and tested, but what is new to us Anxiety power.

Therefore, we prefer to keep a safe job than to try something new. People who enter precisely this risk are therefore more committed and courageous.

Professional reorientation in 3 steps

In another Article series shows Diesbrockwho dropped out of medical school himself and is now a Training works on how to proceed in a targeted and systematic manner in the professional reorientation and what that has to do with digital change.

And he does everything Couragewho want to start all over again: “Today the brain is considered to be capable of lifelong learning. If you are still 70 decide, so you have the hardware to learn Japanese.”

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