Those who are concerned with their own career aspirations and have a great interest in working with People discovered, could be in good hands in nursing and similar professions. 5 jobs at a glance.

Job profile! Medical Nursing Therapy Medicine: 5 Popular Jobs & Career Opportunities

1. Nursing specialist

Social Commitment, resilience and empathy are other important requirements. The possible activities then include not only care in hospitals. Clinical nursing is just a small part of this large career field.

The training occupation to become a nursing specialist has not existed for long. Previously, trainees could already apply to the Choice of the training occupation can specify in which area they would like to work one day. Now it is such that there is a parent Vocational Training there, which graduates quite a wide selection of career opportunities opened up. The reform of education is therefore very beneficial in terms of future prospects.

Anyone who knows in advance that a specific subject is their own professional Future can choose a training course with a focus. These can be recognized by the corresponding addition in job offers on the Internet, for example on the AWO job exchange. For example, there is training to become a nursing specialist with a focus on geriatric care. The training itself entitles you to later work in nursing or in the field of pediatric nursing.

The training lasts around three years, during which time the trainees do both practical and theoretical work Background get mediated. A secondary school leaving certificate is a prerequisite. People with a secondary school leaving certificate have the option of gaining access via a detour. You must then first complete vocational training in order to become a Candidate to have chances.

Later in professional life, the areas of work for nurses are very diverse. You can in

work. The chances of advancement are good depending on the professional experience. This means that nursing staff can later work in the nursing directorate, which is also associated with better pay.

2. Dietician

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Another nursing profession that is rarely found in listings revolves around healthy eating. Dietitians can expect to become increasingly important in the future. As experts from the RKI emphasize, there are already many overweight and obese people in Germany. This trend is likely to continue in the future, so qualified Consulting around a healthy diet and weight management Significance could win.

Dietitians are in some cases following a similar approach Set like people in fitness professions. They help people on their way to a healthy body weight and a better attitude to life. In addition, dietitians also accompany people with underlying illnesses and support them Planning their diet. The fields of activity of dietitians often include

Many dietitians also giveCourses. The training takes place in the school framework and lasts about three years. Here aspiring dietitians learn everything they need in their later professional life. At the end there is a three-part exam. An oral and written knowledge test as well as a practical part are completed here.

3. Curative educator

The job description of the curative educator is particularly suitable for people who want to work closely with people, are very empathetic and can muster a lot of patience and understanding. The core of the activity is working with physically or mentally handicapped people. This can be challenging at times, but it is a very fulfilling occupation for most curative educators, because curative educators can become close caregivers.

Remedial caregivers accompany people through their Everyday life. Her day-to-day work is correspondingly multifaceted. They draw up daily schedules, pay attention to certain dates for promotion and challenge and work intensively to ensure that their fosterlings have a good time Quality of life to allow. This often results in very close and intimate relationships.

As part of the two to three year training, prospective curative carers learn what is important physically and mentally. The curriculum therefore not only includes anatomy, but also Psychology and pedagogy. In addition to school lessons, trainees complete internships that enable theoretical knowledge to be transferred into practice. The extended secondary school leaving certificate is the minimum requirement for training. However, applicants with a secondary school leaving certificate or high school diploma are also welcome.

4. Occupational therapist

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The occupational therapist's job description could also be of interest to school leavers or people who wish to start over in nursing. Everyday professional life here revolves around therapeutic support and the treatment of various diseases. Both psychological and physical aspects can be the responsibility of occupational therapists.

The training is designed for three years and takes place primarily in schools. Usually there is an accompanying one Company or an institution that teaches the trainees the necessary practice and pays the school fees. It is also possible to become an occupational therapist while studying. Establishments where occupational therapists are welcome include

In the long term, occupational therapists should have good career prospects. Due to the growing lack of exercise in the population with more and more media time and digitization, there is an increasing number of people who need therapeutic support. Incidentally, it looks very similar with physiotherapists.

5. Midwife or obstetrician

This job is challenging and beautiful at the same time. Anyone who decides to work as a midwife or obstetrician usually does so out of passion for the magic of life. To accompany the woman giving birth, to ensure the safety of the newborn and in the event of complications fast being able to intervene are fundamental Tasks from midwives. You can

be active. There has been an innovation in terms of training since January. It is possible to start the usual training at midwifery schools until December 31.12.2022, 2021. This must be completed by 1.1.2023. From January XNUMX, XNUMX, the only way to work as a midwife or obstetrician is through a bachelor's degree. The corresponding entry requirements can be found in the newly drafted Midwifery Act.

There is a lot of discussion about the professional future of midwives and obstetricians. The closure of maternity wards and the austerity measures that are often noticeable in this area ensure time and again Criticism on the part of the professional associations and midwives. What is certain, however, is that children will continue to be born in the future and the need for qualified support and preparation for the birth will persist. As things stand at the moment, a little idealism is certainly beneficial for them Motivation, this Job to learn.

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