Motivation is unfortunately still too often seen as a top-down measure. But that often turns out to be a dip in the toilet. what should Executives do better?

Motivate teams & employees efficiently: respect, attention & praise as a company philosophy

Reality and madness

you as Executive, have a Idea, a plan. You know exactly what you want to achieve. Now all you need is yours Team to tell and let's go, right? Unfortunately it's not that simple. Because in order for good ideas to grow, you need your Employees get on board! And that is only possible with respect and Respect - Otherwise the employee's motivation will be a grip in the loo.

At least that's not how it works: "You're just pregnant and not sick," hisses Christina, Susanne’s supervisor, to her completely baffled employee. "There you think young things, you can no longer work, and that's only because a baby is on the way," Christina wags her arms wildly. Susanne only wanted to give up the medical ban and to discuss the planned parental leave. What happened?

Suddenly quit

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let's be Honestly: The corporate culture in many Company is rather modest. Susanne too had arrived in the harsh reality. It's very easy to understand. She no longer fit into the image of her employer. He had other plans for her, and now she was pregnant - and therefore useless for this business. "I have been given notice and if it does not suit me, I should sue."

On my advice, Susanne stayed on during maternity leave and parental leave Contact with the company. Several conversations followed in which the situation seemed to relax.

Three days before the start of the job – her child's first birthday was approaching – her boss informed her that she could come to work as agreed. Delighted, she drove to the agreed day Company. An hour later I got the following call: "I've been fired and if I don't like it I should sue."

Corporate philosophy of tomorrow?

The reason given for the termination was "operational", although someone else was hired. How did Susanne feel? You're probably going through similar thoughts right now Head as me. What company philosophy is lived there?

I realize the situation sounds drastic. Unfortunately, it happened exactly like that. And does not shed a good light on the corporate culture. Rather, it is also highly demotivating for other employees.

My opinion about it

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It is clearthat without succeeding generations the Welt dies out. In addition, we are getting older and whether we are financially and nursingly secure is questionable. However, it is undisputed that too few children are being born today to close all the gaps

Who takes care of you when you are old and frail? Who will bring that in the future? Money into the companies? What happens with such company philosophies? Do you maybe have positive Examples?

Long-term damage to the corporate culture

But such a lack of respect and respect is not only bad for others, it also has a negative impact on other employees and the entire corporate culture. Here's another example:

Not my idea? Then I don't care much. As in the sentence above, most people think People, or? Why is it that many often react dismissively to the ideas of others? Think about it: How do you feel when someone is completely enthusiastic about sharing their suggestions with you? As a rule, you are also mostly skeptical – right? And the same goes for your employees!

"Do it like this!" Has had its day

"We do it like that. It works like this. Do that! ”Has had its day. Nowadays you don't wake anyone up. Dedicated and motivated people have their own ideas. If you let them have their say, they even say it :)

Co-thinkers are great because that inspires everyone, including a boss. Just give what you want Objective and use the thoughts of your employees. But: Don't steal your employees' ideas, but actively involve the others!

Involve your employees

Tip: Enter larger projects before an upcoming one Meeting known. Solicit the thoughts of others on the subject in writing. Advantages: Employees collect their ideas in advance. They have to think more intensively about what is formulated in writing.

Is the team too big? Share it - so that everyone has their say. Talk to each team member as a boss! In the meeting you address everyone personally and lure him out of the reserve. Nothing is worse than ignoring prepared people. Next time they will not bother anymore.

Does not work - does not exist with you

Important: LOVE your employees for every idea, every initiative - even if it is rejected.

Consistently and routinely you tackle all future projects. It will help you to have open and creative discussions, and your ideas will be more popular. Does not work - does not exist with you, not even because you: praise, praise, praise!

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