Meetings in the stiff Business-Outfits where everyone is sitting around the table looking bored are out. Green meetings can be a suitable Alternatives be?

Bleisure-Travel: Meetings in the country as a conference alternative?

Green meetings as an alternative to the stiff business environment?

Quiet, relaxation, good air and a healthy, beautiful atmosphere, so-called downshifting, are also becoming increasingly important for meetings. This is how the LinkedIn co-founder Konstantin Guericke his meetings right at the hike. And many managers appreciate being able to completely switch off after a strenuous program.

Resourceful providers have long recognized this trend and want to offer the target group of stressed managers a return to simplicity and nature with labels such as "Meetings in the countryside" or "Meetings in the country" with and without ecological claims. Because in times of digitization and home office, digital or hybrid meetings are often unsatisfactory and the green alternative can help.

Bleisure-Travel: Meetings in the country as a conference alternative?

Meetings after the corona-Zaesura

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There is no doubt that Corona has also led to a turning point in the MICE business. Conferences, workshops, round-table discussions: There were no events of this kind after the pandemic began Anxiety not to think of infections for months. As a substitute, virtual meetings experienced an unexpected boom, because especially in times of complete lockdown, Industry increases the digital possibilities and has also invested accordingly.

Digital events are nothing new; until the Covid19 pandemic, however, they were mainly seen as supplementary offers to face-to-face events. They only apply to a limited extent as a substitute for the physical being together People. Certainly the event venues and their customers Gain new experiences through the virtual formats, the range of hybrid event formats clear gewachs that.

Bleisure-Travel: Meetings in the country as a conference alternative?

An alternative to classic meetings

In terms of content, too, many things can be explained and discussed well with them. Interpersonally, however, essential things fall by the wayside. Because moods and vibrations are difficult to transport digitally. In addition, there is a lack of informal exchange before and after events or during breaks. The need to meet in person again and exchange ideas for a few hours, a day or longer is correspondingly great. Man's primal longing to be in the real world Welt encountering them cannot replace digital meetings. In addition, good food and catering make every event special.

This is also the result of a survey conducted by the German trade association for the congress and seminar industry degefest among its members. 42,7% of the managing directors and employees were in senior positions Features of the conference venues (educational centres, congress and event centres, conference hotels) organized in the association. And here seminars in the countryside could offer a good alternative if real encounters are required instead of digital or hybrid events, but the general need for nature on account should be carried.


Small hotels with a large offer

The focus is on small, natural hotels that offer a special seminar concept for small groups in a relaxed setting. Hotel cooperations have that Concept “Seminars in the countryside” are already firmly anchored in their program, often in Combination with different Teambuilding– and group activities depending on the region, such as hiking and climbing, water sports, archery, kayaking, hot air ballooning or cycling. The hotels usually work together with team building and outdoor specialists.

Not infrequently, it is the small, owner-managed hotels in natural locations that Idea want to score. Their special feature are small, cozy hotels with between 10 and 60 rooms, which are located outside of large cities and in natural surroundings, but still over Meeting- and seminar rooms as well as wellness offers and swimming pools and can therefore offer the usual comfort and service.


Green meetings - alternative or addition to classic conference locations?

But can you be an alternative to large conference hotels? The answer is: That is not the claim at all. As a rule, these hotels are family-run and live from a particularly personal relationship of trust with their guests. Lots of customers, including big ones Company belong appreciated these more intimate stays. Often the little ones don't see themselves as competitors to the big hotel chains, but want to offer their guests a special charm - as if they were coming home. Therefore, it is no wonder that large companies even their management training and Strategy-Have meetings in such houses.

One thing, however, must not be forgotten: behind the concept of meetings in the countryside there is a multitude of concepts that could not be more different. It should be clear that this type of meeting differs significantly from large city conferences. And not all hotels are suitable for larger groups or perfectly organized meetings, but they can score with charm or good food. It is therefore worthwhile at the selection look closely.

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