Every manager has preferences in thinking and acting. And each of them will approach their leadership roles in a different way. But in most of them Company There is far too much management - and too little leadership.

Manage yesterday and today

The difference between manage and lead

Im Business-Speak of contemporary companies comes the word “Guide” hardly before. There will be from Leadership and speaking of management, two controversial terms that are often used interchangeably. But they are not.

Because management has to do with managing. And leadership above all with leading. In management, the focus is on people, in management everything that changes to organize leaves: the planning, implementation and control of processes, structures and standards.

Leadership implicitly has an ethical dimension and management primarily has an economic dimension. Leadership develops the corporate culture, management the Strategy. Managers need above all social ones, managers primarily need methodical ones Competencies.

A weekend trajectory crash should be sufficient?

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Needless to say, methodical skills that manifest themselves in projects are easier to acquire and master than the multi-faceted, multi-layered soft skills. But lo and behold: for a technical one Vocational Training it took years.

For management training, on the other hand, should a weekend crash course be sufficient – ​​if at all!? There are countless bosses who mean well but don't do it well. This is devastating! Especially when it comes to leadership, you have to studieren and to practiceto shine.

Employees who feel? Command and control?

“That little bit of leadership, you do that with your left hand”, is not seldom heard when the best specialist is promoted to manager again. But excellence must not only show itself in the technical field, it must also be visible in cultivating relationships. Well, if you only make announcements, give orders and access in a controlling manner as before, you don't need to understand much about leadership.

He lived in analogous times Executive from the nimbus of his "omniscience". By virtue of his position, it was he alone who could judge things and decide what actions, procedures, and procedures were appropriate. Good leadership was measured by how that Employees spurt, i.e. politely unwind the programs that came from the top.

Proposals for improvement were interpreted and repulsed as an attack on the assigned territory. The authority of the tinsel-hungry from the parallel universes of the glass palms was higher than any healthy human understanding. Lethargy, conformity and serious management errors have been the result of such an obedience culture.

Other leadership roles are needed today

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The pure checking of work performance is now being done more and more by software programs. become like this Executives only needed for things that computers can't (yet) do, namely linking analytics with intuition, understanding people and empathy.

Thus it is the role of the coordinator, presenter, catalyst, and facilitator, which a leadership person must predominantly master. This requires above all more humanity. If you do not have it, the management license is to be withdrawn immediately.

Wherever you work with a variety of collaborators in a wide variety of work models, social skills are among the most valuable management skills. And the intuitive, individualized guided Conversation becomes the most important management task.

Employee talks: manage or lead?

Unfortunately, here too: appraisal interviews are managed – and not conducted at all. As the? I'll ask the other way round: Imagine a conversation with buddies talking shop about the outcome of a Bundesliga game, let's say. Would you use a checklist do? Put a tick behind discussed points? Compulsively going to the end of a conversation guide? Of course not!

Because a good conversation is like a harmonious dance that consists of mutual Ask, listening, empathizing, appreciating, responding. The leader must be able to get involved with his dance partner so that he doesn't feel like he's in a vise.

And the Guided One must want this dance so that the whole thing does not become stiff and bumpy. Of course there is a compulsory program for dancing too, but the real pleasure comes only in the free space of the Kür. And it is not until the freeze that they can show their best.

About Form Madness and Conversation Mania

In the professional context, on the other hand, forms are developed for all conceivable situations, and conversational templates are pre-produced industrially. Thus, fully structured management talks mutate into an interrogation.

How does this happen? Where mainly men rule, will Regulate and klare Announcements are needed, says executive coach Claus von Kutzschenbach. "Instructions addicted" he calls it. His explanation for that?

If men find themselves in unsettled terrain, then everyone must know exactly what their role is and how they are to behave. Unpacified is a terrain that is hardly known and that harbors potential dangers. Could the pitfalls break out emotions be? Or the fear of an impending one loss of control?

Standardized compulsory programs from the HR department

The above applies in particular to annual employee appraisals. For many, they are nothing but a compulsory chore for them HR-Department. There are cases where both sides have to struggle through twenty-page forms. And every question is for every employee around Welt exactly the same. Because of the comparability!

Different employee situations or cultural and country-specific circumstances fall under the table. It's like the famous cartoon with the elephant, the monkey, the bird, the snail and the fish. In the middle is a man with the instruction: "To ensure that things are fair here, everyone is given the same test: climb this tree!"

That's a farce! Leading by checklist makes People to beings controlled by others, to puppets of the administration that only start dancing when you pull the appropriate strings. Gunter Dueck would say: It makes them stupid in a crush.

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