We are currently as Society in the process of perfecting many things. But how about us People out of? Shouldn't we also work on perfecting ourselves as human beings? Mindfulness and meditation have the potential to become the human counterpart to digitization.

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Human resource under evolutionary pressure

The topic of digitization occupies many people, who in turn work with things and digitize them. This wave of optimization leaves many Ask and fears arise. With this development, people – today often referred to as “human resources” – come under a certain evolutionary pressure. He needs to evolve to keep up.

In the Anglo-Saxon guise, mindfulness is gradually making the rounds in the media as “mindfulness” and could be this answer. Even magazines like that Spiegel reported on practices, approaches and easily digestible backgrounds of this topic. The topic seems complex and often esoterically charged. Here follows an attempt to explain in the form of a personal report from a “rational” manager of the so-called Generation X.

I know that I know nothing

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At first glance, the topic of mindfulness seems to be very broad and if you ask Google or the "YouTubeUniversity' on the subject, of course, you get an incredible amount Information back and as with many researches in hitherto unknown territory, one is perhaps even less informed than before.

Now you know the beginnings of what you don't know and could research. The bridge to the is even more difficult Economy and the economics of this topic. Here comes a subjective attempt at clarification on one's own path of experience and inspired by the daily practice of mindfulness in the business world.

Presence inside and outward at the same time

For me personally, mindfulness not only includes the outside, but also the inside of the human being in the context of the environment. Little things are noticeable, micro-expressions of the other person no longer go unnoticed, inner motives become clear. The interaction of the external influences with the internal drivers is often noticeable. The environment suddenly gives you significantly more strength, peace and balance, as you perceive much more of nature - all at once.

Mindfulness can not be mastered from my personal experience in most cases, unfortunately overnight. Even the actual understanding, at a level lower than the intellectual, takes time. It's a process that begins with the proper handling of the miracle weapon concentration for me. Previously, if I could focus only on doing a singular activity for a while (and only if the task was halfway interesting to me), today I am able to precisely sense and use moods, behaviors, and my own flow. The benefits to business life are easy to deduce from this.

Mindfulness for improved concentration

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The skillset has been significantly upgraded and not only enables a much better task management, but also enables completely new areas of responsibility. See more, feel more and do more feel is very precious, especially if this is not on Costs the concentration goes. The concentration seems to be stretchable almost indefinitely when needed.

Where previously a task demanded all the strength, today there is a level of concentration, which allows simultaneous perception of several interlocutors and the topic itself.

Mindfulness: This is how information processing works

According to some new research findings, with our 5 senses we consciously perceive about 120 bits of information. This corresponds approximately to the attentive listening of our interlocutor and the simultaneous enjoyment of a dish. So when we are with a person in the restaurant, our conscious perception is as good as it is when we really consciously enjoy the food and listen carefully. Everything else around us is perceived only unconsciously at such a moment. This perception moves directly into our subconscious. This has an almost infinite range of perception. Everything around us is permanently logged and saved. That's real big data.

Through concentration and thus increased awareness, we perceive the limits of our own consciousness more clearly and thus become more careful with what we focus our forces on. The degree of concentration may even remain the same, only our exploitation of it increases. Mindfulness then makes us sit up and take notice of whether the impulse comes from the conscious, or from the unconscious and possibly programmed. We gain greater control over our own actions and thinking with the corresponding consequences for ours Everyday life and Shop. This knowledge and experience were great for me steps towards personal freedom and sovereignty.

Meditation, my way to mindfulness

The big question for such articles is with me personally always the "how". The answer for me is clearly the meditative practice. Guided meditation is often suitable for entry. It's worth trying out some apps. YouTube is also a rich source here. In a further step, I recommend trying it out.

There is so much more Methods than just sitting in silence (with or without guidance). According to the ancient scriptures, there are at least 120 different styles of meditation, with corresponding variations. Since we humans differ to a certain degree, there are also better and worse tolerabilities here, for example with medication. By trying, one arrives at the appropriate method for one's own nature. That is the "turbo" for the personal growth via concentration and awareness to true and sustainable mindfulness much faster. True mindfulness gained through meditation can then no longer be “verlieren' if you 'don't stick with it'.

Mindfulness helps to perfect man

Just as digitization is able to perfect things, it is possible for us to perfect ourselves as human beings. Many a great thinker in human history believed this to be our reason for being. Of course, everyone has to answer this question for themselves, but just as digitization is progressing inexorably, people can only find their place in the future by developing their senses and human skills Welt useful take in.

repetitive Tasks and routines will migrate to the area of ​​automation in the medium term, regardless of how complex we may currently consider them to be. Mindfulness is in mine Eyes an evolution of modern man. It is the logical adaptation to an environment that will soon change itself to organize becomes. Through intuition, empathy and creativity we can bring in our creative nature and live up to it. This can create added value for society and for ourselves. At the same time, the Anxiety vor der Future to some extent as the realization dawns that we have capabilities that move us beyond the competition to AI.

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