If you want to be rich, financially independent and free, you have to think carefully about what that means for you. That also means priorities to set and make decisions.

Rich independent free like Keanu Reeves? How to achieve goals

Financially independent like Keanu Reeves

Canadian actor Keanu Reeves (Matrix, John Wick) is said to be one of the few down-to-earth stars in the film business. If you read his life story on Wikipedia, you shudder light – born in Beirut, moved again and again, the father left Family, he lost his daughter shortly before birth, his Ms. died two years later in a car accident. How easily could such a rich actor Money use today as compensation. Apparently, Reeves doesn't — he's known for his philanthropy Engagementwithout attracting any publicity.

The fact that he drives the subway is often mentioned in the press to demonstrate his modesty. Reeves is what we would certainly call rich. But is he financially independent? We think so. He is said to have supported his sister with 5 million dollars in the fight against leukemia, he doesn't talk about his donations, he has apartments in several cities, but by no means always in the super-rich districts. He doesn't seem to care what others think of him - he lives as he sees fit. wealth and financial independence are often confused. Some People forgetting that the beauty of money is what you can do with it. Instead, they count the zeros in the account and only think about numbers. Money becomes an end in itself for them and they accumulate it almost compulsively.

Enough money instead of as much money as possible

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Zeros on the account don't have any for us at all Significance. We're never about that kind of wealth. Even if we as financial advisors deal with money all the time: for us it is not Objectiveto amass as much money as possible at any cost, and we don't advise our clients to do the same. We are about financial independence. And that is different from what is traditionally understood by wealth. Financial independence means being free from financial constraints decide being able to do what you do.

It means saving money to live your life in a way that suits your needs and wants - just like the actor Reeves. The goal is then no longer to have as much as possible, but to have enough money. So what you will find in this book are strategies for pursuing the goal of being financially independent. We want to help you build a fortune that will enable you to live free from financial worries. Our wish is that you have enough money to afford what you want without having to live beyond your means or sleep poorly at night.

Money as a means to an end

Of course it would be wonderful to suddenly be a multimillionaire. But unless you actually get an unexpected windfall, striving for the first million can be downright debilitating. Why should you do this to yourself? For example, why should someone who wants nothing more than a peaceful retirement age in their own home with a garden, become a millionaire? Why should he expose himself to the constant frustration of striving for big money for years when he actually doesn't need it?

So if you want to think of money as a means to an end, then you must first find out what you want before you can figure out how much money you need. It makes no sense to chase some anonymous sum. If you have a goal, you will also find a way. Without a destination, it's like with a navigation device: it's nice that there is one, but it's only useful if you enter a destination. And it is much more motivating to know what you are making an effort or saving yourself for than if it is just about a number.

Goals and wishes: How important is the freedom to say no to you?

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Perhaps you know the quote attributed to many authors: »If you want to build a ship with someone, awaken their longing for the sea.« However, wishing and wanting and financial independence is more complicated than it appears at first glance. When it comes to wealth, let yourself be fast List the usual traits: great car, great house with a pool, great clothes. Surely many people would gladly jump into a backyard pool if you put one on them. But in principle they are just as indifferent to the pool as they are to private helicopters or motor yachts. You have never missed her. For example, there would be the freedom No to say: to jobs they don't like, to assignments that don't suit them.

It was the same for one of our clients. She worked in a design office for quite a while. Then he changed Executive. The new man at the head of the office was younger and "kind of colder," as our client put it. He maintained a distanced management style, which took some getting used to. But that would have our client after a while for sure learned to deal with, she said. What was really difficult was that the new boss changed the whole line of the office. Admittedly, the old chief designer also had a factual one Style preferred. However, warm, softer forms have always found their place. The new one was much more radical. He just wanted to see cool, sharp-edged designs. Our client could not adapt to this style.

She didn't like him personally, nor did she connect with him professionally. The result: your work became torture creativity dried up. Instead of her getting ideas, she had to laboriously pull everything out of her own fingers. At some point she woke up in the morning with stomach pains Office and left it in the evening with a headache. In this situation, she developed a heart's desire: she wanted to be so financially independent that she could resign without having to go to the social welfare office. Our client needed so much money that she could bridge a few months, if necessary a year or two, until she found a new job. And one that you really Fun made.

Find out what you really want

Our client wanted to be able to choose her work. She wanted to do what she enjoyed and not toil at a job she didn't love for a monthly salary. She didn't mind work. It just has to be the right job. Financial independence was therefore a decent liquidity reserve for our client, which would allow her to go six months or more without a regular Income get along.

A second example: We advised a couple who lived in the countryside near Munich. The two were farmers, but older. They had already given their farm to their children. Now they lived in part of their house and cultivated a piece of garden. When we asked them what they needed to live on each month, they did the math and came up with 1.000 euros. We gasped for air at first and asked again exactly. That's extremely little, especially by Munich standards! But the two were not mistaken. They really had that low Costs. There was no property left to pay and they had no rent to pay. They harvested a significant portion of their food from their own garden. They also spent a large part of their time there. But they didn't go shopping and didn't have any expensive hobbies. So their consumption costs were minimal, and the only extra they wanted was to be able to slip the kids a little now and then.

Achievable Goals: Live the way you want

So we define financial independence as the leeway we need in order to be able to live the way we want. This leeway varies from person to person. Some people need a lot of money to be financially independent. You have expensive hobbies or would like to take care of relatives. Other people have little desire to consume, they just want to work less and need less money overall.

Whatever the desires in the individual case, there is always a great advantage if the goal is financial independence rather than wealth. And that means: the goal is achievable. Financial independence can be achieved. If you want to be financially independent, you don't have to read 1.000 tips and Tricks learn from the financial box, you don't have to save beyond the breaking point, and you don't have to risk reckless investments. Instead, you need to find out what your actual desires are and see that they become measurable goals.

Set priorities and make the right decision

You will have to set priorities and then make decisions. How much money you need depends entirely on you and your decisions. If a small house is enough for you, then you don't have to struggle to buy a villa. And if you do want a villa, then you have to weigh up whether there are other goals that stand in the way and then decide which goal is most important to you. What does financial independence mean for you? Hold on, to quickly shake an answer out of your sleeve is not enough. First, there are wishes that you may not admit until you think about it. Second, some desires are interrelated, others may contradict each other.

But if you have one financial planning develop based only on desires or half-thought-out goals, then you risk yours Strategy collapses at the slightest difficulty because you don't have any Motivation have a savings goal to meet, or because you suddenly find yourself spending money on needs spend that you weren't even aware of. So you have to deal with your wishes systematically and thoroughly in order to find out what you need money for at all. After that, you will learn how to turn your desires into goals. And since there are a few framework conditions in life, we will deal with the necessary goals in a further step.

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