Employee retention, also increasingly referred to as retention management, is about Measures, which are actively initiated to bind the employees you want to keep to the company. But what really needs to be achieved is loyalty. Because disloyalty is life-threatening.


Loyalty is an inner attitude

Loyalty is among our noblest values. It is not bound by an employment contract. You can not buy them, do not demand them and do not force them. They are given free gifts.

Loyal employees are not only loyal to their employer physically, but above all in their hearts. They identify with him and make his entrepreneurial interests their own. They talk often, well and happily about theirs Company - inside and outside. They vehemently recommend their offers and the company as an employer.

Such loyalty comes from trust and attraction and not by pressure or coercion. It shows itself in many ways: motivation, fairness, reliability, sincerity are just as important as passion and integrity.

About right and wrongly understood employee loyalty

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The employee who is loyal in our sense of the word stands up for the interests of his employer even if he can personally offend. And he refrains from pursuing his own selfish ones Setif these contradict the company's purpose.

Misunderstood loyalty, on the other hand, is based on blind obedience – to the point of self-abandonment. She covers up unfair machinations and covers up what is wrong Behavior. She endures every hardship and endures everything. Such unthinking yes-men are a great danger for every company. But the disloyals are even more threatening.

How disloyal employees harm the company

Disengaged, disloyal employees are a company's biggest revenue killer Company. They inhibit its ability to innovate, the organic growth and future business opportunities. Because (chronically) dissatisfied employees are not only sick more often, they are also destructive. The resulting loss of productivity is estimated at at least 20 percent.

And because such employees create a negative vortex in their environment through their constant whining, the productivity of the colleagues who have to endure this drops by an estimated ten percent. In return, a survey by the research and consulting company 'Great Place to Work'That satisfied and motivated employees increase the company's success by an average of thirty percent increase can.

The financial loss of disloyalty

First of all, one question is justified: Where are the boundaries between loyal and disloyal behavior? Is the insertion of ball-point pens as a misdirected action, or is it only in vandalism, betrayal and embezzlement serious?

The insurance industry speaks of a "loss of confidence" if on Workplace Things go missing, expense reports are doctored, or company money is embezzled. The Kripo estimates the property damage that German companies incur as a result of fraud by their own employees at three billion euros a year.

Hermes credit insurance has examined 9.000 of the fidelity losses it has insured in more detail. Age, sex and seniority of the perpetrators were recorded. Two thirds of the instigators were male, one third female. And the longer the tenure, the less likely the embezzlement, the report says.

The trigger for employee disloyalty

The triggers for such undesirable developments are of course multifaceted. In many cases this has also been contrasted with the lack of loyalty of the companies customers, partners and suppliers to do. Quite a few employees inevitably watch or are actively involved when third parties are being ripped off.

It is “a horror” to see how companies rip off their customers, says Matthias Uhrig, a court expert at IT- Disputes, cited in Manager magazine. In gastronomy, even trainees are forced to take part in such “games”.

As outside, inside, and as above, so below, I can only say. What companies gain by their unclean behavior on the market, they are taken from their own employees again.

How employee disloyalty can be overcome

The management wars have only one chance to escape from all of this: by demonstrating ethical behavior, actually meeting these compliance guidelines and revising the company's leadership and recognition culture.

If there is a lack of something positive, who instead Attention, recognition and Respect especially disinterest, humiliation and disappointment experienced, and who has nothing more to do verlieren has migrated into disloyalty. Incidentally, the danger is greatest where there is no fairness, no closeness and, due to the constant change, no ties.

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